John (Jogga)Ogilvie first joined the Golden Point Cricket Club as a junior in 1972 at the age of 14. By the time he turned 16, he was playing in the First XI and subsequently became captain. He continued playing Firsts until at age 26, when he took a break of approximately 20 years from the game, returning to play when his son started to play. John was just 2 games short of his 200 games when he was diagnosed with a rare cancer which was life threatening. He underwent a 13 hour operation to remove a deadly tumor from his Hepatic Duct (which was successful) and had to endure 6 months of chemotherapy 2 months after his surgery. Less than 12 months later, he was able to play his final 2 games, to make 200 games – a day he was able to share alongside his family and teammates. He was then awarded Life Membership after serving as a committee member, applying for club grants and subsequently being successful for such grants. He has served on the Committee since July 2012 and has been Club Secretary since 2013. His work as an Administrator for our wonderful club does see him spend many hours on the laptop during the week and he is just as busy with cricket club duties during the off season as well. In addition, he is frequently called upon to be the scorer on game day for junior cricket in the morning, and then live scoring for the senior game in the afternoon. He also assists with coaching at both junior and senior levels. Whenever there’s a function at our club to host cricket games, he’s there to make sure that everything runs smoothly. He has been instrumental in hosting the U/18 Girls National Cricket Championships, visiting Premier League Cricket teams and T/20 Renegades Cricket matches. His proudest moment for him would be no doubt was when our First XI won their first Ballarat Cricket Association Premiership earlier this year (Season 2015/16). The Club’s first Premiership in 14 years, and his son Simon, played a pivotal role in that grand final. Something that he will cherish for ever! It will be 5 years on 4th October,2016 since he was diagnosed with cancer, and just a month ago he was declared ‘cured’ by his surgeon who performed his operation. Jogga is a tireless worker and valuable contributor to our club!




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