Without ‘Hak’, Woden-Weston FC would simply not exist today. For the last six years, Hak has performed about every role imaginable at our community partner Club Weston-Molonglo FC, which put us in the position to bid successfully for our first NPL men’s license as a joint-venture with Woden Valley. He was also an instrumental part of our bid when it took place.

Starting off as a proud parent, Hak’s involvement quickly spread to a masters player, board member, equipment manager, problem solver, counsellor and friend to many. If that wasn’t enough, he also qualified as a referee to help ensure that the club had its share of officials on weekends! It would be a regular occurrence for Hak to start a weekend by getting out the field equipment and sweeping the ground for debris, supporting his daughter at her game, refereeing another game, playing in his own match and then attending club meetings at night. On average, he has probably put in an average of 10 or 20 hours voluntary work for the club and Weston-Molonglo for the last half decade. No one has worked more tirelessly, compassionately and selflessly, and Hak has the respect and love of everyone in the west Canberra football community.




  • Marcus Chacos says,

    "An incredibly genuine an committed community footballer. Goes beyond the call of duty, each and every day."

  • Rey Castro says,

    "Good referee and always available to help in football related activities"

  • Tony Olivera says,

    "David is an extremely hard working member of our local football community - always approachable and very generous with his valuable time. He is also genuine, reliable and an all-round nice guy!"

  • Jeff says,

    "Always calm and considerate when under presure."

  • Barry says,

    "absolute legend"

  • Harriet says,

    "Great guy! Fantastically involved in everything, including refereeing."

  • Kylie Reid says,

    "A great man and someone for our boys/girls to look up to"

  • Karen says,

    "Always dedicated; always genuine. Every club needs a good Hak."

  • Mauro says,

    "David has done much for the three football communities of WWFC, WVSC and WMFC as player, president, referee and several other roles over the past 25 years and is well respected throughout the football community. I believe the dedication David has shown for the sport makes him the strongest candidate for an award such as this. Great bloke."

  • Nikki says,

    "What a true club champion. Thank you so much for all you have done and the support you provide...""

  • Sam Irvine says,

    "David, your commitment to the sport of football as a whole is amazing! Thank you!"

  • George says,

    "Gets stuff done, always helps out, looks to mentor and guide other volunteers so they can do their best. He h elped me in particular when I was trying to figure out secretary stuff and alway was happy to answer questions and give me a hand."

  • Joanne Aubertin says,

    "David is extremely generous with his time. Without people like David we would not have sporting clubs. He is always available to help and freely gives his time and knowledge."

  • Joe Pettit says,

    "Top Bloke Tireless servant Our greatest adopted Kiwi yet &... Right footed Roberto Carlos!)"

  • James McKay says,

    "I have only known David 'Hak' for a few years but he is truly one of, if not the most outstanding, volunteers I have worked within the soccer community for the past 15 years. It has been my pleasure to work along side David and can think of no-one more worthy of receiving this award than David. James McKay Woden Valley Soccer Club Sponsorships and Partnerships Pee-Wee and Mentor Coordinator Immediate Past President and Life Member"

  • Damien Burleigh says,

    "David is always willing to help, and encourages fair play"

  • Josh says,

    "Works tirelessly for our football club and an all-round great bloke!"

  • Justine Evesson says,

    "An unstoppable, positive and generous force in community sport."

  • Donna O'Brien says,

    "As a former president of Weston Creek Football Club, I can totally support the wonderful work David has been doing for the club on and off the field. He is a genuine lovely person with a massive heart. He also takes heaps of quality photos at different teams games and shares them with the team and/or for the Clubs yearbook. A great person who seriously deserves some public recognition."

  • Pat says,

    "Great club servant. Never afraid to get in and do anything. Always up for a friendly chat. Great person."

  • Phil says,

    "A fantastic stalwart for WMFC and WWFC, and always goes above and beyond to support all elements of the clubs."

  • Bjarne Kragh says,

    "Just as on the photo David is always smiling positive and nice to deal with. He gives himself 100% to the club and so deserve to win"

  • Christine says,

    "People like this are essential to the workings of a community club. David has given so much time to helping our club in so many different capacities - player, coach and umpire. This sort of commitment helps the club and provides inspiration to others who want to become involved."

  • Richard Jalland says,

    "Have known Dave since he started his involvement with football committee involvement and he always has been the impartial member who hasn't been tarnished by years of rivalry. Gets things done for the good of the players."

  • Lynne says,

    "David is very generous of his time and greatly supportive of all things Football!"

  • Norm Poulos says,

    "I've known David for two seasons now and believe David is a great candidate for this title. He is a fabulous asset to our relatively new club (WWFC), he's very trustworthy and has no hidden agendas which seems to be quite abundant in football in this town. There should be more representative just like David at all Football Club boards in our region."

  • What a nice bloke.. says,

    "David's a hard working member of our local football club - as well as being a an all-round nice guy!"

  • Karen says,

    "Works hard to improve soccer for players and the club"

  • Glenn Paterson says,

    "A tireless worker for the Woden Weston Football Club and for indoor football competitions at Weston Indoor Sports."

  • Amy says,

    "Always there to help out with any team; boys, girls, young or old. So committed to the club and such a helpful person in general."

  • James sly says,

    "David is a fantastic ref and ab amazing supporter of WWFC!"

  • Karen says,

    "I've always had dealngs with David as an official from another club,. Whether as a team manager ,a club official or a competition organiser I always find David to be great to have a natter with, easy to deal with and all round good guy. doing his best for his club and the football community."

  • Connie Whitfield says,

    "Thanks for all your hard work"

  • John says,

    "Says it all - Without ‘Hak’, Woden-Weston FC would simply not exist today."

  • Vanessa Burdett says,

    "You are amazing David!! Thank you for all your assistance with everything since I have been with the club!"

  • Scott Turner says,

    "David puts an enormous amount of time and energy into the club - without people like David players at all levels simply wouldn't get the opportunity to play."

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