Alabama Hurley




Alabama Hurley, or Bama as she is known, has been the Business Manager for the Convict City Roller Derby League since 2013.  She is passionate about roller derby and has a strong vision that drives the League from strength to strength.

2016 has been a big year for Bama.  Earlier this year Bama had her sights set on Team Australia tryouts.  Whilst training hard to reach this goal she sustained a potentially skating career ending injury.  Rather than wallowing in self-pity, she dusted herself off and poured her focus into furthering the League and the profile of the roller derby.  The goals that she has achieved during her recovery are nothing short of astounding.

Due to Bama’s leadership and tip top negotiating skills, 2016 has seen the Convicts secure their own home venue – known as C-Block. Only a handful of roller derby leagues throughout Australia can boast this achievement.  A home venue means that the Convicts can rest in the knowledge that they have somewhere reliable to train every week.  Often roller derby clubs will have their venue bookings cancelled at the last minute in favour of more mainstream sports.

Having C-Block means that there is increased opportunities for training and running new programs.  The Convict City Rollers Travel Team can now train three times a week without additional venue-hire costs.  This has been an essential factor in the Travel Team’s success this year.  We now also run our Introduction to Roller Derby from the venue which was previously held elsewhere at great cost to the League.

On top of all this, Bama coaches at least twice a week and helps develop all levels of skaters and is Co-Captain of the Convict City Rollers Travel Team.  This role her securing games for the Travel Team, against local and interstate derby leagues. Bama picks the skating line-ups, and organises and focuses the team.  She has helped bring a relatively new and inexperienced bunch of people together to form a tight and competitive unit.

Bama has also been instrumental in starting up the Convicts Junior Roller Derby program.  This program is vital for the League to foster new talent and sustain growth by introducing the next generation of players to the fantastic sport of roller derby.

Bama works with Skate Victoria in a volunteer capacity to help further the sport nation-wide. As part of her role she advocates and assists in building communication channels in as many ways as possible.

For three years running Bama has been a chief organiser in the running of the ‘Bendigo Rebellion’ a two-day tournament open to clubs from all over the country which has grown now to include three divisions and over 20 different clubs. She organises this tournament from the start and each year, even while playing with her own team the Convicts, actively maintains the running of the tournament.

In recent years Bama has assisted in the development and roll out of a nation-wide coaching accreditation program for the sport of roller derby that is ensuring the development of safe, professional coaches in the future. Bama has also been a key part in the development of an injury prevention and protection program for the sport.

Bama is currently part of a consultation group actively preparing the national representative team to take the World Cup on 2017.

She further assists in building community relationships between the club and other sporting groups, community groups, local government and community stake holders.

Bama works so hard behind the scenes and is highly respected and loved by not only her own league, but the wider skating community.  Without a doubt Bama is the ‘Beating Heart’ of the Convict City Roller Derby League.




  • Nicole Clarke says,

    "Bama=Unconditional Support Always ❤"

  • Shelly says,

    "Bama is an inspiration. Both as a sportsperson and a team leader and a friend. She can accomplish anything and always acts with the well being of the entire league in mind. Her dedication and commitment to our Roller Derby League cannot be matched. She embodies everything our league stands for. We are very lucky to have her."

  • Flick says,

    "Hardworking, friendly, approachable, awesome!"

  • Liam says,

    "Bama keeps the Convicts going."

  • Kayla says,

    "I have only just met you but already think you are amazing x good luck"

  • Paul Winter says,

    "An amazing inspiration to all. A kind heart and unequaled ability to teach by example and lead by example. To be able to commit to roller derby, juggle work and family takes a dedication equal to none."

  • Slamazon says,

    "She is one of a kind and the Convicts are so very lucky to have her. She works her ass off for our league and never expects anything in return. If anybody deserves this it's her!"

  • Sin says,

    "Without a doubt an integral person to roller derby tassie and nationally. Go Bama!"

  • JC says,

    "Bama numa barra"

  • Bel says,

    "Bama is wonderful! She does so much for us and we wouldn't be the same without her! 💜"

  • Maddi says,

    "Bama is a huge driver of growth in our sport both the state and national level. She works tirelessly and deserves this accolade and so much more!"

  • Sookie says,

    "Alabama is committed, and works hard to advance her sport. This commitment to her sport is a priority because she willingly gives up personal time to advance the sport for the greater good."

  • Han Grenade says,

    "The Tassie derby community is indebted to you, Bama! Your dedication and drive is inspiring."

  • Alex says,

    "Bama has made so many things possible for roller derby. Without her persistence and keen attitude, a lot of pinnacle events and structures would never have happened. This sport owes her a lot."

  • Toaster says,

    "Bama deserves this 100%, her dedication and drive is truly inspiring"

  • Kel says,

    "Bama is a truly amazing woman"

  • Jordy Smith says,

    "The Tassie and Australian derby community are lucky to have someone as dedicated and as passionate on our side helping to further our sport"

  • Carmen says,

    "Just an awesome lady!!"

  • Anthony says,

    "Bama is just the best! She is hilarious and has the best sense of humour and personality! She is at the heart and soul of our workplace and I am priveliged to work with her! :)"

  • Chris says,

    "Alabama is the greatest."

  • Martha says,

    "She lets me sing sailor songs to her through the window when she is sleeping in the night and my knitting needles are going click clack. What an amazing, kind woman."

  • Chris Salter says,

    "I've known Bec for many years, but her involvement in roller derby has shown me whole new side of her. Her commitment, drive and passion has been a delight to see. This award would be an acknowledgement she greatly deserves!"

  • Shredz says,

    "What would we do without Bama - I hate to think! Bama truly is the beating heart of our league. Voted in 2015 as most inspirational league member, Bama lives up to this every day and invokes this in others too."

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