Chris ‘Sewelly’




Sewelly is the beating heart of Port Melbourne Cricket Club. His cricket knowledge is second to none having played 408 games and coached 250 games including junior representative cricket. He is always happy to impart this knowledge in his many roles at the club. These include Senior coach, Captain of the Second team, Junior Academy coach, Committee Member, Fund Raising Sub Committee, Sponsorship Sub Committee, Head of Cricket Department, Selector, Net Captain, Bar Server, Preparing meals and teas, and handling the social media for the club.
Always with a cheerful disposition, he has been tireless and assists wherever possible. He mentors a lot of the players and makes sure that everyone feels welcome at the club.

He has a cheeky disposition that endears him to all and his sense of humour and practical jokes always bring about a good laugh. When the rains come down he is usually first to muck in with the covers sometimes handling them on his own.

Over and above all the things he does for the club and the members he has offered support for individuals and also been generous in times of need. We can’t thank you enough mate. Cheers Sewelly.




  • Matt says,

    "Chris lives and breathes the Port Melbourne Cricket Club. Always available and ready to help and has been instrumental in bringing a club that was struggling a few years back to a vibrant and energetic environment where learning and development for all have been key. The omnipresent 'Sewelly' is across everything at the club from his committee work, coaching work, liaising with stakeholders, getting sponsors to support the club, updating social media and corresponding with players, fielding calls form the web site. You name it Sewelly does it. And does it without complaint and with a smile. Chris and his constant enthusiasm and drive is bringing the club closer together. He has developed a number of fantastic initiatives that are bringing the seniors and the juniors closer together including the new buddy system, where junior players and senior players are paired off, introduced to one another and can follow each others progress during the season and the junior academy which aims to fast track kids and hone their skills before and during the season."

  • Peter Lucas says,

    "Sewelly has done a great job with the junior players pre season, setting them up for a successful summer of cricket"

  • Luke morrison says,

    "Beating heart is the perfect name for Sewelly, he keeps everything running tiressly. Lives and breaths the cricket club supporting all senior players, juniors and has been a driving force in bringing our first female player down to training. 408 gmes and 250 coached games is only the mere beginning of th his mans legacy at our club."

  • Muhammad haroon says,

    "Top man"

  • Robert Bevilacqua says,

    "Sensational Coach & great clubman!!!!"

  • AC says,

    "Chris is always there for others :) Great guy!!!"

  • Ollie barker says,

    "Top bloke , very deserving of this price . Always willing to help people with their skills young or old"

  • Usman Quddusi says,

    "Known Swelly for a while now, what a legend this guy is. Love how he treats everyone equally. Looking forward to a very big season under his coaching and leadership."

  • Madhu Murundi says,

    "Chris is a sensational and he has set an example for how to be an good cricket coach and good cricket personality."

  • Scott Graham says,

    "Excellent coach, doing everything to support the next generation of young cricket players at the club."

  • Joe Graziani says,

    "Good bloke and good cricket coach, the beating heart of port melbourne cricket club!"

  • Nikki Allen says,


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