Emma “Gags” Gallagher is currently the Secretary of Dandenong Women’s Cricket Club. She has been a member of the club for the past 5 years, and served on the committee in various positions since coming to the club. At 27, she lives the values and ethos of our club, and played a big part in helping our club girls and women play cricket “from the backyard to the baggy green”. This includes team mates who went on to successful seasons within the WBBL with the Melbourne Stars, Renegades and Southern Stars.

She is a remarkable talent playing in the Victorian Premier Cricket Firsts. Her skills as a fast bowler earned her a Top 3 placing in the Premier division with 23 wickets at an average of 14.78, and a berth in the Cricket Victoria Team of the Season 2015-2016. Gags displays endless enthusiasm, pride and absolute passion for her club on and off the field. She volunteers her time before and after matches to ensure match days run smoothly, and commits herself off the field to running the social media side of the club, as well as general organiser and previously club president.

She personally welcomes all new players to the club and ensures they understand the club ethos and value of sportsmanship, pride and honour. She is known to answer late night calls, and specialises in emergency crisis management, such as picking up players who don’t yet have their licences to drive to matches! The commitment and effort that she puts into the club cannot be quantified in words. Her actions, deeds, and esteem within the club and players is beyond reproach, and recognition of the volunteer work she does would just be a great way to thank her for all that she does for her players.




  • Anon says,

    "A deadset... Legend!"

  • Anon says,

    "A very humble club stalwart who gives her all."

  • Anon says,

    "Goes above and beyond to support the club and women's cricket"

  • Belinda says,

    "Good Luck Emma. Any Club you are associated with has a great asset."

  • Aoife Livingston says,

    "She is great! A heart of pure gold no one else deserves this more than Emma!"

  • Dinu says,

    "Very humble and kind. All the best Emma!!!"

  • Anon says,

    "The legend and beating heart of female development!"

  • Anon says,

    "Amaze balls!"

  • Eunice Kerrison says,

    "Emma came to Ireland for a season to play with Leinster Cricket Club in 2014 in Division 1. She made a tremendous contribution to the field of play. Off field she is the most modest of women and leads her life a real role model to younger players. Wishing you the luck of the Irish"

  • Eunice Kerrison says,

    "Emma spent a summer in 2014 playing in Ireland for Leinster CC. She contributed so much on the field of play and off field she was a real role model to the younger players. Good luck, Emma"

  • Nic F says,

    "Great Gal, Hardworking Club Person who gives her all for the Lions."

  • Aaron Dragwidge says,

    "Good luck Emma! You would be a very deserved winner!! :)"

  • Tracey says,

    "Awesome sports woman and great leader and motivator"

  • Amy says,

    "Had the pleasure of meeting her in Ireland and even though she was only in Leinster CC for a brief time she has left a lasting impression on the girls and the club as a whole! She's the business :)"

  • Anon says,

    ""Ask Gags". The solution to everything"

  • Alison says,

    "Great "club" member"

  • Meg Gallagher says,

    "Emma has always been a great role model for girls and young women alike both on and off the field. In the small community where she grew up Emma wholeheartedly contributed to an inclusive and positive sporting culture and has continued to advocate good sportsmanship in every club and community she has been a part of since. Onya Em!"

  • Andrea says,

    "All the best to Emma and her club Emma is committed hardworking and fun!!!"

  • Vince Connelly says,

    "Being a past volunteer at Dandenong Gags emulates the passion and pride and the club ethos to a tee. Giving of her time and effort to help all at sundry to build a welcolming and generous Club. Well done Emma"

  • Lenore says,

    "Emma is a gem - cricket is incredibly lucky to have her! :)"

  • Anon says,

    "Always looking out for the younger players in the club!"

  • Cho says,

    "Just an absolute legend club member, always looking out for the club and members and doing anything she can to help promote engagement, no task is ever too difficult. A fantastic leader, motivator and inspiration to young players. While representing and promoting female community sport , Emma is encouraging to all and a fantastic advocate for fair play and sportsmanship."

  • Sally says,

    "Being an awesome chick seems to run that family."

  • Sarah says,

    "Definitely deserved Emma! Good luck"

  • Peter Binns says,

    "All the best Gags; there would not be a more worthy winner!"

  • Teee says,

    "Amazing work Emma!!! The club is very proud of you!!! Keep it up!"

  • Sophie says,

    "Gags is an extremely committed, hard working club member who is an invaluable aspect to our club. She does a lot of unrecognised work behind the scenes that keeps the club alive, as well as being a crucial part of the premier ones team. Gags is also great with new players, especially with the younger ones as she gives them guidance and makes them feel welcome."

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