Hudson co-founded the Cottesloe Roosters Amateur Football Club in 2013. He has played an integral role in establishing the club; without Hudson, the club would not exist. He is the President and Senior Coach – and has been since day one. He is also a talented player.

As the Cottesloe Magpies Junior Football Club inaugural Premiership Captain, and a then Cottesloe resident, Hudson saw an opportunity to establish a senior amateur football club in the area. Hudson has been involved with football in the local community his entire life, having also played in the Scotch College First XVIII and for Claremont Football Club.

Hudson is committed to creating a family-orientated amateur football club, encouraging and supporting junior players with their transition through to playing seniors football, reintroducing former players to the game and offering the opportunity for players to return to their local area. His aim has been to create a sustainable club that will stand the test of time. The Cottesloe Roosters represent a new generation of leadership and coaching and a culture of camaraderie, mateship and unity.

The club motto “every heart beats true” is proudly displayed on each jersey, with over 80 players in the club’s two senior sides.

We asked some of our players, why is Hudson the beating heart of the Cottesloe Roosters?

“On the field, Huddo’s courage, leadership and passion is always on display. His ability to out-do these attributes off the field is what makes him the beating heart of the club.

No matter what his role on game day, he is always the first to arrive and last to leave. His nervous and anxious energy before bounce-down is contagious as he greets players and spectators alike. From the first bounce to the last, Huddo wears his heart on his sleeve as he screams encouragement and direction to his players. He celebrates every small on-field win and takes every loss personally. It is visibly clear that he enjoys the success of each and every one of his players and teammates. There hasn’t been a weekend during the season that I can recall without a post-game shindig, and Huddo is always central to these.

Huddo is always proactive in looking for ways to improve his players and the club. This year, the club had an external coach to teach the team new ways of training and improving. Previously, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from ex-AFL players. The club trialed glow-in-the-dark footys to assist with poor lighting before organising the development of better lighting as well as interchange dugouts through the local council. Huddo has been heavily involved in each of these which have and will have a major impact on the growth of the players and the club itself.

Most importantly, I can say with utmost honesty that I’ve never had someone make me feel so instantly welcome anywhere as Huddo has at the Cottelsoe Roosters, and I know I’m not alone.” – Jack Swan

“Hudson Wheeler is the heart and soul of the Cottesloe Roosters Football Club. As co-founder, president, coach and occasional player (when injury permits), he truly lives and breathes Rooster Footy! When he’s not motivating his players during training and games, he’s working tirelessly behind the scenes in an effort to lift the standards of not only his club but of all amateur football in their professionalism, duty of care and integrity. He exemplifies sportsmanship and his love for the game is palpable to all at our great club.” – Michael Hug

“I have been apart of a few clubs but never so welcomed into a new environment by a head of the club who takes a genuine interest in each individual. The Culture he has created is inspiring to his peers and he is someone I look up to for leadership and advice.”- Peter Kitt

“Hudson Wheeler started the Cottesloe Roosters from nothing, when many people around him said he was crazy to ever think it could work. He is the beating heart of the Cottesloe Rooster Football Club most simply for one reason – the club could not survive without him. More broadly – the club would not exist without him.

There’s no point writing endlessly about the countless hours he pours into the football club, because it’s not just the time he invests into the club that is the most important aspect of his contributions to the football club. The Roosters are where they are today as a result of Huddo pouring his heart and soul into the club, dedicating a large majority of the last 4 years of his life to the club. He has built not only a winning culture, but an environment conducive to fun that everyone can enjoy. I speak on behalf of a lot of players at the club when I say he has made football fun again.” – Ben Green

“What else can you say about a guy who bleeds for the club that he started, he always has the clubs best interests in mind and motivates 80+ players week in week out to produce the best that they can all in the name of creating the WAAFL’s best culture by a country mile!” – Vincent Ciccarelli

“The Cottesloe Roosters would not exist without the unparalleled passion and dedication of Hudson Wheeler. His commitment to the club and it’s members is inspiring to all who call themselves a Rooster. In an organisation striving to be a pillar of its community, Hudson’s leadership will ensure the vitality of a club which brings joy to so many. He is the beating heart of the Cottesloe Roosters.” – Ryan Simpson

“It’s hard to put into words how much Hudson is the beating heart of this football club.

When we look at the values that all football clubs like to portray themselves with, some of the most common ones that come up are Honesty, Loyalty, Companionship, Family, Commitment.

To me, Hudson is the epitome of these values.

When he first approached me to coach down at the football club he said he wanted a culture where the players made the club. Where the members had to build the club they wanted, not just have it all give to them. He didn’t want a club full of ego’s and self-indulgence, he wanted to build something that young children will aspire to be a part of. Something that people will trust their young sons and daughters will feel part of a safe community with the right values and role models.

Hudson is that role model.

He has had everything against him the whole way.

Poor facilities, poor lights, lack of sponsorship… but through all of this, he has remained the beating heart of this club.

Building something that will progress far beyond his tenure.

In the space of three seasons he has built a club that has played finals in both teams each season, won a premiership, have a chance at winning another, introduced an Under 15’s side and got the ball rolling to improve the facilities.

What this means to me…

This level of effort from one of my oldest mates has been inspirational to watch. His ability to find time for each and everyone of his players and members at the club is phenomenal.
It has taught me how to value things, how to appreciate the effort involved in running not only a football club, but a football community.
The past two seasons coaching at this club has been the most enjoyable football I have been involved in. Coaching a premiership with Hud by my side was one of the proudest moments of my life.
It wasn’t given to us, we built it, we earned it.

I am a better person from my involvement with this football club and I owe this to Hudson.

He built it, he set the culture and he made it all happen.

It will be hard to ever be involved in something as special as what we have down at the chook pen and once again, Hudson is the beating heart of this.” – Stewart Mactaggart, Reserves “Bloods” Coach




  • Cam says,

    "He is just a good bloke who loves to get around it... And in the words of the great man - "Love your footy!! ""

  • Dave Hodgson says,

    "Absolutely loves, lives and breathes the footy club. I have no idea where he gets his energy and enthusiasm. I hope he realises the effect he has had on individuals by creating this community. It's a support network that that people rely on off the field and Hudson deserve acknowledgement of the highest order. Keep up the good work buddy."

  • William kinneen says,

    "Huddo has done wonderfull things for this club, this being my first year at the club he made it the best year of footy I've ever played/been apart of. Because of Huddo, this club is going to go very far."

  • Nicholas Coate says,

    "if I were to list off all the great things I could say about Hudson Wheeler I could honestly go on for hours. Hudson is a man of integrity and someone you can always rely on to get he job done. He's a great guy to be around and is one of the many reasons I love being a part of the Cottesloe Roosters. There is no one more deserving of this award!"

  • Matthew says,

    "Huddo is the coach of all coaches. I had retired from football due to injuries and loss of interest. After helping out with running the game day messages in 2015 I was inspired by the club he created and the culture of Cottesloe Roosters to dust off my boots and give the great game another go. Thanks to Hud, today I'm playing in a prelim final and hoping to go all the way to a flag next week. He brings the best out in his players and inspires all to better themselves on and off the field. True champion Well deserved"

  • Steve says,

    "While every heart beats true, no other heart beats quite like that of Hudson's! Without Hudson there would be no Cottesloe Roosters, the club that we have all grown to love! Well done Hudson, you deserve all the success you receive!"

  • Vic says,

    "Amazing strength within, huge heart, passionate, determined, wears his heart on his sleeve, strives for the best in the people he loves , he listens and he cares ... All of this and much to be a co-founder of The Cottesloes Roosters .. is an amazing person ..."

  • Nikki Roche says,

    "Hudson is such a great guy. A very committed man and always finding the strengths in his men."

  • Jabin Roberts says,

    "There are many definitions of a heartbeat but one that sticks out to me is driving impulse, that exactly what Huddo means to this club, since starting this football club he has created an amazing culture where he has made everyone feel so welcome weather you are playing or just helping out, even if you are there for 1 week of the season he still managers to make you feel you are apart about of this special club. He has done it against the odds, dealing with set back after set back, now the club has had a successful 3 years. I think Huddo deserves this award, he is a great leader and a great man and just continues to put the club and everyone in it before himself. He is an inspiration to the Cottesloe football club and the community."

  • Billy Blair says,

    "From the day I arrived in the GT from the UK and met Huddo, he made sure I got involved with the footy. He introduced me to some off season training and was a great source of support helping get to grips with the game. Many a man with such talent would not have had the grit to overcome a plague of serious injuries and further setbacks but Huddo did, and much more more than that. Huddo's passion is truly a calling and the impact he has had should inspire everyone who cares about sport in their local communities. Keep going mate and I look forward to watching the roosters success for many years to come."

  • Caolan says,

    "Huddo is such an inspiration to everyone down at Cottesloe. He has inspired a group of men to come and commit back to football, Inspired a crowd of supports to regularly get behind the club, and Inspired me to play the sport I love again. Champion man with the biggest Beating Heart."

  • Margy Hegney Hall says,

    "Fantastic effort Hud. Great to see your success. All of your hard work has paid off"

  • Mick O'Halloran says,

    "This man embodies the word passionate. He has created and and continues to foster a club ( The Roosters) that is competitive yet fun and instantly welcoming to all."

  • Chris King says,

    "Huddo gives ludicrous amounts of his time and energy to the Roosters. But more importantly, without him the club wouldn't exist and many of the 80 players may not still be playing footy. I know I wouldn't. After my 2 years at the club I now know I want to keep playing for the Roosters until I physically can't take the field anymore. Through his tireless efforts Huddo has created a club and culture like know other. Huddo has made footy fun again."

  • Immi whitton says,

    "True leader. The roosters are lucky to have him."

  • Simon Harris says,

    "Huddo has without doubt 100% commitment and respect from everyone associated with the Roosters. At training, the players listen to everything he has to say and try their very best to train hard and play their very best for him. The supporters absolutely love to cheers his team on week in and week out. Coming from other clubs and codes he is so rare and special. He efforts do not go unnoticed. Well done Hudson."

  • Jack Birchmore says,

    "Coming fresh out of school and looking to meet new people I joined the Cottesloe roosters. Huddo was instantly telling me how good it was to have young blood down at the club, not only did I feel included (despite my age) I felt like one of the guys and made lifelong friends, the club has been a huge part of my transition into becoming a man."

  • Tom says,

    "Loves his footy"

  • Glenn says,

    "When almost everyone told him he was crazy, when virtually no one paid him any attention and when almost everyone said it would not work and could not be done, he did it and more... He is a true team man and genuine leader who has against all odds developed a sporting club, almost single-handedly. The Cottesloe Roosters have an incredibly uplifting, happy and fun culture that seems to compel people to spontaneously remark, "this is the best footy club that I have ever been a part of"... His way of ensuring a disciplined approach is maintained, whist ensuring everyone is having fun is uniquely successful. He has in the process inspired so many others to embrace the Cottesloe Roosters with fervour and passion and make it their own and then to tell others about it. Everyone can now see that he has achieved amazing results both on and off of the field of play. Yet the battle he fought to make his dream of the Cottesloe Roosters become a reality was monumental and beyond what most people would ever dream about, let alone attempt. To succeed, as he has done, will last a life time for him and many, many others. Along the way, he has maintained a loveable, passionate can-do and all embracing, humble approach to all those who have joined in and he continues to bestow accolades on others. The loyalty that is displayed by others to him is a direct result of the unwavering loyalty that they get from him. In all manner of things that he does so incredibly well, that truly sets him apart. Hudson has a great capacity to help others get the best out of themselves, as they see that with his every passionate effort, now one does more than him."

  • Aaron Bayley says,

    "Well done Huddo you're an inspiration!"

  • Dale Stewart says,

    "Huddo lives and breathes footy. i have never met someone who is so devoted to making others happy in a sporting capacity. His dedication and passion for the club is inspirational and as a result the club continues to grow year after year"

  • Stiffy Hardy says,

    "Having played almost every sporting code under the sun Hudson is by far the standout coach I've ever been involved with. With so much passion toward the game he definitely brings the best out in all of the players and people around him, he is the heart and soul of the club and deserves recognition for all that he has achieved. With an amazing support group the Cottesloe Roosters are able to operate as more than just a footy club, led at the front by the great man."

  • Hayden says,

    "The definition of a "local legend""

  • Joel says,

    "His an insperation to the football club"

  • Tom says,

    "Loves the club and the people that are involved. Club wouldnt be the same without him"

  • Dennis says,

    "Love your footy"

  • Robbie says,

    "Hudson is an inspirational leader with a huge heart. Does so much for the club behind the scenes. Really makes you want to play well to repay the effort he puts into all the boys and the club. Only reason I'm playing footy is because of Hudson and the exceptional club Hudson has created"

  • BJ says,

    "Met Huddo on a family holiday in WA. He kept talking about his Roosters. We thought he was a farmer..."

  • Trev Hodgey says,

    "My son really likes playing at this club and it's been great for him. He was getting a little chubby but is now looking the goods."

  • Ben says,

    "he is mint"

  • Riley Torrijos says,


  • Cooper Carvalho says,

    "Hudson is a great teacher/ coach who takes his own time to help you out when ever in need. He is a great mentor and friend."

  • Lachlan Davis says,

    "Quality guy, does heaps for the club and it means everything to him to be part of the roosters"

  • phil citizen says,

    "great bloke. always gets around the younger blokes and an essential element of the club."

  • TC says,

    "Growing up playing for the cottesloe magpies which only went up to under 15's or so , i dreamed of there being an option for when i got older. Hudson provided this with the roosters - legend!"

  • Frank O says,

    "He's incredibly keeno all the time"

  • Tom says,

    "I've played at 5 different clubs since graduating from junior footy and I've never loved a club like I love the Cottesloe Roosters. Most of that is thanks to the culture that Hudson has created and the ridiculous amount of time he puts in for the club and for all of the boys individually. He's built a club where the main goal is loving your footy and getting around your mates. He's accomplished that, and with it has come on field success and a level of mateship amongst everyone at the club that I've never experienced before. No-one could be more deserving of this award."

  • Marc says,

    "He's done extremely well with the club."

  • Mason says,

    "Huddo has put so much hard work in to getting this football club to where it is now. Without the great man the Roosters would not be fighting for a flag this weekend. Love your roosters"

  • Diamond Hire says,

    "Very proud to be a keen supporter of this fantastic club"

  • Rach says,

    "Hud has a great heart and truly loves his team."

  • Daniel raff says,

    "Some people grow up to be politicians Some people grow up to be firefighters And some people grow up to be Olympians... I just want to grow up to be like Hudson!! No man has a bigger heart, a smarter head and a better shoe collection!! And the Cottesloe roosters football club is a reflection of him. He is the chuck norise of men. - RAFF"

  • Gary Ablett jr says,

    "i wish i was as good as hudson and ive won brownlows!"

  • bobby ray says,

    "Shake n bake baby"

  • Scott says,

    "Such a great embassador for local footy and beyond. A true leader and inspiration to his peers within all his endeavors:"

  • James says,

    "What a guy"

  • Tommy says,

    "Heartbeat of the club"

  • Adam says,

    "Started from the bottom now we here"

  • john holland says,

    "huddo is a legend"

  • Nic Wroe says,

    "Day in and day out. Huddo puts his heart and soul into this club."

  • Collegians FC says,

    "Gee.... Where did we go wrong. Bravo Huddo"

  • Olivia Kerr says,

    "As new members of the Cottesloe Roosters this year, Hudson has made my partner & I feel warmly welcomed and instantly felt like we were part of the football community, which is hard to come by! Huddo's passion & dedication to coaching is inspiring to watch, and you can easily see that he puts his heart and soul into the club whether it's on or off the ground."

  • Collegians 3rds says,

    "Thank goodness we don't have to come up against these blokes!"

  • Rat Pack says,

    "Let there be light....!"

  • Joey Bin Omar says,

    "I've been avoiding playing any football since tearing my ACL at 16 then relocating to Perth from Broome for 5 years until this year, and as an Indigenous person coming from a family footy club up North to trying to find one down here was very intimidating. But i ended up joining Cottesloe Roosters because of the leadership and dedication i saw in Hudson Wheeler, it was inspiring and welcoming to say the least. He made me feel like a brother amongst strangers and really respected given my first year down at the Chook Pen. Being one of the youngest amongst the boys, seeing Huddo dedicate his time, efforts and emotion into a team as great as ours really makes me feel proud to have put on the red and blue Cottesloe Roosters jersey. Absolute legend Huddo!!"

  • Morgan Lane says,

    "Joining the club just this year but i feel as though i have been around for 10. All because of huddo"

  • Cal Walley says,

    "A bloke I have known going on 8 years and a man I look up to and respect. Outwardly cares about his football club and all personnel involved. Starting a football club from scratch is not easy, yet Huddo managed to make it look so. Also lucky to have very good support from his better half Bec! Would love to one day join him and be a part of the Rooster Nation. Love your work Huddo!"

  • Chris HF says,

    "Absolute legend, heart and soul of a great community that wouldn't exist without him"

  • Rowan Hindry says,

    "huddo is a legend, loves his footy."

  • John Rogers says,

    "Great guy"

  • Tom Baulch says,

    "Bloody love the bloke! What a legend."

  • Libero Pietropaolo says,

    "Hudson is hairier than me"

  • Josh Quartermaine says,

    "U know just a genuine top notch bloke with a bloody good smile"

  • Charles says,

    "Legend of the game, have never seen anyone do it better!"

  • James Barrie says,

    "Gives his heart and soul on and off the footy field - true leader of men!"

  • Lachie says,

    "Champion of the club"

  • Grumble bum says,

    "Good guy"

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