Garry is the Miniroos Coordinator and has been at the club for longer than we remember (more than 15 years). Garry makes his way down to the field at 7am every single Saturday (rain, hail or shine) during the football season to check the fields, open up the clubhouse, set up the miniroos (u6 to u11) fields and coordinates those rostered on the first ground duty for the day. Garry mentors all the miniroos referees who are generally junior players themselves who eventually become our official referees after years of training. He looks after them, makes sure all the kids get a fair go and its rare people like Garry that are essential in making it all happen – every weekend. He is also our equipment officer, is a coach of a team or 3 and a (very) senior player himself. He’s part of the furniture and a very valuable contributor to our club. We love you Gaz.




  • Gail Keane says,

    "Garry is my coach in the W30 comp and is always supportive of all players. He sometimes misses his own game to coach us. He is a great member of the committee at Como Jannali and is the first one to put up his hand to help in and capacity."

  • Brian Wilson says,

    "Gary is up there every Sat Morning running the show at 6am. He manages referees and set up and spends a lot of time making sire the referees are looked after and parents don't have a go at them. He is a completely lovely gentleman and a great person giving huge amounts of his time. He even coaches 3 teams for ComoJanalli - He is the whole package."

  • Jem says,

    "Absolutely top Guy!"

  • Anon says,

    "Always committed and passionate about the football club. A great coach and an even better bloke"

  • Anthony says,

    "You don't get many guys who are so unselfish. Thanks from all of us Garry"

  • Karen Traynor says,

    "Extremely dedicated to our Soccer club and extremely dedicated to our Mini Roos program."

  • Bill says,

    "Your heart and mind are in the right place. Good on ya Garry"

  • Michelle Dawes says,

    "Great bloke, took on the 14D team this year and did an amazing job with the boys"

  • Colleen Smout says,

    "Garry coached my sons under 14's team this year - I cannot believe the turnaround in the boys - not just in their soccer skills (which have improved hugely) but in their attitudes as well. He earned their respect quickly and maintained their enthusiasm for the entire season, that is a rare skill when dealing with teenage boys. Personally I can't thank him enough for his efforts."

  • Gary says,

    "Gary is a great and loyal man who supported me through my first year of refereeing."

  • Bronwen Kaspers says,

    "Top guy - always smiling and nothing is too much trouble. Really passionate about the Club and players."

  • Anonymous says,

    "I have played for Como Jannali Football Club for over 25 years. It's volunteers like Garry that keep this amazing club going! Garry has coached my team (W30C's) for the last 5 years. Regardless of our highs and lows on the soccer field, our successes and our failures, our wins and our defeats, Garry has stood by us and believed in us as players and as a team. His positive approach, support and commitment has inspired a group of ladies (many over 50 years old) to get out there and continue to enjoy being a part of Women's soccer (football) for as long as our weary bones will allow us! And if Garry believes we can do it, then maybe, just maybe, we can! Thanks Gaz! PS Go Como"

  • Sharyn Madeghe says,

    "So dedicated to the kids. Awesome effort. Thanks a million, Garry!"

  • Fadhili Madeghe says,

    "Thanks, Garry"

  • Jordan Madeghe says,

    "Thank you Garry for being a great refereeing coach. You gave me heaps of good tips this reffing season. Thank you very much!"

  • Anonymous says,

    "Gaz is the beating heart of all Como Jannali FC stands for...!!!!"

  • JenJen says,

    "Garry is a dedicated coach and mentor to all age groups, from Miniroos to O45's men's, U21's and O30's women's competitions. His support and commitment to these players is second to none."

  • Chris says,

    "For the past two years my 13 now 14 year old son has learnt, under Garry's tutelage, to ref Miniroo soccer. A great opportunity to learn a new skill, earn a bit of pocket money and build confidence. All this because Garry is committed to organising and mentoring and I as a parent am confident in Gary being there to support my child. You are truly an awesome person Garry!!"

  • Carmen says,

    "Totally committed and got my son loving soccer again!"

  • Robert says,

    "Always giving of his time and energy"

  • Mark says,

    "Alway helpful"

  • Donna stewart says,


  • Carol Turner says,

    "Garry deserves a medal he has coached my 30's woman's soccer team for the last few years , we have caused Garry a lot of stress with some lows and highs of playing woman's soccer , he keeps coming back each year to coach us even gives up his own game time to play to come coach us from the sideline. We have learnt a lot from Garry's experience , knowledge and love for the game ."

  • George Piggins says,

    "Gary always has the answers for any question, and if he doesn't he makes the effort to find the answer. No one deserves this more than Gary!!!"

  • Bronte says,

    "Garry was the coordinator of mini roo's at my club, Como Jannali. He encouraged and taught myself and others my age on how to ref the little kids starting out at soccer. From there, two other girls and myself pushed on to become Official Black & White Referees and he supported us the whole way through. Garry is always kind and welcomes me back up to the fields for reffing games at my home ground and always comes over to say hi."

  • Chris Martin says,

    "Garry has always pitched in and helped at our club and his humour and can do attitude is always on display, which is quite infectious. All kids, both big and small love his jokes and always react positively to his coaching. He has always volunteered to coach teams that may not have the greatest technical skill base leaving those teams by season end much improved in both attitude and ability. He is a warm hearted, generous with his time, intelligent person, one on who we all rely and one who has provided many of us with a true friend, always placing others ahead of himself. One of life's Gentlemen!"

  • David Pawson says,

    "Garry is a very friendly individual who cares about the game, and more importantly the future of the game through actively supporting, encouraging and promoting football through our juniors. As a parent of children who play for the club, and 1 who also referees other kids, I am particularly grateful for the support and guidance Garry has afforded our children."

  • Stephen Lord says,

    "Garry is a wonderful club man, always willing to support and assist anyone who needs help."

  • Daniel says,

    "Total awesomeness"

  • John bujcevski says,

    "Tough, but fair....."

  • A'nge says,

    "Good clubman, good guy."

  • Brad Pinkerton says,

    "I've been with Como F.C. for 48 years & I've seen a lot of wonderful & worthy people from both inside the club & outside. As one of Australia's biggest & most heavily participated footballing areas, the Sutherland Shire Assoc is lucky to have so many brilliant & selfless volunteers, but they are without doubt, truly blessed to have Gary as one of their leaders. His work ethic is exemplary, but his passion is unsurpassed. Gary's love for the game is only matched by his devotion to its participants. If recognition is given for sporting ability or speed of foot, then Gary might be last in the queue, but if it is awarded to those that seek no reward or those that prefer to do what must be done, then look to the front of the queue, you'll find him there."

  • David Eccles says,

    "Gary will stop and have a chat with anyone even if he's busy with club matters."

  • Pink says,

    "Garry wears many hats and has done so for many years. He is a dedicated club man and is renowned for helping others to achieve their football goals as a super coach of many, while fuelling young kids passion for football through refereeing. As a committee member, he gives many hours in helping to run the club, the hours he contributes is a testimony to his dedication in supporting a great club. Garry doesn't seek accolades, but he is very deserving of every acknowledgement and is the type of person that all sporting clubs want, but Como is lucky to have him."

  • anon says,

    "Garry is always ready to help out in any way possible"

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