Yvonne, “Evie” Ballard is in her 53rd year with the Goolwa Netball Club. Over this time her roles have been many and varied and often more than one at a time. Her passion for netball and her commitment to the Goolwa Netball Club is outstanding and she has continued to give her heart to the club and the Great Southern Netball Association through serious illness and personal loss.
Evie played nearly 500 games for the Goolwa Netball Club and no doubt would have reached this milestone if illness had not got in the way. In addition to her significant contribution as a player, she has been parent, umpire, coach, committee member, supported coaches, and run the junior development net set go program for over 10 years. Evie’s committee positions have seen her represent the Goolwa Netball Club as the rep on Great Southern Netball Association ensuring that the Club abides by association rules and also ensuring our club’s needs were well represented. As Umpire Coordinator role As Umpires’ Coordinator Yvonne identified the need to develop more young umpires and currently has a number of capable and improving ‘Green Shirts’ who represent a positive future for umpiring at our club and for the Association. Evie runs umpiring training in her own time to develop aspiring umpires and her hard work saw four of these umpires nominated to umpire at this years preliminary final. This year Evie mentored a junior club member who was keen to undertake the Umpire Coordinator position such is her commitment to supporting those who are keen to support the club. As an umpire herself she demonstrates a positive approach to the players and knows the rules and also has the ability to umpire the game as it plays out. She is particularly valued for her work in umpiring the junior grades where her positive approach ensures that the players enjoy their netball.
Evie has been instrumental in developing a range of players across a range of grades through her coaching and this year she has again willingly coached 2 teams. Players coached by her know her for her disciplined approach and her emphasis on skill and structure, which helps them, develop. Indeed some of her former players are now coaching teams themselves that is testament to Evie’s positive influence. She requests 100% commitment from her players and is firm in her belief that Netball is about more than the game it’s about learning valuable life skills. She is willing to work with those players both senior and junior that need the most help rather than having a winning team and gets great joy from seeing how far players can develop.
Evie has also spent hours and hours behind the scenes over her years with the club to support it to run effectively including game set up, tidy up, contributions to the Football and Netball canteens ( famous jelly slice!!!), repairing netball and football uninforms and bibs and very often regularly transporting junior players to away games and assisting them with fees and uniform costs when they would otherwise miss out on netball if they did no have this support.
There are many wonderful volunteers in our club but Evie sets the benchmark high and is a wonderful role model to all those who aspire to participate in our club. When it comes to the club, particularly our juniors it would appear nothing not even multiple knee reconstructions can stop her from being there on the court, even if it means with walking stick in tow! We know Evie would get such a thrill to be the person who gains $3,000 for her club. We feel she really deserves to be recognised for her 53 years of service and love of her club that has served generations of community members. Good luck Evie and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




  • Lisa says,

    "Evie is a hard working truly dedicated member of the Goolwa Netball club. Every season she's out there coaching and umpiring (nothing can stop her). She also runs the learners netball program that my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed for the past 2 years. I can't think of anyone who deserves the recognition more! Thanks Evie"

  • sally foster says,

    "Evie is anazing in so many ways. Last 3 years she has coached me giving me so many skills to up my game. Love you Evie aka super b"

  • Samantha says,

    "Evie took me under her wing in my first season, She made feel I could give anything a go, and taught me the skills to play all over the court"

  • Emma says,

    "Evie was the only one who could teach me to play netball! I had only ever done dance my whole life and at 31 I decided to play. I've had so much fun and met so many friends. I have so much respect for this lady."

  • Jodie says,

    "Evie year after year takes new players to the club and turns them from 'what's holding?' to beat and fairest in their grade through to association level. She takes the clueless newbies that no one else has time for because she sees the best in everyone and wants to share her love of the game. Her patience and knowledge is shared with a smile and some sass and it's all done with a heart of gold. She loves teaching the younger kids and seeing them grow and she volunteers her whole day at the club bouncing from coaching to umpiring to mentoring new umpires just because she's awesome. We absolutely live having Evie as our coach, you couldn't get any better and we're grateful to have her. There isn't a more deserving person out there, it'd make her day :)"

  • Carley Morris says,

    "Evie Ballard is the heart and soul of Goolwa Netball. The word that comes to mind when I think of Evie is "irreplaceable". Evie has played, coached, umpired, baked for canteens, been a top notch first aided for netballers, you name it she has done it. When it comes to netball Evie is the woman so many girls look up to as a role model. Without a doubt Evie has the best sense of humour, is extremely loyal and she doesn't give up on anyone. Tough as nails this woman is the leader and voice when it comes to netball for so many girls and young women. GNC is lucky to have a kind hearted, dedicated and compassionate inspirational idol. Thank you Evie you have touched the hearts of so many of our lives."

  • Samii says,

    "Evie is beyond one of the greatest ladies I have ever had the pleasure in knowing. Since I first came to the club, when I was only 11 she has guided me and inspired me to be the player, coach and umpire I am today. She has helped me and taught me so much and when I left the club in year 12 she hands down convinced me to come back and it was the best decision I ever made. I am so thankful to have learnt so much from her, I look up to her and she continues to amaze me each and every day with her profound knowledge of the game and her heart of gold! She has the greatest passion for netball, and I am one of the few people who are lucky enough to share that same passion with her. Thank you for everything you do Evie, and continue to do for not only the club but everyone within the club. I am truly grateful, and appreciate you millions! Love you lots! Samii. Xxxxx"

  • Deb Cantlon says,

    "Evie has always been an inspiration to every generation I know..she helped our under 11-1s last year to win there grand final with her tactics..she not only is a wonderful woman she is really more than that..Evie I hope you win this..you deserve it soooo much..I don't think I know another person it should go to..xx"

  • Anne Todd says,

    "Incredibly dedicated to Netball an her community. Evie is committed with passion to the youth also to pass on her knowledge and the love of the sport. She has patience with beginners and encouraging to keep trying. I have the greatest respect for her . Umpiring, coaching, barracking, committed and previously playing have Evie's name all over it."

  • Abby Pike says,

    "Evie is such a deserving candidate!! Such a ledgen and influential member of goolwa netball club!!! Love ya Evie!!"

  • Rick says,

    "Evie is a Goolwa Netball Club legend and I've never met someone more passionate about helping young players achieve their best."

  • Lydia Miller says,

    "Her passion for the sport the club and all the girls is outstanding."

  • Lee-anne Graham says,

    "An inspirational women with a heart of gold. Nothing but passion for the players and future of the Goolwa Netball Club. She is out there rain, hail & when it shines it's a bonus. If Eve isn't coaching a team or encouraging everyone on the sidelines, she will be umpiring on another court or check scoring.! My vote goes to Eve, hands down."

  • Kiara says,


  • Kathryn Wilson says,

    "Evie was my first netball coach when I started playing at 46 years of age. She also provided endless support & encouragement when I was coaching. A much loved and respected member of the club with vast experience and knowledge."

  • Joanna Wilson says,

    "A familiar face around the club always helping out wherever she can. A club icon!"

  • Leah says,

    "I've never met a more devoted bird to helping up and coming netballers, this chick Evie is the heart and soul of goolwa netball club, she deserves recognition for all her hard work. Love your work Evie and Thankyou xox"

  • Eliana says,

    "All the help she gives around the club is inspirational; the passion she puts into helping others at the club whether they're in seniors or under 9's is incredible! She really is someone who anyone can look up to as a role model, not just because of her knowledge of netball but also her dedication and commitment. She has taught me so much- umpiring, playing & coaching. Netball wouldn't be the same without her! xx"

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