Geoff has been in a number of positions over the last 10 years including but not limited to: President (current President since 2012), Vice President, 2011 U/16 Premiership Coach and Life Member (played over 200 senior games for Yarragon). Geoff is a very friendly and approachable person who is at the Football ground from 7am on a Saturday morning organising the days events, picking up food from the bakery, hosting afternoon tea for club executives, strapping of players ankles, knees etc, escorting umpires off the ground and all other jobs that pop up unexpectedly (goal umpiring and doing the running) until everyone goes home at 12-1am on a Sunday morning where he is working the bar and cleaning up the clubrooms.
Geoff was also a junior coach with Yarragon Junior Football Club before taking up coaching and executive positions with the Senior Club.




  • Ben Montfort says,

    "Geoff is a legend"

  • Maz Glover says,

    "Everybody definitely get behind the vote for Geoff he does above and beyond duties for the football club. I have known Geoff for over 15 years and he had been a great friend and mentor for my son and family. Geoff is always there to lend a hand with any job that needs doing whether large or small. Vote No. 1 Geoff Jolly."

  • Amy says,

    "Absolute dedication to the YFNC"

  • Jess says,

    "what a legend!!"

  • Tracy says,

    "A dedicated club person for Yarragon FNC !!!"

  • Jess says,

    "Onya Geoff!"

  • Daff Trickey says,

    "Absolute 100% dedication to the YFNC"

  • Todd Mann says,

    "One of a kind always puts people before him self! If anyone deserves this its Geoff! Great family man great bloke! He is the Yarragon footy clubs heart and soul!"

  • Jaz says,

    "he is a all round great bloke & a great roll model and club person. Would be well deserved."

  • James Harvey says,

    "Couldn't get a more dedicated, loyal man!"

  • Jimmy says,

    "The most dedicated clubman I've ever met, your a champion Geoff!!"

  • Sharyn says,

    "Geoff is a ver kind and generous person who would do anything for anyone"

  • Deb says,

    "Always thinks of the best interests for Yarragon Football Netball Club and is endlessly working towards making the club a great local club for all local families in our small community. He is very approachable and always leads In getting things done. A great asset to Yarragon."

  • Shaun says,

    "A true club legend who always has the clubs best interests at heart!!"

  • Emma Ramage says,

    "Geoff shows good sportsmanship to all involved such as ensuring the umpires are looked after during the game by personally delivering their water bottles."

  • Bec says,

    "The most loyal, aproachable and dedicated president and club patron i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Geoff is the heart and soul of YFNC. Without him as our leader and mentor, our club would not exist. Thankyou Geoff for all you do and setting such an example for the rest of us."

  • Julie says,

    "Geoff, together with his family, is the power behind the club."

  • Deb Handley says,

    "Not only is Geoff a fabulous mentor for young men, a great family man, a wonderful and tireless worker for our small community! Our football club "Yarragon. " simply wouldn't be what t is today! A true blue great bloke!"

  • Joel kilday says,

    "Geoff is an absolute bloody legend. He has been the heart and soul of our footy club for a number of years, and I would hate to think what the club would be like if he wasn't here. He's our president, he works tirelessly and there is no award that could truely encapsulate what he means to this club, but he deserves all the recognition in the world"

  • Belinda Hogan says,

    "Always been involved in the local club for many years. Well done"

  • Lindy says,

    "when I was president of the yarragon netball club Geoff was always willing to do anything he could to help us out and really made the netball and football club feel as one which can be quite rare these days Thanks Geoff go cats"

  • Deb Handley says,

    "Geoff is a fabulous mentor to young men, a great family man and a tireless worker for our community and our much loved footy club!"

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