Donna took over the presidency in 2011 when we had only 89 members, no major sponsors, no senior men’s teams and barely any communication between our members. Since she took over, she’s been putting in a lot of hours behind the scenes (and a lot of late nights on the computer) to make our club strong again, and potential players now make us their first choice when choosing a club. She’s gone out of her way to get strong members at our club. She’s been able to get Danuel Holy – the sports co-ordinator from Nichols Point Primary School – to help with our recruits. She has organised school holiday soccer programs to get more players (this year we had 70!) She got a major sponsor in Banjos, who give out pie vouchers to the juniors each week for encouragement awards, and they also hold pie nights for Seniors & Juniors training (this means me get a lot of people at training because they know they’ll get something hot to eat afterwards!) She ensures strong communication with club members via email and social media. This season we have 158 members including 119 juniors. We have 6 major sponsors, two full senior mens teams, and members have praised us because they feel they are kept well informed on what’s happening at the club. I don’t think our club would have survived during the tough times without her, and for this reason I think she deserves acknowledgment for all her hard work.




  • Oliver Szeto says,

    "Donna is dedicated person who have been fully committed to the club."

  • Jim says,

    "A very good administrator."

  • Shane says,

    "Very approachable, very caring, passionate and dependable."

  • Megan says,

    "Very commited and hard working. Juggles everything well!!"

  • Paul says,

    "Donna is an inspiration - many plan, but she does the job and makes things happen, delivering reliably and without seeking personal recognition or reward."

  • Kevin says,

    "Donna has not only held the club together but overseen its growth. An amazing effort."

  • Shanna Royal says,

    "A strong leader who continues to put her heart and soul into the club, often sparking the fire in others"

  • Jen says,

    "Is Don.... Is Good"

  • Berna Davies says,

    "Donna is the heart beat of the NPSC! She has donated an extreme amount of her personal time to restart the Club from flatlining. Her efforts should be acknowledged and anyone that gives as much as Donna has deserves recognition. Congratulations Donna, you truely are a local hero!"

  • Louise says,

    "Donna is awesome!"

  • Frances young says,

    "Donna is a huge asset to our club :)"

  • Kane says,

    "My mum is the best and she takes the club serious and she is not bossy"

  • Te-Ahna says,

    "Has done a wonderful job, very dedicated and a huge asset for NPSC! She deserves recognition for all her time, effort and commitment to the club."

  • Paul says,

    "Is doing a fantastic job!"

  • Larisa says,

    "Great president of our Soccer Club"

  • Pom says,

    "Donna has held this club together, her passion n commitment is outstanding. Without Donna there would be no Nichols Point, a truely passionate and dedicated woman who deserves to be recognised. Donna Fisher =is the heart n soul of Nichols Point"

  • Kylie says,

    "Donna has done an amazing job!"

  • Jai Hudson says,

    "Donna is the heart and soul of our club and is forever working tirelessly to achieve goals no matter how big or small. Donna has a more than positive attitude that is infectious and draws people into the running of the club because of this. Without Donna at Nichols point the club would get by, but would by no means be in the state that it is in at present and more importantly in the future."

  • Michael O'Callaghan says,

    "Donna is the mainstay of the club. She has done a powerful amount of work getting things on track; new sponsorships, new shirts, supporting coaches & team managers, organising the presentation night etc etc. Thank you very much Donna"

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