Jake has been involved in the club since he was a junior and has been involved in the committee for a number of years. He’s taken on many roles, including president, Vice President, treasurer, secretary and has previously taken on more than one role at once. He is also a team manager on top of all of this. Without Jake, the club would not be where is is now and leading into a positive future. Off field, Jake’s involvements including interactions with good sports and acquiring grants to better our club, for his work around the grounds and building score boxes and dugouts for all diamonds. He has a vision for the club and its future, we wouldn’t be where we are without him! Amazing club person!




  • Jake says,

    "I am a member of another club and highly respect Jake for what he has done for his club and the local baseball community."

  • Luke says,

    "Jake is the heart and soul of the baseball club, without him the club would struggle"

  • Prue says,

    "Jake is a very supportive role model for all our Boneo Braves. He is always happy and takes a great intrest in our kids making sure all our kids feel special. Jake is a truly genuine person, who goes above and beyond for the Braves."

  • Bethany says,

    "Jake invests so much time and effort in to this club, it would be lovely to see him reap a reward for not only the club but himself as well."

  • Jarrod maher says,

    "I don't know any 24 year old giving up there free time to run a sporting club, he's selfless and does everything thing he can for the benefit of the club with no reward for himself other then knowing that the club flourishes under him"

  • Lisa Bateman says,

    "Great supporter of junior baseball!"

  • Eileen says,

    "Good luck Jake,"

  • Amelia Rodway says,

    "Good luck!"

  • Lisa says,

    "Jake is a great person who always does the best for his club, his club deserve the money to help with new equipment. :)"

  • Tina says,

    "Great job Jake does but he has to give Jan half the $1000 cos she spends a lot of her time there helping!"

  • Maddie says,

    "Jake puts so much time and effort into his club, he is so passionate about it and making it the best it can be for everyone involved. Giving up so much of his free time for this club is a pretty remarkable thing for a 24 year old."

  • Monica says,

    "It is clear that the club is his passion, dedicating so much time to go above and beyond for them. Good luck Jake!"

  • Elizabeth Cairns says,

    "For someone as young as Jake, he shows amazing maturity, passion and commitment to his job of president at our club. He spend a lot of time travelling to and from his job, but always makes the time to do what needs to be done and goes above and beyond. He has held every executive position on our committee and sometimes done two of those jobs at once. He's only in his early 20's too."

  • Julie says,

    "Jake is a great role model for my son who struggled with sport until he found baseball. We all feel like we are part of the club now jake works so hard for everyone."

  • Deborah says,

    "I have known Jake for a few years now and I know that he puts his heart and soul into everything he does..good luck Jake"

  • Glen Rees says,

    "Jake is a committed and dedicated club president."

  • Renee says,

    "Jake is one to lend a hand to anyone that needs help, not just around the baseball club. Would be great to see him rewarded for all that he does. Good luck bud"

  • Charmaine says,

    "Our club is awesome because of this awesome president"

  • Jake says,

    "I have worked in the same company as Jake and he is always willing and helpful any time I have approached him. He is always profession and is well liked with his workmates."

  • Nick says,

    "Jake is such a dedicated and upstanding member of the local community, he devotes so much time to the baseball club when he could be out partying! Such great qualities aren't often seen of a man of his age!"

  • Aldona says,

    "Professional at all times"

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