The Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club has a beating heart at its core in the person of Andy Clatworthy – a source of energy, positivity and innovation that’s powering the development of the club’s Youth Development Boys Squad (YDS).
The current YDS group is building in stature in the Brisbane rowing community mainly through Andy’s tireless efforts to train and coach the boys starting at 5am each morning while also studying and holding down a full-time job. Andy gives the boys the opportunity to compete at regattas, sorting the boys into crews, organising the boats to be used, as well as giving up his time on the day of the regatta which could easily take up 12 hours of his weekend.

Andy’s also sets a great example by teaching the squad the value of giving something back to the club and community, He organises fund raising drives and working bees for the rowing shed and cleans up the surrounding parks. Andy also tries to instil team values of fairness and social responsibility in his teenage squad by ensuring all members are supported whether they win or lose, and by involving the boys in mentoring of the younger participants in the Learn to Row Program. He also encourages the boys to choose healthy lifestyle and eating habits, arranging seminars and cooking programs for the squad. His holistic approach to youth development and sports training have confirmed Andy as the physical and mental heart of the Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club.




  • Karen says,

    "Good luck, well deserved nomination."

  • Peter says,

    "Andy's comitment to the youngsters is incredible! He makes them thrive to be responsible, honest, fair, hard working and organised! He is the kind of coach you want to further develop your kids and someone you would like to be coached by yourself! He is developing and growing the club, attracting more members, handling budgets, kids and teenagers, parents, club management and school representatives! Never gives up! Always believes! Thanks Andy!"

  • Josh says,

    "Andy is a dedicated coach who doesn't leave anyone behind and creates a club culture."

  • Chris Phillips says,

    "Not only is Andy the heartbeat he is the backbone !! Without his dedication and application of skill the YDS team would not be as successful in rowing. The boys have been a force in club rowing ever since he started to invest in them. The club has gained extra credibility and won club championship 2015 on the back of the YDS results!"

  • Tracey Butler says,

    "Andy is one of the most incredible men I have been privileged to meet. My sons life is significantly richer for having Andy a part of it. He provides discipline guidance encouragement and he believes in these kids. I cannot believe the difference in my sons confidence and self esteem since having Andy as a coach."

  • Tarita Botsman says,

    "Andy is a constant source of inspiration for the boys as a coach and leader. He is disciplined, calm, kind and consistent. He encourages the boys to be responsible for their actions, to think twice before they do things, to find alternative ways of doing things if it's not quite right and as a parent I also love that he keeps you informed and aware of what is happening at all times. He is creating a club AND a family plus a love for a wonderful sport! We are so lucky to have this generous, gifted individual guiding our boys."

  • Chris says,

    "I have been round sporting clubs for 45 years and have never encountered someone as determined, selfless and passionate as Andy. The amount of time he puts into the youth rowing group is staggering. And it's not about him: the focus is 100% on the rowers."

  • Barbara says,

    "Andy is a very dedicated coach and a well deserved recipient of the award"

  • Wayne says,

    "Andy is a fabulous coach, great role model and a fantastic human."

  • Maria Phillips says,

    "He is undoubtedly the most devoted coach. His dedication to the rowers the club , the school is crucial to longevity in rowing. A great negotiator and mentor"

  • Lisa Loakes says,

    "Andy is a fantastic role model and mentor for both the state high and GPS kids. He is dedicated and passionate about helping others achieve great things."

  • Michael Ogier says,

    "Champion! Knows that it isn't all about winning (even though winning is nice). Andy has been super supportive of our rowers even though we are not directly under his tutelage. The sport needs more people like Andy"

  • Nicola Wightman says,

    "An amazing man who dedicates himself to the club and the boys. Honestly don't know where he finds the time. He is always available to the boys and parents. It's not just the rowing coaching that Andy provides, he has structured a program which is all encompassing - psychology, health eating and routines, cycling etc. Andy is an inspiration."

  • Wendy says,

    "Andy is one of the best and most dedicated coaches I have ever met. He offers the boys more than just rowing training. He takes a more holistic approach, looking after physical, emotional, nutritional needs. He funds innovative ways to motivate his crews. For us, he has gone out of his way to coach and motivate my son. We have considered ourselves blessed to have had Andy play such a positive role in our teenage son's life. Andy voluntarily gives so much of his time and energy for the betterment of others. Thank you Andy."

  • Sean L. says,

    "Andy is no ordinary coach. The commitment he shows to leading the YDS squad and mentoring all of us in not just rowing but as people is just amazing. The way he teaches has a massive impact on how we work to achieve our goals and he really motivates us to do our best of our abilities and strive for more. He spends so much time organising so many events and activities to build our club culture and our experience as rowers. Thanks to Andy, our rowing family never stops growing. You're the best coach ver Andy!"

  • Mitchell says,

    "Andy is a great coach and always puts his boys before himself. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his quad."

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