Frank Shadwick is a true legend of Lindisfarne Football Club.
Frank hung up his footy boots in 1973 and then took on the first of his volunteer roles for LFC. He is an unassuming, hard working volunteer who puts his hand up for whatever is asked and quietly does the things that no-one even realises need to be done.
Frank takes on many roles. During the week he shops and helps prepare meals for the boys on training nights, then he also mans the bar and does the clubroom clean up after. He stocks the bar and fills the fridges for the weekend and finds time to be a wealth of knowledge and support at our board meetings.
His Saturdays start at 6.30 am when he prepares food for the canteen and then gets the ground and facilities ready for the day. He becomes Match Manager and Umpire Escort, then later, Bar Manager. Somewhere in the day he finds time to clean the canteen, take signage down, remove bollards, so his ground clean-up on Sunday runs smoothly.
Frank volunteers about 27 hours per home game week but rarely gets to see the footy. He loves away games as he can enjoy the game, but still puts in about 11 hours of volunteering. He’s been doing this for 43 years, which is about 16,340 hours.
What we can’t begin to quantify is Frank’s care and commitment to the Club and the amazing role model he is with his quiet, can-do approach. He gets a heap of thanks from all of us and doesn’t look for anything more, but we’d love to see his efforts recognised.




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