David Schier, OAM, is the president and coach of Shepparton Rowing Club. If it wasn’t for David, there would be no Shepparton Rowing Club. Our proud club was established in 1884 but sadly, went into recess in the 1960s. When David moved to Shepparton, he was not deterred by the dry Victoria Park Lake in the centre of the drought-stricken town. He enjoyed rowing success as a university student and afterwards at state level so he wanted to share his love for the sport he had always enjoyed. He chaired the Victoria Park Lake Users Group, which helped turn a mud-filled quagmire into the scenic lake it is today, including suitable facilities for rowing in 2011. Through his passion and drive and simply thousands of hours of volunteer time, David was able to re-establish the club to the point where it surprisingly won the men’s D-class coxed quad sculls at Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, three years later after a more than 50-year absence from the Victorian Rowing Championships. David obtained a regulation fours boat for the club, which was crucial in the team’s success, after buying it second-hand from North Shore Rowing Club in Sydney. Many significant victories have followed at regattas all over Victoria.
David has achieved all this and much more during a busy career as a solicitor. He has also served in the armed forces (RAAF) and worked as a project manager and in sports management. He was CEO of Rowing Australia from 1994–96 and project manager for the Nagambie Lakes rowing course (1998).
Earlier this year he was recognised for his role in securing the World Rowing Championships for Tasmania in 1990, which was described as bringing a renaissance to Australian rowing from which it has never looked back. For example, the regatta saw the first of many championship wins by the “Oarsome Foursome” men’s four. David had the finishing tower at Lake Barrington, Tas, named after him (25 years after the championships) and received life membership of Rowing Tasmania.
The same attributes that lead David to drive this achievement in Tasmania are present at every rowing session in Shepparton where he is always in the clubhouse or out on the water – at least twice a week – coaching and encouraging his young and adult rowers. He is patient and fair but a stickler for discipline and technique, setting a very high standard for his rowers.
On top of this there is the inevitable paper work, grant writing and submissions etc that David puts in on top of his club time, such is his passion for the sport.
David absolutely emulates the ‘Beating heart’ concept and it would be fantastic to let him know the time and effort he puts in is appreciated, and can serve as a wonderful example to others.




  • Richard Bryce says,

    "David is the backbone of Shepparton Rowing Club - a devoted coach and president"

  • Geoff Withers says,

    "David is an outstanding leader, administrator, mentor and coach at Shepparton Rowing Club. The club would not have been reformed in 2011 let alone continue to function today without his efforts."

  • Michele Cranefield says,

    "David's passion for rowing and his dedication to the re-inception of a regional rowing club in Shepparton is a credit to him. The community will benefit from his hard work for many, many years to come."

  • Meg Francis says,

    "David's passion for rowing is infectious, his drive and dedication are the reason the club exists and continues to thrive."

  • Karen Eldred says,

    "David has welcomed our family into the club, he supports and encourages new members and is a great role model and leader."

  • Debbie says,

    "He's committed, knowledgable and enthusiastic."

  • Kerryn Pickworth says,

    "The heart and soul of the Shepparton Rowing Club"

  • David Shipston says,

    "David is a great community minded gentleman. A great leader of men and club admistrator, without people like David clubs and organisations would not have flourished, like the Shepparton Rowing club as an example. David has made Shepparton home and he is a great family man and community contributor, at work, schools,sporting events and social Occassion . Generally great chap."

  • Michael Banks says,

    "All the previous comments are spot on, Shepparton you are very fortunate to have a man of David's calibre in your midst."

  • Bill Tom says,

    "The citation says it all. Without Davids energy and commitment there would be no Shepparton rowing club."

  • Julie McMullen says,

    "David continues at Shepparton what he started in Tasmania. He is an amazing, generous and inspiring individual - truly deserving of this nomination."

  • Marylynn Connelley says,

    "Encouraging and enthusiastic are two words that first come to mind to describe David!!"

  • Don Swales says,

    "David has achieved a lot for the sport of rowing in Australia and is fully committed to sharing how rowing can impact positively on young people in Shepparton. Shepparton you are very lucky to have a man like David on the job. On behalf of all of us in Rowing NZ we support the Beating Heart of David Schier!"

  • Tim McLaren says,

    "David is the ultimate example of the dedicated Australian clubman. He leads by example and promotes those that work along side him. His great attitude and enthusiasm often result in him being in leadership positions where he drives from the front and gets things done - the ultimate compliment. He works at the coalface and behind the scenes dealing with government and council authorities to initiate large scale projects like the Lake in Shepparton and the World Rowing Chmapionships in Tasmania. David often prefers to acknowledge those volunteers working alongside him but is a worthy recipient of any award acknowledging his many years of community contribution."

  • Zack Spahich says,

    "David is a great all round guy. Always willing to help in any way he can."

  • Seema Abdullah says,

    "Best wishes to David. He certainly deserves the award."

  • Barry Bell says,

    "I have seldom seen a person put in as much effort at a club as what David does at Shepparton Rowing Club. Coaching, Admin, working bees, he does it all. He thoroughly deserves an award for his effort."

  • Robin Poke says,

    "David Schier has made a magnificent contribution to Australian rowing, at the club, state, national and international level. He deserves every one of the plaudits he is receiving."

  • Jill Dexter says,

    "David is highly committed to the sport of rowing and works tirelessly to achieve his goals for his community. He is an exceptional person who develops long standing relationships and is the shining light in the life of those who have met him."

  • Paul Simper says,

    "David has been a wonderful asset to the sport of rowing for many years. Starting in Tasmania back in 1990 securing the world championships. In more recent times working with the rowing community in his home town of Shepparton & country Victoria. He is a role model of the highest calibre in his chosen sport. Training & coaching all different ages groups."

  • Barbara says,

    "David has been very supportive not only to his club but to that in the surrounding area David has supported my son even though he rows for Nagambie and mubc thanks for the support david."

  • Cindy Abbey says,

    "David is an inspiration. He taught me to row when I was 59 and encouraged our group to compete in regattas. It is nothing short of a miracle the way he has built Shepparton Rowing Club from nothing to the vibrant, active club it is today. He deserves this award."

  • Geoff Allemand says,

    "Very passionate about his local rowing club and the history of the sport in Shepparton. A tireless worker who was instrumental in getting rowing back on our newly developed lake precinct. Exciting times ahead."

  • Betul Tuna says,

    "David is committed and dedicated to the club."

  • Belinda Brown says,

    "What more can I say except what an absolute legend!!!!"

  • Melissa says,

    "Best wishes David."

  • Kelly McPherson says,

    "A great organisation and a wonderful leader."

  • David Briwn says,

    "Dedicated Campaigner for the Rowing Club , Father , community minded , lobbying for better facilities at Lake Victoria in Shepparton submitting an extensive proposal all around great guy and friend of mine"

  • Peter Russell says,

    "A Shepparton icon deserving of proper recognition."

  • Jill says,

    "David is the heart and soul of the Shepparton Rowing Club"

  • Howard JACKSON says,

    "Committed to giving it his all, dedicated and respected"

  • Mark Moylan says,

    "I echo Richard Bryces comments."

  • Nicole says,

    "David has great knowledge, passion and plenty of time for the Shepparton Rowing Club"

  • Jean Young says,

    "David has done an excellent job advocating for healthy connected communities!"

  • Kiki Passenheim says,

    "Great effort"

  • Robert McHatton says,

    "He is a legend... that's all that needs to be said."

  • Mark says,

    "David is an incredibly dedicated community member who has given uncountable hours of support to the rowing community."

  • Ronni says,

    "Fantastic guy!"

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