Jase (Magpie)




Because he is Superman, he does so much behind the scenes that no one sees. He spends countless hours every single week organising things that no one else considers or forgets. He goes above and beyond to make things run smoothly for all players, their families and supporters.
He’s A grade Team Manager, he washes the Guernseys removing every mark every week and even makes them smell nice. He provides the A Grade Coach with a weather report each and every Saturday morning and provides the rest of the A Grade Management Team with dedication, support and administration excellence, every single week.
He’s Bar Manager, he stocks the bar with everyone’s favourite’s dinks and nibbles, he makes sure that fresh water is available free, that there is a ride home for those that need it, he has achieved Good Sports Level 3, which is no mean feat. He is the bad guy that says NO! When it is needed. But he is loved for it.
He’s that Guy that fixes things, he set up the MFC and Community Gym, he has refurbished the bar, he has organised new tables and made racks for them he built a line marking machine because they were too expensive to buy. He paints he cleans he creates and loves it all!
He’s the set up and clean up Guy, he never misses a set up or clean-up he is never far away when someone sends out an SOS.
He is number one supporter of the MFC Social Club Committee for countless reasons.
He’s the banner coordinator.
He’s the premiership shirt organiser.
As a club we have had many ups and downs but Jase is always there for Players, Volunteers, Committee Members, Supporters, Girlfriends, Wives, Children, Sponsors and not forgetting his own family. He is a father figure and mentor to so many. We are truly blessed to have such and amazing person as our very own Magpie, the only person that has won our Club award (Magpie of the year) more than once.




  • Pat bell says,

    "Well deserved 😊"

  • Clare whitwell says,

    "Jase really does take time out of his busy schedule to help with anything we ask. We held an event earlier in the year which was family friendly so we needed games etc. jase came to the rescue and hand made every game we wanted so we didn't have to purchase them! We all love him!!"

  • Brian Tiller says,

    "His efforts are endless ,from team manager to bar manager to organising the club to run more efficient ly"

  • Jodie wilson says,

    "this man is the backbone of our club he is the most sincere hardworking doesn't complain there for everybody on and off the feild Jason puts endless hours behind the scene that nobody knows he doesn't do it for the recognition he does it to make our club successfull and a environment that all families and players and the community can enjoy"

  • Angus says,

    "One of the main people that makes mallala football club heart beat!! He is A grade manager along with bar manager, but these are just the two with titles! He is more than willing to help with anything within the football club but also outside! To sum him up you will not find a more deserving person than jade!!"

  • Jono wildbore says,

    "He is the true meaning of heart and soul of the Mallala Football Club... haha"

  • Kirsty says,

    "Awesome dude and barman!"

  • Ruth jones says,

    "Dedicated hard worker that our club couldn't do without he is a huge asset to the Mallala footy club"

  • Keith Earl says,

    "Jas has & displays thepassion & energy thats require to help our great club great."

  • Jordyn says,

    "Absolute legend of the club, you couldn't find anyone with more dedication to making a club run! We wouldn't be half as successful as we are without him!"

  • Elliott Wilson says,

    "Jason is awesome. He looks after us."

  • Stacey Hardie says,

    "An absolute humble gentleman who is incredibly hardworking, committed and loved by everyone who has the pleasure to meet him. You would not be able to find a more deserving winner!!"

  • Bek says,

    "Jason certainly an asset to the club, would be great to see him be recognised for the efforts!"

  • *** says,

    "Finding club people like this dont come bye often, we are so lucky to have Jason apart of our club. Thank you Jason, hope you win, couldn't go to a more deserving person."

  • Rachel says,

    "Jase is an absolute legend of the Mallala Football Club and a man who is truly looked upon for guidance and advice. He carries many titles that are well known but it's the extra jobs he does around the club that make him a great club man and guy! His passion for the club doesn't go unnoticed and certainly is appreciated more than he thinks! We love you Jase"

  • Benny says,

    "Great club man. Great family man. Great mate"

  • Hilly says,

    "Jase is a true Magpie and great member of our club! He is always getting something organised, fixed or sorted out. We're lucky to have you Jase!"

  • Whitey says,

    "LeGeNd 💪🏽⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️"

  • Cassie says,

    "One of the few decent men I know. Deserves only goodness in his life! Xx"

  • Allyson says,

    "Great clubman"

  • Kylie says,

    "Such a selfless and supportive person! Lotsa love!"

  • Jason says,

    "Magpie has deservedly received legendary status at our legendary club. PREMIERS 2016!"

  • Rick Campbell says,

    "Jase is amazing, he does all of the unglamorous duties without fuss or any expectation of recognition. Mallala is not just a strong football club it is a great community club and great deal of credit for that can be directly attributed to Jase's unstinting contributions."

  • Trish Smith says,

    "Jase is the man of many hats and wears them all well. Key organiser of most everything and is very appreciated and deserves any recognition he receives."

  • Jayne Tiller says,

    "As said above-Jase puts in so many extra hours to make so many areas of MFC run well.. The club would be lost without him.."

  • leonie kemp says,

    "hes totally comitted to the club. hes a legend!"

  • David Algar says,

    "Jase is totally committed. His efforts are infectious. Every club needs someone like Jase.You deserve recognition for all that you do"

  • jeff says,

    "Good bloke"

  • Chloe Fraser says,

    "An awesome bloke that does alot around the club... Thanks Jason"

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