Brenda is a Level 2 Sport Trainer with Group 18 Junior Rugby League in the northern NSW region. For the past 9 years she has been involved in providing strapping and first aid to group 18 representative JRL teams from U14 to U16’s. This involves attending training twice a week in the off season and travelling south with the team for the championship competition the following season. Whilst away the “boys” look up to her ( more like she looks up to them as she is often shorter than them) as a positive role model and “mother figure” whilst away. She is able to form a relationship with the players built on honesty, respect and trust as they know she has their best interests at heart. Brenda also travelled as a Level 2 Sport Trainer with the East Coast Dolphins during the 2016 season. This was a huge commitment due to having to travel up to 8 or more hours away from home for their games on the weekend. Brenda works at Tweed Hospital as a registered nurse and had to arrange her shifts around these games.
Brenda is passionate about providing excellent care to “her boys” and often goes out of her way in following up with the players ensuring they are engaged with the appropriate healthcare provider to treat any injuries.
Brenda also implemented a mentoring program for Level one sport trainers in Group 18. This involved organising Level two sport trainers to visit clubs home games within the group and provide mentoring to help increase skills and confidence of Level ones. She was also integral in implementing an annual, “sport trainer of the year” award to acknowledge and recognise the work and commitment of sport trainers within group 18.
She set up a Group 18 Sport Trainer FB page to facilitate communication and provide a support network amongst the sport trainers. Questions can be asked and relevant updated first aid information such as treatment of concussion can be quickly dispersed to the members of the group.
Brenda’s passion for ensuring players are provided with quality care and first aid across the group is truly inspirational and I feel she should be considered for one of the awards.
Thank you for accepting this nomination
Kind regards
Karen Mitchell




  • Avril says,

    "Brenda is a great team member in sport & work. Brenda loves her footy"

  • Jayde says,

    "Couldn't agree more with what Karen has said! Absolute gem of a human being."

  • Kylie says,

    "Biggest kind and caring heart x"

  • Alana says,

    "While I'm not a part of her "footy"family, I work alongside Brenda at tweed hospital. Her passion for her boys and footy is evident, her face lights up whenever she mentions them. Brenda is an inspiration to all that cross her path."

  • Kelly rohweder says,

    "Brenda was my sons sports trainer for three years through his junior rep program and she has always been very supportive and caring towards all the boys.She has a passion for what she does and it shines through."

  • Lisa says,

    "Biggest heart I know always looking out for the kids"

  • Glenda says,

    "Brenda is an amazing women. A wonderful, mum, nurse and dedicated member of her community. Nothing is a problem for her ."

  • Josh King says,

    "Brenda is a nice loving person for group 18 we are so lucky to have Brenda in the group 18 she dose so much for us and I thank Brenda so much"

  • Nicole Dickinson says,

    "For as long as I've know Brenda, which is close to 18 yrs, she has been involved with junior footy. The passion she has for the kids and the sport is inspiring. She still is involved and is admired and adored for all that she does"

  • Vicki says,

    "Brenda has been a amazing second mum to my son and I'm sure many other boys who have had the pleasure of having her as there trainer. I know have the pleasure of calling her a friend which I will treasure for life. Brenda has the biggest heart and is always there to lead a hand to any of her footy boys. Thank you Brenda for being a amazing women."

  • Brooke Logan says,

    "Brenda has been a great support to my son over the last 15 yrs... im greatful for all she has done.. i always felt happy with her on sideline especially when away for rep footy and it just made me feel at ease that my boy was being looked after by another mum"

  • Grace Raftery says,

    "Brenda has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for junior rugby league in the Tweed Valley community. Brenda goes above and beyond in her commitment for our children and makes a very positive impact in our local community. I sincerely hope her efforts are acknowledged and that she is successful in this competition. Brenda does not ask or seek any accolades for her volunteer work, she quietly goes about her work without complaint. Brenda is held in very high regard in our local community and is someone who really does make a difference in the lives of so many children."

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