Jon  “Pres”




Jon May is the pulse of our club.
He can’t help it!
Jon is “Community”!! When Jon’s kids were at primary school he was always involved -Team managing, assisting with training, liaising between parents, coaches and children, printing and organizing handouts etc.
FHCC is a relatively young club only forming in 1980. Jon became involved a few years later than this but was still critical in our clubs culture and development.
In 2002/3 Jon became involved with FHCC with the U13’s, Jon is a “very social” person and was quick to encourage others to become involved !
Jon was and still is always the first to “man” the BBQ, this gave him the prime position to integrate with everyone within the club and as his son was heading rapidly to Seniors, Jon could see that it was time for him to take control of the Club.
FHCC required some serious guidance when Jon resumed the role of President in 2009, the Club was on the brink of non existence and had just lost our “A Grade” but he was absolutely committed to the challenge of rebuilding this relatively young club. Jon as always encouraged like minded passionate club people to assist him but Jon was always the driving force with a vision to see “his” club at the top, thriving, prospering, moving forward and most importantly rewarding the Club and it’s members with winning Premierships !
With Jon’s guidance we have successfully won 7 Senior Premierships (4″A” Grade) and 6 Junior premierships and on a personal note Jon has been rewarded with no less than 6 Club Person Awards and just last year received the “Sid Kessel” our prestigious Club Award.
Jon was also an integral member of the Southern Cricket Association Committee until it’s recent demise, this unexpected result required our Club to embark on the search for a new Association (“The Hills Association”)- of course Jon was the instigator of sourcing a new home for our Club. Due to expansion our Juniors also required a new home and Jon was the person who took charge.
Jon has been on the Committee of the Flagstaff Community Centre for more than 9 years. This role required hours of extra service above and beyond what he already did for the cricket club, this was something he was happy to take on because he knew it would give our club the best chance of success.
Jon has developed our club into an amazing place for players, supporters and families to be involved in. He has developed a strong committee that has helped the club grow as one united and strong team with one common goal of getting people involved and ultimately achieving desired club success. .
I couldn’t think of a more worthy winner of an award like this, than someone like Jon who has given his all for our club.




  • Ray says,

    "You are still the "Pres." In my eyes what you have done for us is amazing and makes you the special man you are !! Thanks for your friendship and everthing you have done and I'm so glad you picked me to take along for the amazing ride, its been awesome !! and to get those Premierships especially when we did has made the struggle very sweet! ! You are as much a "Falcon" as you are a "Tiger" and we know you will always be there for us where ever you are. Luv u m8 Cheers Ray"

  • Ross Mittiga says,

    "Jon is a Quality bloke to the nth degree A Salt of the Earth Person and the first to help whenever required. Selfless, committed and passionate to the cause be it Sport Family or anything of matter. A person you can say is No.1 when it comes to all matters of importance and humanity. Jon " you are Special " Loved by All and revered by All. Best Regards Ross Mittiga"

  • Bharat Naker says,

    "Jon's a legend! His loyalty, commitment, support, fully hands on-ready to help in any way: a TRUE community person!"

  • Jane says,

    "Jon is 'The Man'"

  • Deb Mummery says,

    "Jon has a heart of gold. He is always there for the Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club and nothing is too much trouble. His professionalism is exemplary . We are very proud of Jon and his passion for the Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club, has structured the wonderful Club of today. Thank you Jon for all you have done and for being you. Love Deb x"

  • Barbara says,

    "Jon always has a listening ear and a calm, understanding nature. In spite of personal health issues he has remained an integral part of the club and is our rock and foundation."

  • Cheryl Jones says,

    "A true legend who has been able to achieve things for the club that no-one else has been able to do. He also has the passion to keep it going. Well done Jon, the best President we gave ever had."

  • Megan Patterson says,

    "Jon is the type of person who puts the clubs needs in front of his own. He travels to all the grounds that the teams are playing at so he can watch and support each team. He is the first one at the club and usually the last to leave. He rises to challenges but also knows when to listen and learn. He is a good friend and mentor to almost everyone at FHCC and is a role model to look to. We love you Jon xx"

  • Joanne says,

    "Jon has been a great mentor to young and upcoming aspiring cricketers and the time he gives to the club is phenomenal. Without Jon there would not be Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club as we know it, thanks Jon"

  • goldy101 says,

    "He taught me all I know about cricket and I know nothing. What a man."

  • Terry Jenke says,

    "Since I became involved with the Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club 8 years ago, it was evident that Jon loved the club and all the people involved. Jon is always approachable and ready for a chat, he will volunteer for any job that needs doing, BBQ's, prepping the pitches, mowing, line marking etc the list goes on. I am happy to support Rays nomination of Jon. Jon epitomises being a Great Sport with a Beating Heart ."

  • Leg says,


  • Brett Charlesworth says,

    "Jon is the quintessential quiet achiever. Clear of vision, strong of character, selfless of heart and inclusive of everyone. Leadership is about bringing people together for a common goal and then inspiring them through actions and words to achieve that goal. Jon does all that and more. The great success the FHCC has enjoyed in recent years is a direct result of Jon's time, hard work, leadership and passion. His humility would not allow him to think that but everyone else knows otherwise. Jon is who we like our heroes to be."

  • Mike Taylor says,

    "go flaggies"

  • Andrea Noon says,

    "He is wonderful."

  • Maverick Bain says,

    "Great bloke at a great club FULL of normal people. Good luck to all teams, especially the U16's this year!"

  • Jacob Lemon says,

    "Could not honestly think of a more deserving person who typifies "Beating Heart", Jon has inspired myself to be an active member of club and to always give more so the club can continue to grow and prosper in a time where cricket clubs have seen a decline in juniors. Thanks Jon, you have and are continuing to do an outstanding job."

  • Nathan Manly says,

    "Without Jon's guidance it's hard to imagine where Flagstaff Hill Cricket Club would be right now. He has had to make some of the toughest decisions that any president of any club has had to make and on each occasion these decisions have provided opportunites for our club to meet and exceed expectations. Jon will forever be a legendary figure within our club and has set the benchmark for all leaders moving forward."

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