I don’t really know the official title held by Archie or how long he has been at the club, however I do know what he does for the club. Archie does what ever is needed without fuss and without seeking recognition.

Our family is relatively new to the club and I have witnessed Archie doing a range of things. He is an official for a team (team manager I think) standing on the side line, he is a motivator often quietly talking to players and providing guidance and encouragement, he serves behind the bar, he arranges special events such as past players and is there welcoming people back to the club, and talking up past and present players and supporters, he is a cleaner, he is a recruiter (players who speak to him want to play for Eaglehawk due to his love and enthusiasm for the club), he is a friendly face when you start at the club and every time you see him thereafter, he is a bus driver, a mediator, and an all round good bloke.

Without giving names away an example of how Archie operates was on display last week when mid organising a half time event and getting details together for the Reserves, Archie heard that a member of the Eaglehawk support team was a little down. A comment was made to Archie as he passed a group, without fuss and in his own understated manner Archie went over to the person involved and had a quiet word. What ever he said worked because you could see the smile on the persons face as Archie walked away to take up his duties on the sideline.

All the players that I know speak highly of Archie, with the most regular comment being that he is ‘a good bloke’ and that he is always at the club and always ready for what ever comes his way.

In addition to this he is a proud family man who often speaks about his family. The Lenten family must be a fantastic crew because they give over a huge amount of their time with Archie to the Eaglehawk mob. So this is also written in recognition of Archie’s family.

Archie is the first one there game day and stays until stumps, yet only sees a fraction of the footy due to the work he does.

As stated previously, the real example of why Archie is the beating heart of our club is the manner in which he does all that is listed above and more. His happy and friendly manner provides the heart beat. He never complains or seeks praise or recognition, he just gets about doing what needs to be done. In fact he will probably be embarrassed by this nomination. Sorry Archie, it has to be done!

Archie is the beating heart of our club and he shows through his actions that his heart beats for the Eaglehawk Football Netball Club.

Thanks Archie.




  • Kylie says,

    "Great club perso, life member & an all round great guy."

  • Brodie collins says,

    "Do anything for you"

  • Bridget says,

    "Great club person"

  • Ben says,

    "Does everything and more👍"

  • The Walsh Family says,

    "Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the Eaglehawk Football Netball Club but a personal thanks for always making my son feel happy with your encouraging words, generous nature and your ability to make everyone feel valued. You really are a good bloke Archie."

  • Vin says,

    "Loves the club"

  • Gayle says,

    "An absolute legend."

  • Larry says,

    "Go Archie, show Blackie he knows nothing"

  • Pam says,

    "Always welcomes new people, willing worker, lives and breathes the borough . Good job Archie"

  • Tyler says,


  • Harmony says,


  • Bills says,

    "This is not a new thing. For as long as I've known Archie his heart has beat to the tune of the Borough club song. Tireless, legendary and yes, a great bloke to boot."

  • Vicki says,

    "Great club, have family history there"

  • Brian Taylor says,

    "If Archie has impressed Lisa he must be a great man."

  • John Cross says,

    "Archie is a tireless worker at the Eaglehawk Football Netball Club. He has been a player ( BFL Reserves B&F ), committeeman, treasurer, team manager and numerous other roles within the club. Archie is always there to lend a hand whether it be helping out at functions, running raffles or carrying out maintenance around the club. Archie's effort is second to none and would be sorely missed if he was not around the Borough. "Good on you Archie "."

  • Tim says,

    "Great volunteer. Clubs don't run without blokes like Archie"

  • Tanya says,

    "Always smiling, and happy to help anyone!."

  • Josh says,

    "Arch is without a doubt one of the best blokes! He does a heap for the football club and makes it a better place for everyone!"

  • Paul Murley says,

    "Ultimate clubman enough said"

  • Paul says,

    "An absolute legend"

  • Janet says,

    "Friendly, approchable & dedicated club man. Helps everyone when needed and all ways puts his hand up to help in any way"

  • Nicholas Storey says,

    "Archie has been part of the backbone of the Eaglehawk Football Club for more years than I can remember! He's an outstanding bloke into the bargain!!!"

  • Tina says,

    "Archie is very committed to the Footy Club also other social club, you name it and Archie will always offer his help... lovely caring Person.. Go Arch"

  • Heath says,

    "Archie is a true legend in every meaning of the word. He will bend over backwards to help anybody without no fuss at all. Without him the place wouldn't be the same"

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