Starting at the GBC 1984/85 in U14 -2016 Current Player Life Member.
Andrew has a history with GBC spanning over 30 years. He’s played in over 500 games with our club, 370 being in the Div 1 team including a playing Premeirship 2001. A State representative and the recipient of too many club awards to mention. Known and respected throughout the baseball community Andrew embodies the “Beating Heart” of our beloved GBC.
Andrew has now coached, mentored and engaged with our senior and junior players for over 13 years. He’s coached all 3 of his sons through the junior league, instilling in them and all those he coaches the love of the game, the respect of all those involved and ultimately the greater respect of themselves. Andrew transitions our juniors from playing a sport they love into well respected sports people of our wider community. All the while helping in the club canteen , BBQ, and bar when needed. He has now taken on the position of Operations Manager for GBC while still being one of our most senior acting, junior coaches.
Andrew does all this with a huge injection of humor and a laugh that can be heard and instantly recognized from out in the fields or throughout the mighty GBC club rooms, whenever he is around. Andrew Gluyas is our Baseball Clubs “Beating Heart”.




  • Marty Leaker says,

    "He is an inspiring individual with the club at heart!!!"

  • Monique McCulloch says,

    "Andrew works tirelessly for the club and boys and has so for years. He spends time developing the boys to be fair, skillful players and good sportsmen. He does this quietly but perfectly, never wanting attention nor accalades. If only the world was made up with people just like him!"

  • Heath Hill says,

    "First as an opponent and now as a club-mate, Andrew has earned my respect as a player, coach & person."

  • Clare Lindop says,

    "Steadfast and sure. Andrew makes us all aspire to be the best version of ourselves- he works incredibly hard in our Racing Stables always with a positive and infectious good humour. I'm always amazed by Andrew's diverse interests and knowledge, or thirst for knowledge- from sport to Leonardo DaVinci , climate change , ACDC or the latest play he has seen....! I also admire Andrews love and dedication to all his family."

  • Terry McAuliffe says,

    "People who know Andrew will know I need not stress this is not a biased vote as Andrew is my brother-in-law. He is a wonderful human being, respected by all he comes in contact with and is a man of amazingly great characteristics. I only saw Andrew play in the twilight of his career, but long enough to see how well respected he was by both teammates and foes. With two of my own boys now playing at Glenelg Baseball Club I have watched in awe at the time Andrew pours into his beloved Baseball Club. Not just as a coach, but groundsman, bartender, supporter, committeeman,etc., whatever needs to be done. He is without doubt a beating heart of the Glenelg Baseball Club."

  • Harry Leaker says,

    "Such a kinda and giving person with amazing sport experience!"

  • Karen Laverty says,

    "I first met Andrew 8 years ago at a come and try session that our son thoroughly enjoyed, his friendly welcoming nature encouraged us to join Glenelg baseball club. We are still there and loving it. As someone else said he quietly goes about doing whatever needs to be done, from coaching to cooking the bbq and yes still running the clinics. You do a great job Andrew and we all appreciate even if you don't win anything. From the Lavertyse"

  • Lains says,

    "Gluey is a great guy, and I have a lot of time for him and his lovely wife, Sue. I have a lot of good memories of playing winter ball with him in the '90s, but not many that I can share in public ;)"

  • Tamara Zanker says,

    "Couldn't find a more genuine bloke at work, play or with his family!"

  • Matthew Jones says,

    "Andrew has had enormous impact on the Glenelg Baseball Club. After a highly decorated career as an elite player, Andrew has been one of the major driving forces in establishing a junior coaching program that is producing high quality young players. Andrew has a wonderful rapport with players & their families. He is a great teacher of skills but also is very strong on teaching the players to display respect for themselves, their team mates, the opposition & the game itself."

  • John says,

    "I has been a privilege to have my son coached by Andrew."

  • John Gluyas says,

    "Andrew is all class. His lust for life is infectious, be it in the outer with the mug punters or in the thick of the birdcage. His beating heart will forever be on his sleeve. With or without accolades, the integrity and passion that he approaches his endeavours will always remain."

  • Moira Loy says,

    "A wonderful role model for all club members: - juniors coming through the ranks, senior players, parents of players, club volunteers...Andrew exemplifies the sum total of the multitude of components that go to make a successful an exemplary club."

  • Paul Takos says,

    "Andrews commitment to the baseball club over many years is highly commendable particularly given his commitments outside the club. His work with junior development has been fantastic."

  • Bernie McInerney says,

    "Andrew represents the best qualities of any sporting club, he treats everyone equally, makes newcomers welcome and coaches the kids. What a great community leader he is."

  • Julian Day says,

    "An amazing selfless guy who in an inspiration - on and off the field."

  • David Williams says,

    "A good club person and 1st class coach of juniors"

  • Paddy says,

    "He has this natural ability to influence people around him in a fun and positive way."

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