Feonah was a supportive and productive school parent of her own son from 2010-2013 at Callaghan College Wallsend Campus. Although her son left year 10 in 2013 she has still remained an integral school sport volunteer. Her valuable contribution to our morning breakfast club whereby she provides a healthy breakfast for students. Through this initiative she builds rapport with students, promotes sport conversation in particular all things Rugby League.
Feonah assistance in building and fostering a positive Rugby League culture at Wallsend has been remarkable and greatly appreciate Her positive involvement includes:
Providing first aid for our students (strapping, injury assessment, treatment and reassurance)
Outstanding action shot photography (every sporting event Feonah takes 100+ of photos of our students engaged in sport – these photos are used on our school facebook site, school rugby league website, annual sports presentations dinner, electronic notice boards, certificates, Rugby League Father’s Day breakfast.
Co-creator of the Wallsend Wildacts Website (School-based Rugby League website)
Takes the playing jerseys home after every game and scrubs, washes and folders each jersey. Returns the very next day.
Transports students to and from sporting venues if required to ensure students have equal opportunities to participate.
Consistently creates Wallsend Wildcat memorabilia for student rewards – bags, dvd, mugs, candles, shirts




  • Andrew Johnson says,

    "A vital cog in the successful nature of a school sport at Wallsend Campus. Great work Feonah. Go the Wildcats."

  • Brett Bell says,

    "I have known Feonah personally for many years. Feonah has always been a positive influence not just to children, but people of all ages & not just in sports that she has been active in over the years, but also in life."

  • Therese Laverty says,

    "Feonah is very supportive of all the kids at school & in fact was the only parent that supported my child when he was bullied, she is one of a kind"

  • Danielle Shedden says,

    "Feonah is a fantastic role model for our students! She is always smiling and knows every students names and even takes the time to learn about their interests and hobbies."

  • Sandy Williams says,

    "Feonah is a passionate, positive and loyal volunteer, the school and students are truely blessed to have her apart of their college."

  • Kerrie says,

    "Feonah has the biggest heart. She still helps the school even though her kids are gone from there. She also never shys away from helping a mate if they need it.."

  • Warren says,

    "Feonah has a heart of gold and always gives her all."

  • Paul says,

    "The kids at breakfast club enjoy her enthusiastic nature, a real champion."

  • Michael Leggett says,

    "It's really fantastic to see someone actively helping out when she doesn't have to be involved."

  • Matilda says,

    "Very lovely"

  • James Thorley says,

    "Fe does so many things on and off for the students at our school, she goes to every single game and is always the first one their ready to strap any kid who asks even if they don't have their own tape. She will lend them her own, she takes photos of every single game and displays them for the kids and she helps out every morning at our breakfast club making sure every kid who doesn't eat breakfast receives something. She is a wonderful lady."

  • Carolyn says,

    "Very Giving!"

  • Michael Psarris says,

    "Feonah has been a long time volunteer and supporter of Callaghan Wallsend in a multitude of ares, including Sport, Authentic Assessment Interviews and Breakfast volunteer for our students. Feonah recently assisted me by attending the Year 7 City Zone Soccer Gala day, which myself and my Year 10 Sports Studies class organised by taking numerous action photos and providing First Aid on the day. Late in 2015, I also sat in on a Authentic Assessment panel with Feonah and she was outstanding with her genuine interest for our students and in recognising their work and achievements."

  • Lauren Kirkland says,

    "Feonah is a beautiful person inside and out!"

  • shjakara says,

    "Feonah has a big heart.. she is very nice and helpful she is amazing person to talk to"

  • Lisa Muller says,

    "You are a great supporter of our school, Feonah, and you more than deserve this recognition!"

  • Jackson says,

    "Feonah is a great volunteer as she volunteers around our school doing great things she deserves this"

  • Matthew says,

    "We all appreciate Feonah's efforts"

  • Taneil Bates says,

    "Feonah has a good heart and a positive outcome on most students, she's always keen to give a helping hand and is a good role model to all."

  • nicholas squires says,

    "fepnah is a great person that help with the comunity in every way she can"

  • Montana Woweries says,

    "She is a very helpful with breakfast club at wallsend high and i love hearing her stories."

  • makayla auld says,

    "Feonah is a lovely lady and would do anything for someone. She deserves a holiday."

  • thon boc says,

    "My vote goes to Feonah Gibbons for all her help and hard work shes put in for us boys and Mr johnson. I would also like to thank her for always supporting the team."

  • Bev says,

    "A very caring person and a great help to both students and staff at CCWC."

  • Nicole B says,

    "Feonah is tireless and caring. She gives up her time to ensure a great start to the day for many of our children at our breakfast club and travels with our sporting teams to various events."

  • Lachlan says,

    "Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

  • matt says,

    "fe is an absolute legend she is always nice in breakfast club she is absolute legend give her a vote"

  • Lynne says,

    "Feonah is very kind hearted and generous with her time. She is always happy and very supportive of our kids...a great asset to our school."

  • Kylie says,

    "I have known Fe for many years and she has always shown passion and enthusiasm and is very supportive of junior sports. Fe is a positive role model to the kids and is a dedicated and committed leader."

  • Stacy Lambert says,

    "Always involved."

  • Montana Woweries! says,

    "Feonah is so hard working and I think that she deserves a holiday!"

  • Krue says,

    "Feonah is passionate about juniour sport especially Rugby League. Feonah has volunteered her time to Callaghan Wallsend for about 6 years and is especially involved in the school rugby league sides. School football comes first to everything and she attends every game for every age group boys and girls. She is a compedent first aid officer who donates her equipment and supplies ice etc at all games she attends. She has a wide knowledge of all things sport and is very happy to pass on her knowledge of sport to the community. She passes on knowledge about health and wellbeing as well to support the kids that she associates with. She has on many occassions paid the entry fee for sporting kids if they did not have money. She also has given kids money if they had no lunch etc to support them. Feonah is very caring, passionate and committed to all athletes from Callaghan College Wallsend and is a strong advicate for the importance of sport in young peoples lives. I think she has made a difference in the lives of many young people."

  • Julie says,

    "Feonah has a strong sense of community and is always there for the sporting kids at Callaghan College Wallsend. She is passionate about all sport but particularly rugby League. Feonah lives and breathes Rugby League and loves being involved with the coach and the players from Callaghan Wallasend when Rugby League is being played. She has also been involved with other staff in the games of Rugby Union, Soccer and touch football. Feonah also passes on her first aid knowledge to the students and in particular a small group of kids on a fortnightly basis to help support their life skills."

  • morne says,

    "she helps around the school with any thing and helps the boys and girls team with footy she is a gun"

  • Charlotte Oates says,

    "She educates us about rugby at breakfast club."

  • Ethan Crowe says,

    "She is always the one to help us footy boys when we are playing a game of footy, she straps us and is always there to help us get ready for a big footy game, and when someones injured on the field shes the one to help us and make sure nothing is broken and to see whether or not we can go back on the field to play the footy game!"

  • 'Ali says,

    "Fee is a great person who helps everywhere possible she is alwaysbat ourbschool games volunteering in stapping and first aid and she always takes photos for johno"

  • taylah-jayne.farmer says,

    "at football when i hurt my hand she helped me strap it up so i didn't swell as much. she rocks."

  • Peter says,

    "Feonah has an enormous heart for her community at Callaghan Wallsend. She volunteers in many areas of school life from Breakfast Club, teaching 1st Aide but her real passion in the school is Rugby League and all things to make it happen for the boys and girls alike. Kids see her as someone they can trust, who will be looking out for them and is a role model for many. Feonah is the person in the background dealing with the things that can go unnoticed, as such, she keeps the wheels turning."

  • Richelle says,

    "Fe is one of the most caring ladies I have ever met. My son and daughter both play rugby league for their school so I have gotten to know her fairly well. My son had a major injury this year playing for school (a bleed on the brain and a tear at c5 and c6 ). Fe gave me her personal phone number so we could keep in touch with his long recovery. Her concern for these kids is second to none. Thanks Fe."

  • Ross haidle says,

    "awesome person"

  • Zac Crowley says,

    "fee is always at our games, taking photos and also providing excellent medical care/ strapping. All the boys from the team really appreciate her help."

  • Jake Burgess says,

    "Feonah has always been a hard working and persevering person and has always been there to help whether it has been at competitions or just helping in the school's breakfast club."

  • PW says,

    "Feonah really deserves this award because of all the volunteer work she does at CCWC"

  • Fiona says,

    "She is very caring and frequently at our school sport days."

  • Tenaya marks says,

    "She is a really good helper"

  • taylor worley says,

    "This teacher is avery nice person and cares about wveryone."

  • rheannin futcher 7t says,

    "I vote for Feonah because she supports our school by giving up her time. Her productiveness assists our school in all areas and we all benefit by her ongoing support."

  • Maddison Noble says,

    "Feonah is an amazing person. She always supports everyone that plays rugby league at Wallsend high and definitely gives everyone a boost of confidence before we go on the field to play. Whenever someone is injured durning a game, she is the first person there to help. I believe Feonah deserves this award. She's earned it by always helping the teams with medical issues, supporting the school in the best way she can, and for always providing support and confidence to everyone she can. Fe is a caring and wonderful lady. If I could give this award to anyone, it would be Feonah. Thanks so much Fe for all of your help. I know everyone at Wallsend appreciates it so much!"

  • brodi marshall says,

    "i have known Feonah for about 5 years and she has always helped out with football and has provided breakfast ever since she has been here"

  • Stephanie Scigala says,

    "All the footy girls and I, aswell as all the footy boys are very lucky to have Feonah as apart of our teams. She is always lifting us up, and never fails to help us in some sort of way. She is so passionate about sport and helping others. Fe is very deserving of this nomination and would be even more deserving of this award and prize if she was to win. The Wildcats are so grateful for what she has done."

  • julie says,

    "feonah is a remarkable lady . always there to lend a hand . she is kind caring and compassionate. feonah has a beautiful heart . there has been many times were she has helped strangers who have been injured and acted quickly to get medical help ambulance or what ever is needed to get them the assistance the assistance they need quickly and gives accurate details for emergency services or in any situation."

  • Olivia Futcher says,

    "she is a great volunteer at breakfast club and has been the best since i have been there since the start of the year"

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