Arthur is the lifeline of our Football and Netball Club at Golden Square, having been declared a lifelong member in 1976, and even built the Club’s building foundations with his own bare hands!

A legend in his own right on the field, and fulfilling many roles off the field, he continues to invest his heart and soul into our Club. Whether it’s a game to be played or a committee meeting to take place, Arthur will be ready and waiting to lend a hand and to make sure everyone is well taken care of and has everything they need.

If anyone arrives at the Wade Street Oval there’s one thing you can bet on – Arthur (otherwise known as ‘Art’ or ‘Artie’) will have beat you there! He’ll have opened up the locks, cleaned up the grounds and set up for the day ahead.

Committee members come and go from clubs, usually burning out after a year or two from the hype of activity – but Arthur has stood the test of time and knows every square inch of the facilities, the policies and procedures and the history of the Club, which has contributed to the enjoyment and success of countless players and families having passed through or who still remain.

Our Junior Club alone consists of 10 football teams and 6 netball teams this year and Arthur has assisted with membership registrations, transfers and permits, training of new Team Managers, event preparation, scoreboard operations, vote count sessions and his famous vote count presentations (fondly referred to as a ‘work of Art’.)

Not once will you hear Arthur ask for anything in return. He is one of a kind.

On behalf of the Junior Club, we want to thank you Arthur – and we invite all members of our local community to join us in extending their thanks.

PLEASE VOTE for Artie today, and give him a chance to win a Beating Heart Award and enjoy a travel reward prize (don’t worry Artie, we’ll look after things while you’re away – but don’t be gone too long!)




  • Bree Claridge says,

    "Arthur is the backbone of our club. Nothing would run correctly if he wasnt there"

  • Anthony Lawlor says,

    "Clubs are built on legends, Arthur is living proof of this. I've seen a lot of behind the scenes stuff at various clubs and levels but at Golden Square there is one difference, you always see Arthur there rain, hail or shine. Most clubs have lots of people come and go but Arthur has always been there and has the answers for anything and everything. He is so willing to teach others and make sure the club runs as smooth as possible. What a true champion of our game and community."

  • Amy Furlong says,

    "Arthur is the most dedicated club member I have ever met and has an amazing amount of knowledge when it come to Golden Square. He has been a great help with all aspects regarding juniors and being just a phone call away when a question needs to be answered. I have definitely appreciated his help this year learning the ropes."

  • Tracey says,

    "The face of the square always there"

  • Pat Merrin says,

    "Great clubman"

  • Joan Merrin says,

    "New to myr role this year it was great to know there was someone as knowledgable as Arthur around to support me when I needs guidance"

  • Julie Dillon says,

    "Arthur, you've been a great support to me and it's been awesome getting to know you over the past few years since being a Team Manager and now a Committee Member. I have never met someone so dedicated and loyal to a club and sporting community. I can be at the club-rooms and send you a text to see if you're around, and then you just appear out of nowhere to help me out! I really do mean it when I say 'you're a top bloke!'"

  • Bruce Claridge says,

    "A committed, very hard working clubman who always goes far beyond what is expected of him"

  • Wes Tyrrell says,

    "Top bloke, always there with keys to open up and close up. Wealth of knowledge and can swing a yarn or 2. Loves watching the kids grow and develop in football netball and in summer he's stil busy with the cricket. The club wouldn't be half the place it is without Art!"

  • Sarah says,

    "Great clubman! Absolute legend and always there to help and support anyone in the club. Golden square wouldn't be the same with out you!"

  • Geoff Annand says,

    "His vote count powerpoints are second to none. Great stuff Arthur."

  • Lachlan Monti says,

    "Arthur is a top bloke always helping around the club he is very dedicated to the club and is always upstairs watching the footy and helping around."

  • Melissa Bishop says,

    "My son joined auskick this year and it was our first introduction to the Golden Square club. The first person I met there was Arthur. He offered my little man a pair of old footy boots as he didn't own any. He gave me the instant impression of a kind hearted man who loves his footy. He is well deserving of recognition for sure!"

  • Debbie Bedggood says,

    "No words can exspress the warmth and welcoming we received from Arthur about the Golden Square Football Club,we just moved from Perth to live here in Bendigo and wanted to register our 2 grandsons, Arthur was only to happy to help with the transfer,and kept us up to date on it. We are at the club 5 days a week with training, match days,every day he is there unlocking doors, in his office or doing something else around the club. One thing about Arthur is, with all the people involved in the club, he remembers your name, stops to see how you are going and helps with any problem. Arthur you made us feel welcome and part of the club from day one."

  • Phillip Bedggood says,

    "Always at the club doing something,whether it be for juniors or seniors,the go to man. Always willing to help you and have a chat. Made us feel welcome from day one. Thanks Arthur."

  • Todd DEARY says,

    "Known him for 45 years. A true Golden Square man"

  • Brendan Stewart says,

    "You can rely on Art to be there when you need him! You couldn't possibly fathom how many hours that he has put into the football club over such a long period of time. A true Golden Square hero."

  • Sandie Tarr says,

    "Arthur helped me (amongst many others) learn to use the computer and buzzer for time keeping, and was so very pleasant about it :) Thanks Arthur"

  • Ian Symons says,

    "In the early 1970's, Arthur was the builder of the first double storey football club rooms in country Victoria. Built over a two year period basically by Arthur with volunteer club members help co-ordinated by Arthur, the same facility we have today was built by one man who was able to tackle any building task. Seven days per week he would co-ordinate the building works particularly when young members like me would have school holidays. To the club we would go, to sand doors and floors, paint, dig holes or do anything that needed to be done. My father was President at the time, which was a very successful period for the club because of the magnificent facilities. Premierships in 1972, 1975, 1976 and 1979. Since the early 1970's, until I returned to Bendigo 17 years later in 1993, Arthur has been and still is at the club on a daily basis."

  • Mark Johnson says,

    "Arthur, truly is a legend of this great club. Thousands of kids have passed through the junior ranks over the many years that he has been involved in the club,. They all know and respect Arthur and he knows most of them.. He is always there helping out or providing support and guidance to volunteers and players 7 days a week. A fantastic clubman."

  • Brett Hickman says,

    "Always there to help"

  • Michelle Jones says,

    "Arthur is a wonderful asset to our Football Club and Netball Club both junior and senior teams at the football club everyone knows Arthur by name as he fronts every day for his voluntary role/position at the Club here at Golden Square, no job to big or too small for Arthur he takes care of it be it Administration or fixing a broken toilet ! What can i say...a wonderful role mentor for all the kids whom look up to him as Father figure and general oversee-yer that all runs smoothly on the day. Well and truly needs and deserves as medal...and perhaps even a holiday."

  • Rick and Tiff Jenkyn says,

    "You're a legend Arthur......always helpful and you just know so much about the club.... thanks for all you do"

  • Melinda Keighran says,

    "Arthur is a tireless worker who was there when the first brick was laid at the clubrooms headed up by himself and still continues to work as hard now. Great work Arthur, well deserved."

  • H says,

    "He's always there to help set-up anything that's required to make the club run. Loves a bit of a joke as well."

  • tim coates says,

    "great clubman good luck"

  • Robyn says,

    "Arthur is hard-working and truly dedicated to his club. Best of luck to you, Arthur!"

  • Braydon vaz says,

    "as I have just moved to golden square, I didn't know anyone. But Arthur being the good person he is showed me around and was so kind. He even showed me how to work he scoreboard down at golden square. He even said to me I only have showed a few people this. This is why Arthur should win it because he really is good bloke even at the age he is at now"

  • Jeanette Hauser says,

    "What I admire about Arthur is that he isn't just there fixing things around the Football Club precinct - he is always caring about people and their well-being. He is a community builder and is deserving of this recognition."

  • Zack Shelton says,

    "Always there for the club, people like Arthur that do the things behind the scenes makes the club great"

  • Lisa Valentine says,

    "Arthur is a great asset to the Golden Square. football club. He is always willing to help out. No Job is too big or too small. He is a wiz with technology. he is there to open the doors at the start and to close them at the end. The work he does volunteering endless hour is truly appreciated."

  • Gayle Saunders says,

    "Loves square footy club and works tirelessly"

  • Tom says,

    "Great club member"

  • Mal campbell says,

    "Arthur is a great help around the club"

  • Alayna says,

    "Thanks for all your help"

  • Terri says,

    "You do an amazing job at the club. 😊"

  • Wendy Draper says,

    "Always there to answer questions and lend a helping hand. You are a legend, Art. Appreciate all your help."

  • Lynton Keighran says,

    "Well done Arthur well deserved."

  • Lachie Archibald says,

    "An absolute legend and works tirelessly for the club."

  • Jason Anderson says,

    "Great clubman and always up for a chat , very helpful person."

  • Sam says,

    "Arthur works tirelessly around the club is always doing something"

  • Mike Lowther says,

    "Arthur is a legend at Golden Square, having been involved in many,many club projects over a long period of time."

  • Mike Lowther says,

    "Arthur is a true legend of the GSFNC and has been involved in many important projects over several years at the club."

  • Jacinta wright says,

    "Backbone of the club"

  • Eliza says,

    "Go Arthur, Good Luck."

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