Aaliyah is a young aboriginal girl who is proud of her culture she loves soccer and gives her all to the game she is very passionate about the game she is a great sportsmanship to all players and treats everyone equal aaliyah dream is to represent Australia in the olympics her future goal and dream is to play in the Matildas aaliyah is 12 years old and plays soccer for doonside hawks on Sunday’s has always played soccer oz tag afl zone soccer inside school and was the youngest in high school to be selected outside of school aaliyah has done a ssap program for blacktown spartans and done the 1 trial for a rep team but was hit with appendicitis and missed the 2nd trial but she held her head high played another yr at doonside for 2016 she now playing indoor soccer with women and she the youngest her parents gave permission and she has held her own and plays fair but strong she also does martial arts monday and thursday nights aaliyah is a true sports all-rounder who makes her family proud with her strength and determination she never gives up and encourages everyone she knows her moto is u dream big u will achieve nothing can stop u i believe she is a great inspiration to the young indigenous generation the people who inspire her are her family plus jada whyman young western wanderers goalkeeper and kiah simons matildas player and a old player who use to play for Matildas now retired taryn rockall who plays midfielder like aaliyah does.




  • Joanne kennedy says,

    "I am proud of my daughter aaliyah she is a great girl with a passionate heart she very dedicated to all she does in sports."

  • Brenda says,

    "Aaliyah gives 100% to everything she does."

  • Perry Kennedy says,

    "Im proud of my daughter's passion for her sports."

  • Gary says,

    "Aaliyah is always on the go at all sports she does"

  • richard k greenfield says,

    "An inspiration to other youngsters"

  • Natalie says,

    "Aaliyah is a dedicated in all areas of sports.....aaliyah gives her all in everything ahe does"

  • Joanne says,

    "A great lil sportsman and gives her all to her games and is a team player aaliyah deserves to win she always supports her club a cheers on the older teams and wears her club gear to there games with pride."

  • Kathleen says,

    "My sister is my role model she is strong loves her soccer does everything she teaches me and has helped me grow on my own with soccer my sister truley deserves to win and this will help our soccer club grow aaliyah never gives up."

  • Samantha says,

    "Great little young girl with alot of determination."

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