Conor has been a Cottesloe club member for the last 6 years and is an active member of the Gulls family. In the last two seasons Conor has played a huge role in the club as clubhouse manager, looking after our busy clubhouse, both during season and in the off season. Conor carries out this role in addition to his regular 9-5 permanent job which means constant juggling of his workload and hours so that he can attend to the clubhouse when required during normal working hours!
Conor looks after all of the following tasks, which are instrumental to the successful running of our club:
· Ensuring the clubhouse is opened and operational for Tuesday and Thursday training and Saturday games.
· Taking bookings and managing functions throughout the year. It’s a year round role!
· Scheduling staff and working shifts himself
· Doing regular stock-takes and ordering as necessary. Conor goes out of his way to ensure he has everyone’s preferred stock in place incl. trips to separate suppliers for non-standard items.
· Handling deliveries often rushing home to take in deliveries during working hours.
· Keeping up to date with licensing legislation and taking legal responsibility for the premises.
· Reconciling cashflow, staff payment and lodgements.
· Dealing with difficult customers.
· Liaising with volunteer kitchen staff who share the clubroom facilities.
· Recording incoming post and forwarding to the necessary committee member for action e.g. bills to treasurer.
· Clubhouse maintenance and cleaning.
· Waste collection.
· Washing kit. A thankless task!

Conor is a valued member of the senior playing group and assists teams by often playing 2-3 games of rugby on Saturdays. He achieved an astounding honor this year in that he played all 5 senior grades, from Premier Grade to 5th grade. Conor is always around and can be relied upon to fill in where required. He is influential in encouraging players to get involved in the club and in club social events. He has also helped out with the womens team on several occasions with coaching and is always a vocal supporter on the sidelines.

Conors dedication and hard work has gone a long way to improving the clubs income during his time as clubhouse manager. His enthusiasm for the game and passion for life is infectious and sincerely appreciated by the whole Cott family!




  • Tony Horne says,

    "Great man to have at the Cottesloe rugby club. Always has a smile, something good to say and you never hear a bad word about anyone. Dead set legend."

  • Baden says,

    "Absolute legend :)"

  • Conor says,

    "He works tirelessly to ensure everyone is happy and well looked after. Instrumental to the club!"

  • Carrie says,

    "He goes above and beyond week in week out ."

  • Dean Fletcher says,

    "It has been my first season at Cottesloe Rugby Club. Connor has been an instrumental part in the enjoyment i have had at the club. He is very welcoming to new players and makes sure they are introduced to the right people. He is always happy to offer advice on and off the field and his efforts to ensure everyone enjoys their time at the club, including visiting teams, is second to none."

  • Ian says,


  • Adam Foley says,

    "As a first season family coming to Cott Rugby Club, Conor has gone out of his way to make us feel part of the Cott Rugby Club family and made the clubhouse more like a second home. You can't ask for more than that."

  • Alex says,

    "He's a top bloke."

  • Glyn Roberts says,

    "Great guy in all aspects of life. Always willing to help anyone at anytime but even more so if it has to do with the club."

  • Bree says,

    "Conor is a tremendous man, with a great heart and a love for the Cottesloe Rugby Club that would be hard to beat. Without him, the club would not be where it is today, though he often doesn't get the acknowledgment he deserves."

  • Debby says,

    "he's there before everyone gets there and after they leave. Always good for a chat and willing to do everything he can to make the club a great place."

  • Matt Dodd says,

    "Will turn out for any side and always with a huge smile on his face. And then carries this smile into the club whilst serving everyone and anyone."

  • Gillian says,

    "Conor's puts 110% into this role and although it's a lot of work on top of his regular job, he keeps a positive attitude in doing it."

  • Sam says,

    "When I grow up I want to be like Conor."

  • Mike lee says,

    "Kind hearted man always willing to help someone."

  • Amanda says,

    "Conor Loves Rugby and are vey deicated. Go Conor"

  • Karen Hodson says,

    "Heart of gold, nothing is too much trouble and a gentleman too!"

  • Ray says,

    "Grest guy who deserves recognition for his efforts"

  • Shane Dawson says,


  • Deon says,

    "He promised to buy me a coffee if I voted :-) On a more serious note, I work with Conor and know what an absolute rugby tragic he is. He puts in a lot of time and effort not only playing the game but supporting it in so many other ways, coaching, running the clubhouse, being a part of the rugby podcast "the Forward Pass" etc."

  • Ian says,

    "He's a man amongst men!!!"

  • Antini says,

    "Great guy to have around the club and pump up the social gatherings"

  • Kylie says,

    "Nothing is ever too much trouble for Conor! He's always there ready to help - be it juniors or seniors. He's wonderful with our rugby kids! Such a lovely guy too!!"

  • Jacqui says,

    "Always friendly and doing his best for his club. It doesn't matter if you're a spritely young junior, a first grade player, a staunch life member or a friend or relative of any of the above - Conner makes you feel part of something - he makes you feel like a welcome part of an awesome community that is Cott rugby club! A sense of belonging is all anyone can ask for from a sports club - thanks Conner."

  • Karen says,

    "Conor well done on your amazing commitment to just making the club The great welcoming rugby club that it is."

  • Hylo says,

    "Miss that fella. I'll be back soon! Keep up the good work Conor #GullsForLife"

  • Tom Tierney says,

    "Good guy with a great partner beside him always... Great Cott couple from a Perth Irish man...."

  • JC says,

    "Great man, good chat, ethical, moral and a hard worker!"

  • Gordon Carr says,

    "I could not imagine the club without him - Connor makes a great contribution behind the scenes and also on the field. He is everywhere, always cheerful and always being useful, although sometimes not when he's out on the wing."

  • Robert REINECKE says,

    "Passionate and unrelenting support on and off the field. Truly a great Clubman!"

  • Arlene says,

    "Great team man, quick smile, ready memory, grand man for a laugh and a story. Himself and Gillian are absolutely the best."

  • Lou says,

    "Just an awesome asset for the rugby club."

  • Josh says,

    "Stella season on and off the field. Cheers Conor"

  • Sam Turner says,

    "Absolute Workhorse on and off the field"

  • Spencer says,

    "Excellent clubman/bar tender/goal kicker/flying Irishman. This award would only serve to reflect all of the hard work he puts in. It couldn't go to a better candidate"

  • Nathan says,

    "A great bloke with a big heart"

  • Popo says,

    "Conor, you're the best !!!!! Alllez les Bleus !!!"

  • Rob Harper says,

    "A bloke with enthusiasm who is not afraid to put his hand up and get stuck in to anything and everything around the club as well as play his heart out when on the paddock wearing his beloved two blues Cott jumper!"

  • Ben Numanga says,

    "A real nice guy, great clubman"

  • Stacey says,

    "What an absolute legend of Cottesloe Rugby Union Club. He goes far and beyond with any small or big job and has been our number one supporter for the Shegulls for many years now. Thanks Conor!"

  • Corlie says,

    "You deserve to win this!!! You are an amazing club person!"

  • Tim Tam says,

    "Connor has been a great role model for the club Juniors and Seniors"

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