Jacqui took over the treasury role of the club when the previous treasurer unexpectedly left the position. She was asked to help us out of a jam as it was at the beginning of the year and we of course wanted to keep the season going with minimal obvious dilemma! Jacqui is an amazing accountant and was able to keep things rolling smoothly for us with very little disturbance to the members of our club…. That was 2 years ago.
In that time she has managed to turn the financial side of things inside out and really got us back on track. We have managed to make the money side of the club very transparent to our members, and in turn, our fundraising has had incredible results, her suggestions have transformed the club into a well oiled footy venue! and we have managed to make some much needed investing in our teams supplies, our grounds and most importantly, with her ability to word funding grants superbly, we look set to replace our clubs worn out guernseys which is just wonderful for the boys!
Jacqui has been a part of the club since 2010, when her oldest son began playing. She has 2 boys, and has taken on team manager roles, worked interchange, helped with season launch, presentation and other fundraising days. She will muck in and clean up at the end of the season, and work endlessly through the off season to get us ready to do it all over again!
On top of which she works, is treasurer for a basketball club also, and runs her boys around to their various school and sport activities.
The hours and hours of time she puts into keeping the club financially sound is incredible. Every treasurer should be nominated as the beating heart of the club – it is a position that quietly works in the background without too much thought to most how their child ends up on an oval each Sunday kicking a ball through the posts. Some clubs are bigger than others, but ours has been through a small amount of uncertainty, and as a fairly decent size club, Jacqui gives us a huge chunk of her personal time to keep it running, pay the endless bills and improve the grounds quality, upgrade some well overdue equipment and many other small things that have a huge impact on the club running the way it does.
The ease with which you can speak with her helps our members have a better understanding of where their money ends up and what it contributes to. That in itself has contributed to a healthier environment with our families happy to donate and sponsor towards updating club necessities etc. Jacqui is the beating heart of our club right now, we are so very grateful to her for every minute she gives to help our club grow.




  • Christie Hill says,

    "Jacqui is a fantastic accountant, is always well organised and prepared and always lends a hand to help everyone :-)"

  • Terry Gribbin says,

    "a very hard worker for the Mooroolbark football Club and a loving mother who gives her all in all that she takes on."

  • Emma Dufton says,

    "Jacqui is a absolute gem. Always happy to help."

  • Michelle says,

    "Top lady :)"

  • Jo whittle says,

    "Keep up the great work Jacqui - we would be lost without you"

  • Steve Dickson says,

    "Jacqui is always around the club and ALWAYS smiling and willing to talk to all members of the club. She is always on some sort of mission, helping everyone at dinners etc. always happy to help anyone!!"

  • Loui Williams says,

    "You're a superstar Jacqui!! You go above & beyond for Mooroolbark football club & especially our boys.. Thanks chicky X"

  • Cindi says,

    "Thanks heaps for going above and beyond Jacqui. An asset to our club. Nothing is to hard, and its ace having things run so smoothly."

  • Belinda says,

    "A truely genuine person who goes out of her way to help our club."

  • Robyn Moore says,

    "She's a ripper chick as well as the best club person Mooroolbark has. She is also a very busy working Mum, and still managers to be a team manager for at least one of the boys teams."

  • Ian says,

    "Jacqui is a lady who gives 110% to everything she does. She is a thoughtful , caring & sharing person that puts other people's needs before her own. She is an awesome mother & a truly inspirational wife"

  • Ian says,

    "Jacqui is a lady who gives 110% to everything she does. She is a thoughtful , caring & sharing person that puts other people's needs before her own. She is an awesome mother & a truly inspirational wife."

  • Tina says,

    "She's a star and awesome accountant!"

  • Cooper says,

    "Thanks mum for all you do for us and our club"

  • Bailey says,

    "Thanks Mum for everything you do"

  • Sandra Adams says,

    "I volunteer along side Jacqui at the Basketball club, and she is my accountant in my own personal business also. She is one very amazing and selfless person and I don't think i could think of another person more deserving of this recognition."

  • DZ says,

    "Absolute lifesaver! Thrown in the deep end, but she managed like a star. Well deserved nomination."

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