Gary “Tex”




Gary “Tex” Tilton is the Junior Cricket Coordinator & Secretary of the Druids Cricket Club, Victoria.
He has held the above positions for the past four (4) and thirteen (13) years respectively.
Over Gary’s time at the Druids CC, he has held the positions of Club President, on two (2) occasions for a total term of five (5) years, Treasurer for four (4) years and Committee Member for the past thirty-five (35) years.
With an involvement at the Druids CC spanning over forty-five (45) years, Gary has created his own slice of Druids CC history.
Gary commenced at the Druids CC in 1971 so that he could play with his friends. Gary quickly progressed through the grades to establish a formidable reputation as a fierce competitor and was rewarded with a number of on-field awards including:
· Sunshine Cricket Association – Jack O’Brien Award for the most outstanding Association 1st X1 Player
· Druids Cricket Club – Six (6) time 1st X1 Bowling Average award
· Druids Cricket Club – 1st X1 Premiership Player season 1974/75
Whilst this nomination relates to the “Beating Heart” award, when you think of the investment Gary has provided across ALL levels of the Druids over such a long time, he’s probably best described as not only the “Heart & Soul of the Druids CC, but the Lifeblood that flows throughout its Veins”.
As an essential member of the Brains Trust, he’s the Backbone when tough decisions are required. A Foot Soldier in continuously promoting the Druids and attracting newcomers, he’s also the Open Arms that great you.
As one Parent recently joining the Club said, “When my son wanted me to enquire about possibly playing for the Druids, I wasn’t sure what reception I might get given the season was already well underway. From the first conversation I had with Gary we couldn’t have been made feel more welcome. It was the warmest reception & easiest transition into ANY Sporting Club I have had across various sports over 35 years. Within no time we felt a part of the Druids Family & as though we’d been there for many years. That feeling of belonging was solely attributed to the way Gary handled our interactions. I hope the Club realise how valuable having the likes of Gary is”.
Gary is known to all as being the constant smiling familiar Face at both Senior and Junior matches.
His dedication and passion is unquestionable and without his continued involvement and support through some tough times and periods of adversity, the Druids, may not have survived nor be the thriving Community Sporting organisation it is today.




  • Xavier says,

    "Gary does so much for our Druids Cricket Club. He's always smiling & nothing seems to be too much trouble. Best of luck Gary - couldn't think of a more deserving recipient of this award."

  • Miah says,

    "If Gary had wings he'd be an Angel... Come to think of it... He doesn't need wings 😄"

  • Toby says,

    "Gary is ever-present - I hate to think how many hours he has put into the club over the last 35 years. It is the passion and commitment of people like Gary at the grassroots that make Australia such a great country for sport."

  • Cindy says,

    "Gary has worked tirelessly to support our community's cricket club. He has provided decades of dedicated community service in developing a club with a supportive, positive and welcoming community-orientation. It's a great environment, particularly for the kids who play, and their sibilings, encouraging all of family engagement."

  • Anita Francis says,

    "People like Gary are a huge asset to society. Committed, hard working, pulling communities together!"

  • Suzanne Mosca says,

    "Thanks Gary for helping to keep the club passion alive. The next round of under 9 s are a ripper!"

  • Tim Mckerracher says,

    "An absolute icon of the Druids CC. Without Gary the club may not even be around as we went through some very tough times a few years ago when our club rooms were burnt down by vandals. He is the main organiser at our club and is always there to lend a hand."

  • Shane Wilson says,

    "I played for Druids CC in the late 80s early 90s at which time Gary was a tireless worker for the club. His ongoing commitment to grassroots, community sports is to be respected."

  • Sam says,

    "Gary is the most generous, kind hearted man you will ever meet. No job is too big or too small for this legend. Someone who I have looked up to since meeting him!"

  • Craig Thurston says,

    "Gary is a true champion and legend of Druids cricket club, always having the best interests of the club from juniors to seniors at heart, local community sports clubs would not survive if it weren't for the caliber of people like Gary "Tex" Tilton.👍"

  • Jeremy says,

    "Tex is one of the greatest people i have ever met always willing to help out has done every job at the club from doing the pitch to running the club legend."

  • John says,

    "Gary is quite simply a great human being. No one exemplifies what Druids CC means and stands for more than Tex. His contribution to the club over 45 years is impossible to measure."

  • Simon says,

    "I was one of the lucky ones who was taught by the Texan himself! Champion all round"

  • David Hall says,

    "In a word, superb. We love him. Gary does so much for the local cricket club. He is the heart and soul of it, and never gets flustered."

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