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Grant MacDonald is the nominee for the Strathfieldsaye Football Netball Club. Grant has been a volunteer and member since since 2009 when he commenced a 5 year tenure on the general committee of the Club. In our inaugural year of competition, Grant immediately volunteered to man and manage the gate for patrons entering the ground. He set about organising a roster of volunteers and players to ensure the smooth running of this essential fund raising avenue for the club. He has continued this role for the past 8 years. Part of this role also involves selling of raffle tickets at the gate which Grant does with enthusiasm. Apart from this essential role, Grant for the past 5 years has been a water boy for the senior side at home and away games, along with finals. Depending on which side is playing, Grant has ran water for all 3 sides representing the football club. He is well known and respected by all players from the club.
Grant is also the clubs unofficial handy man come maintenance co coordinator. He is a keen and willing volunteer who is the go to person when minor works such as repairs or additions are required throughout the complex and the grounds. He does these improvements in his own time and with his own tools. He has been known to pay for these improvements with his own money and does not seek recognition or reimbursement.
On Thursday nights, a dedicated number of volunteers supply meals for the players and members of the club. Again, Grant selflessly volunteers his time in taking meal orders, serving behind the bar, and then assists in cleaning up and washing and drying dishes, often to late in the evening.
On home games, Grant is at the ground as early as 8 am, assisting in setting up the infrastructure for the day. This includes putting up goal post pads, vacuuming the function and change rooms, placing bins in appropriate areas, putting up marques on the netball courts and a myriad of other tasks. On the completion of competition for the day, Grant again selflessly assists other volunteers in dismantling this infrastructure.
Throughout his time at the club, Grant has demonstrated a willingness to jump in and assist the club in any way that he can. He has also been a bus
driver for trips, goal and boundary umpire (practice matches). He does this in a selfless manner and with enthusiasm. Grant is a person who is a cheerful and pleasant person who is well respected by all at the football netball club. Considering that Grant has no children playing at the club, his work ethic, enthusiasm and cheerful disposition makes him an ideal candidate for the “Beating Heart” award.




  • Bruce Duncan says,

    "Grant is amazing. He is always willing to help out with any job at any time."

  • Ray Patterson says,

    "Grant (macca) is a person clubman who eptimomises what a volunteer is all about. He is a keen and willing worker around the club and is always cheerful and enthusiastic. Greatly admired and respected at the club and within the local community. A great bloke."

  • Bryce says,

    "Grant is someone who is well known by everyone at the club, he works tirelessly in numerous roles and always has a smile on his face and a laugh to go along with it."

  • Jim says,

    "Legend, would do anything for anyone. A great clubman and even better bloke."

  • Nicholas Smith says,

    "Absolute legend who will do anything for his beloved stormers. Onya Grant!"

  • Nick says,

    "Absolute champion!"

  • Kallen says,

    "Grant puts so much time and effort and has gone unrecognised for too long. He runs the bar dinner on Thursday nights. Runs the gate gate and also does the water for the seniors. A tireless worker."

  • Llewellyn says,

    "Great man doing great things for the club"

  • Allison Wilson says,

    "Thursday nights would never be the same without Grant keeping us on our toes and the occasional joke. Great person."

  • Phoebe says,


  • Nardine Cahoon says,

    "Well done Grant. Has been known to help out the Juniour netball club at times as well!"

  • James Boyd says,

    "I espire to be as good at running water as Grant,"

  • Stingray says,

    "Fantastic guy! Indispensable part of the footy club, wouldn't be the same without him"

  • Sam mildren says,

    "One of the greatest club men ever. People like grant are the backbone of the club and it would not exist without them. Cannot speak highly enough of grant and his selflessness toward the Strathfieldsaye football netball club."

  • Shannon says,

    "Grant is at the footy at 9 am and one of the last to leave. Is there on Thursdays handing out teas. Waterboy on Sat and the gate the club wouldn't be what it is today without a true legend of the club. Absolute legends of a bloke too"

  • Denita Donnan says,

    "Grant is what makes a country footy Club tick. If he's not on the gate, he's on the ground running water and you find him helping in all parts of the Club. He has taken time to make our family feel so welcome in the Storm Football Netball Club. He takes time out of his busy day either at training or game day to make you feel like your part of this great Club. A true Club Man, with a great passion for his Club."

  • Teej says,

    "Great man, always giving."

  • Connor says,

    "Always has a smile on his face and always has a joke with the storm boys"

  • Fergus says,

    "Grant is a legend, I turn up to the game to see his beeming smile on the gate to then see him behind the canteen hours later to then see him on the ground while I'm playing running us water! What else could the man do"

  • Tania Bartlett says,

    "No other words to describe the man but a LEGEND always doing something around the club with a big smile on his face . We love you Grant"

  • Luke says,

    "This man is everywhere. Whenever job needs to be done he is there."

  • Josh Martyn says,

    "Great bloke who does everything he can for the players and the club"

  • Ash says,

    "Some people would think grant has a twin he does so much work around the club, true legend, great bloke and is what clubs need to operate, without people like him things don't get done."

  • Vanessa says,

    "Grant is what a good club is all about!! Good luck. Hope you win!"

  • Dianne Keating says,

    "I always look forward to your smiling face on the gate Grant!"

  • Tom says,

    "Absolute legend! Definitely one of the heartbeats of strath!!!"

  • Dowd says,

    "Does an absolute power of work every week!"

  • Carol-Anne Lever says,

    "Grant is always an approachable person with a smile on his face. He is never sitting still and is always doing something. He just does what needs to be done without fuss or expectation of thanks. He always works for the betterment of others and is passionate about the jumper."

  • Mick Cumming says,

    "Grant is a tireless volunteer for Strarh Storm. He puts in a great amount of time for the club, not for any recognition but simply because he loves country footy and loves the club that he helped establish eight years ago."

  • Mitch Curtis says,

    "Absolute legend he got me to the club in the short stint that I had a the storm before persuing a different path the Bloke does everything and more and loves that club and has the same dedication in every aspect of his life as I work with him as well # "LEGEND""

  • Jess says,

    "Bloody champ!"

  • Angus says,

    "Absolute legend of a bloke!"

  • Ceri says,

    "He is just a really nice bloke and helpful in so many ways"

  • Lynette says,

    "Very deserving nominee."

  • Rhi says,

    "One of the happiest blokes around! Loves his large latte and we love the banter with him while we make it! Week in, week out, he's always smiling! Highly deserved!"

  • Zenda says,

    "A truly committed hard worker for the club and a friendly face behind the bar and at the gate."

  • Renaye Gretgrix says,

    "Absolute top bloke always willing to help others and is very genuine"

  • Mark says,

    "Awesome guy a great clubman"

  • Stratty says,

    "Bloody legend, nothing is too much trouble!"

  • Ben says,

    "Grant is storm footy."

  • brad says,

    "hard working. dedicated to the club"

  • Nic Bunn says,

    "A top bloke, who continuously goes out of his way to assist the club in any and all aspects! We'd be lost without you!"

  • Lachie says,

    "Never stops putting in the hard yards around the club and we're all very thankful of the work he does for us."

  • Saran says,

    "Grant is well known and dedicated to helping his club however needed, no job is to big or small for him"

  • Chelsea says,

    "Grant is there every week making sure our club is the best it can be. He goes above and beyond expectations and is an all round awesome bloke. Our club would not be where it is today without him!"

  • Langers says,

    "Grant you are one of a kind!! We are SO appreciative For everything you do for the club - especially us netballers. Week in and week out you put up and take down the marquees, serve us food and you always have a smile on your face and support the netballers. The club would not be the same without you!"

  • Blair Archer says,

    "Absolute legend of a bloke. Tireless worker who Strath wouldn't be the same without!"

  • Jess says,

    "Grant does so much behind the scenes as well as being a familiar, friendly face to all who enter Storm home games. He embraces all club members and is very supportive of netballers too. Thanks for everything you do Grant!"

  • Sam says,

    "Great club man"

  • Ellen says,

    "Great club man and does everything with a smile!"

  • Bekki says,

    "Such a great bloke, nothing is ever too difficult!!!"

  • Angela says,

    "Grant is invaluable to the club and community and a really nice bloke."

  • Janine Butcher says,

    "Grant has always had a warm and welcoming smile every time you see him, fantastic bloke and indeed deserves the recognition.."

  • Christine Faux says,

    "Grant is always willing to help others"

  • Kerry Alford says,

    "Nothin is ever too much trouble for grant..always cheery and wiiling to help...go Grant😊"

  • Roy Lever says,

    "Grant is not only generous with his time and is a gem of a bloke to go with it. His can do attitude just lifts the mood at the club. Good on ya Grant very well deserved nomination!"

  • Col says,

    "Grant is a great club person. He is always happy to do whatever needs doing. Go Grant!"

  • Brett says,

    "He is a tireless worker at the Strath Storm footy club"

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