Jim is an 80 year old man who has been the heart and sole of our little dart club for over twenty years. He has had many roles on our committee from President to Vice President and General Committee, he has also been our devoted cook for the past 17 years. He has never missed a beat, even when he was in hospital fighting to keep his foot and leg, his mind was never far from the club, always asking his wife..”Has this been done..has that been done, has the shopping for the kitchen been done”. Jim has never missed cooking his lovely food for all the dart players that have had to play rep games at our club, often being the firs one to arrive at 6 am to cook his famous bacon and egg rolls, and most of the time he is always the last one to leave after all the cleaning and setting up for the next day is done. Jim has also been the voice of reason when a player doubts what they are capable of, he simply tells you that darts is a game to be enjoyed, so simply enjoy it and have fun!!!!!! Jim has been and avid fund raiser, walking around every fixture night selling our raffle tickets and lucky numbers, attending our sausage sizzles and helping organise our various drives.
Jim has more get up and go than someone half his age and we are so blessed to have this great man at our club, and when the time comes that his is no longer able to do what he does , I think we are going to find it very hard to find someone to replace him that can do half of what Jim can do.




  • Bruce says,

    "Jim is one of the hardest working person i have met."

  • Margaret Brown says,

    "have never seen a person who personifies the word commitment more than Jim His energy is amazing"

  • True Gentleman says,

    "Great man who loves his family, darts and club works tirelessly for the members and does it with passion."

  • Debbie says,

    "Haven't really had much to do with Jim and can't honestly say I know him very well but I can say that he has always been friendly, had a smile on his face and a person that everyone has good things to say about. Every comment I have ever heard about him is truly genuine and even though he does what he does for his club , members and visitors to their club because he loves doing it , I think he would be humbled by the nomination, well done Jim!"

  • Kelly Hogan says,

    "I have had the privilege of knowning Jim for 13 years and he is the heart and sole of our club, He is the kindest and most hard working memeber of our club. I hope that he is lucky enough to win as he really deserves this"

  • David Hogan says,

    "Known jim for 8 years he is always dedicated to the sporting club always there early and last to leave been doing the kitchen at the club for 24 years and nevercmissus a night at the club great person to work with and to have in the club"

  • Tara williams says,

    "Jim is a friendly man who makes the best food... Always has a smile on his face regardless even if he's having a bad day"

  • Matt says,

    "I met Jim about three years ago, and have only met a handful of people since who have the amount of devotion to their club as what Jim does. He is an all round trooper, and irreplaceable in his darts club."

  • James Bailey says,

    "I have personally worked with Jim and his dedication and commitment is second to none. We had a working be recently and he was there from start to finish and at the young age of 80. He is a true inspiration."

  • Geoff Crocker says,

    "Endless input behind the scenes, lovely person......good dart player to boot."

  • Brittany says,

    "Jim he's a great man with a great heart!!"

  • Andre Townes says,

    "Champion . That is all"

  • Greg says,

    "Always goes out of his way to help others and the dart club"

  • margaret justice says,

    "He is a very caring person and will help anyone who needs his help"

  • Carol says,

    "I have had the privilege of knowing Jim for over 20yrs . He is always friendly ,happy & smiling. He is a tireless worker for his club & a great ambassador for the sport. Never has a bad word to say & finds the good in everone."

  • Cassie Reid says,

    "Always the brightest smiling face when he greets you. Works very hard to ensure everyone is looked after and comfortable."

  • Tamara says,

    "I have had the honour of knowing jim for over 20 years. He is a hard working devoted man. There is nothing he would not do for you. His loyalty caring and honesty goes with out saying. He is a TRUE Gentleman"

  • Ian Bell says,

    "I refer to this man as Sir Jim or Gentleman Jim. The Sir comes from the utmost respect i have for Jim and the Gentleman should be self explanatory as he is nothing but. He is definitely the heart and soul of the Inner City darts club. He works tirelessly for the club, whether it be in the kitchen, selling raffles or as a player. Sometimes all 3 in a day. He does all this with a smile on his face. Cant say enough about this man."

  • Darrin Johnson says,

    "Real gentleman .. one of the nicest blokes ive ever had the pleasure of meeting"

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