Graham Harradine has been a long standing member of the Hay Park Cricket Club and the Bunbury District Cricket Association.

Graham has undertaken roles both within the Hay Park Cricket Club and the Bunbury District Cricket Association ranging from playing, administration,sponsor and curator.

Graham has played a leading role in both the on and off-field management of the Hay Park Cricket Club including Club Major Sponsor, Treasurer and Head Groundsman. This contribution has seen Graham invest thousands of hours of time personal time in ensuring that the club is both operationally and financially stable and a leader in the Bunbury District Cricket Association which has been reflected in the club chasing a three peat of success in the Bunbury District Cricket Association.

His contribution to the broader association has included taking on roles both on the Bunbury District Cricket Association Executive Committee and contributions as an Association Sponsor and Team Manager across both Senior and Junior Representative Teams.

Graham has in recent years also enjoyed the success of his son Jim representing the club to a high level and in 2015 returning to the field himself after 30 odd years away from the game

Whilst the contribution is not measurable on a financial level the regard that Graham is held by both club and association has seen his nomination and admission to the Hay Park Cricket Club as both a Life Member 2015 and Club Patron in 2016.

As a person Graham is not an individual who seeks personal acknowledgement for the contributions made, and as grassroots sporting clubs opportunities like these provide the opportunity and foundation to acknowledge the contributions of the heart and soul of our clubs.




  • Lachlan Sandiford says,

    "Great contribute to our cricketing community and a very nice lad"

  • Josh Blackford says,

    "Graham is the heart of the Hay Park Redbacks Cricket Club and in the 4 seasons that I have played at the club I have seen first hand the countless contributions on and off the pitch week in and week out."

  • Ashley Sbizzirri says,

    "Great clubman"

  • Tim Andrews says,

    "Ihave had the pleasure of working alongside Graham at the clubfor many years,and find him to be one of the most selfless people I have ever met, and would be a very worthy recipient of this award"

  • Richard Ewing says,

    "Graham IS the Hay Park Cricket Club. Everything from the white lines to the snags in the BBQ carries the fingerprint of Graham's commitment to cricket and the club."

  • Grant milbanke says,

    "The hours and energy he puts into the club and wicket is amazing."

  • Tom Scott says,

    "Graham has worked tirelessly to grow the club since its inception in a variety of roles. If there is something that needs to be done, he rolls his sleeves up and contributes in any way he can. The club wouldn't be half of what it is today without him."

  • Ian wilkins says,

    "The man is a legend at our club and deserves all the accolades that come his way"

  • Vicki bridge says,

    "I am a part of the junior side of hay park cricket club, I have loved how Graeme had taken time to come and check out how our youngsters are going and give encouragement, juniors are the future"

  • Phil Hare says,

    "Graham is a devoted clubman who places everyone else before himself & does it for the love of the club. Graham deserves recognition for the many hours a week all year around which others probably don't realise."

  • Martyn Foster says,

    "Ideal club man. The time and effort that Graham puts into the club is sensational. The passion that he has for the Redbacks is invaluable. Truly helps in any way he can."

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