Billy Gill has been part of the Morwell East Football Netball Club since 1975. He played 113 club games and won a senior premiership in 1979 and 1980. He also won a Reserve premiership in 1981. However that is only where the story begins.

Since then he has been on the committee of the football club for many years, this generally entailed managing the upkeep of the grounds and rooms. This included developing the irrigation system for the footy ground, organising the development of the netball courts and changing rooms, renovating the toilets, getting nets behind the footy goals, renovated the media booths and driving the sponsorship and club lotto fund raising. Added to this he was a club president between 2004-07 and we won another premiership during his presidency.

To put it simply Billy Gill has given over 40 years of his lives for the betterment of our club.

He has and continues to be the beating heart of the Morwell East Football Netball Club.




  • Julie Francis says,

    "Go Bill great work!!"

  • Georgia Zammit says,

    "Billy Gill is an asset to Morwell East football netball club, and a valued and active member of our community!"

  • Jo Walker says,

    "Billy puts a lot of time and effort into Morwell East. He is a great person."

  • Amy-lee Ozols says,

    "Good luck 🍀"

  • Kylie Higgins says,

    "Great family man Billy and loyal to his club."

  • Gavin says,

    "Great man"

  • Alana says,

    "Hey Billy! The time and effort you put into this club is amazing. It has been a pleasure to have played netball at such a wonderful club, made all the more special because of you. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of this award. Good luck! Much love, Alana"

  • Michelle Galea says,

    "Well done Billy."

  • Kelly says,

    "Great work!!"

  • Mick Gardam says,


  • Harleigh Aarons says,

    "CARN EAST!!"

  • Kathy Webb says,

    "Fantastic club man hope you win Billy"

  • Rochelle Marks says,

    "Billy is a passionate supporter and member of Morwell East footy club and all round good bloke."

  • Jennifer (Jen) Van Der Velden says,

    "First of all, I think the award is long overdue! Billy is amazing and definitely deserves this award!! Many years ago - I was apart of the Morwell East club in 2004 and 2005 playing in their two winning C grade premierships. During those years I can recall Billy working extremely hard to promote a new positive image of the club. Billy had identified means to make some changes. Formalising and implementing a number of new club code of conduct and code of ethic standards. I really felt that it was these new standards which had a massive direct impact in player participation both on and off the field/court. There was such a great vibe and positive attitude in everyone around the club. Something that I really felt Billy fed us well and made sure we were surrounded by it. Billy made his presence known both before and after games coming up and patting us on the back or standing on the side lines and cheering us on. Giving us emotional support and reinforcing positive attitudes. It didnt matter whether you were an Under 17 player, D grade, C grade, B or A grade netballer, Billy was there - rain, hail or sunshine. Always supporting us all. Billy also did the same for the boys on the footy field. Billy also encouraged us girls to be apart of the club social events and this inclusiveness was extended to our families and extended family - anyone that came to watch were all welcome in the club rooms. I really felt the relationship and partnership Billy has with the club and the members is nothing short of outstanding professionalism. During my time with the club (2004, 2005 and half of 2006 (I moved away from the area), I really felt that Billy had influenced an amazing achievement and really everyone - women, men and the indigenous and non-indigenous kids, in such away that I really felt like we were one massive big family. Always looking out for one another and completely respectful. I always felt like I was in a safe environment too. I really hope Billy is recognised formally. Billy most certainly deserves it. All the best Billy."

  • Carolyn McKenzie says,

    "Billy is also just an all round awesome guy"

  • Dianne Brown says,

    "Good luck !!"

  • Vera says,

    "Good luck Billy, couldn't think of a more deserving club man."

  • Adam duncan says,


  • Brendan evans says,

    "Billy is a fantastic clubman and a major part of the clubs history. He puts in a massive amount of effort and deserves recognition !"

  • Ellen Mills says,

    "Billie is nothing short of a legend! He really deserves this! One of the most genuine people I know!"

  • Chris says,

    "Absolute Legend. Admire and Respect this great Morwell East man."

  • Tracy walker says,

    "Billy epitomises the true meaning of a great club person, ask him to do something and consider it done. Goodluck Billy"

  • Claire lawrence says,

    "Billy is a great man. Always there to lend a helping hand when needed. Such a great club man!"

  • Alastair Mollison says,

    "40+ years of commitment in so many different capacities is surely comment enough about Billy."

  • Shelley Goldsbrough says,

    "I have only come across Bill when he was selling Raffle tickets at the Morrell Hotel.He is an all round friendly guy and obviously is dedicated to his club.I have known Billy through work.I would describe him as being honest loyal committed and a friendly hardworking colleague."

  • Hannah Mills says,

    "I love the way Billy has helped build the Morwell East netball club up well as the football!! Good to see dads with girls taking an interest in the netball and the future of there club!!!!"

  • Mat Brown says,

    "CARN EAST!"

  • Trudy parry says,

    "He's done a terrific job all these years."

  • Kritta says,

    "Billy's a bloody top bloke never met a guy with as much passion for our club as this bloke not only the footy but the netballers to! Just love his guts cheeky bugger he is!"

  • David Evans says,

    "Billy truly is the heart and soul of our great club and the largest legend. I am proud to call him my mentor and mate"

  • Jodi says,

    "Go Billy!!"

  • Lucy Evans says,

    "Awesome clubman and person, absolute legend"

  • Julie says,

    "Great person"

  • Kate sinnott says,

    "Good luck 👍🏻"

  • Maryke says,

    "Good luck Billy"

  • Christine White says,

    "Billy has always been a supportive and dedicated member of the club, he is one of a kind"

  • Kellie Bremner says,

    "Go Billy, proud to be your daughter, I know all the behind the scene things you do around the club for all the many years you have done them, every club needs a Billy Gill, it's nice to see the recognition 👍 Go Dad and Carn East"

  • Craig Giddens says,

    "A great man, who has time for everyone. The club will be forever indebted for the service Bill and his family have given the Morwell East Football Netball Club."

  • Danny tyler says,

    "Well done billy my time at Morwell east was 20 years ago now as a youngster, you taught me football aswell as great life skills that hold me in good stead today thank you"

  • Tim Holland says,

    "Great clubmen and well deserved!"

  • Luke Hopman says,

    "Couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this, Good luck mate."

  • Wes Amalos says,

    "Legend of a bloke & the club, someone who's passion for the club is unsurpassable."

  • Matt Campbell says,

    "Apart from Bill's amazing service to the Morwell East football club, he also made a significant contribution to the Morwell Tigers junior football club. Bill was my under 16 coach and help to develop myself and other junior players who went on to play senior football at Morwell and other local teams. Bill imparted his knowledge, skill and passion and I regard him as a major influence on my football career. It does not surprise me that Bill has been nominated for this award and he would be a worthy winner."

  • Sue Brown says,

    "Bloody good bloke around the club and community"

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