When i came across this competition one name sprung to mind, her name is Joy a 72 year old grandmother, great grandmother, and the president of Lalor Bloods Football club.
For many years joy has provided a place for children to come to that allows them some what of a escape from everyday life, our club has many children that come from single parent families, drug and alcohol effected parents, and children that are in care, joy takes each and every child under her wing and provides a place that is non judgmental, welcoming, warm and inviting.

Joy opens up the doors to the club 2 nights a week, getting in early to make sure the rooms are warm, the kettle is filled and ready for the kids to come in for a nice warm milo before training begins. Each friday night she provides a free sausage sizzle and jugs of drinks for all the kids and families, joy will be seen walking around the club speaking to each child about their day at school, encouraging them, supporting them and their families.

This year we were unsure on our clubs future, we only managed to have a under 11s team and for the 1st time a auskick program, this drop in numbers could have crumbled the strongest of people, but joy took this on his shoulders and worked harder to provide the children we did have a great season. Joy put on pizza nights, pie nights, mothers day morning teas for our club and the opposition, she arranged a disco night where music, lights and lots of laughter filled our club. When we have left over food, bread or milk she will walk around handing it out to families to ensure they have food and milk for the coming days.

Through all joys hard work came some great news, next season we have a auskick program, under 10s, under 12s, under 17s and for the first time we will have 2 girls teams, all because of a selfless, devoted and loving lady who we call our president.

Joy never once puts herself first, she makes our club and the families her life, devoting everything she has to ensure the club provides a safe and happy place for everyone. This lady is heaven sent. I could be here all day writing about all the amazing things about her. But if there is one thing i know its that she deserves this more than anything.

Joy thank you for all you do for our club, the families but most of all the kids. You truely are the heart and soul of our club, without you many children will be left feeling alone, and not being able to be apart of something special. You are truely a blessing.




  • Charlie says,

    "Joy , is such a fanatic and compassion person , when I first joined the lalor bloods with my boys they brought us in as part of the family right from the get go and I haven't looked back since . Joy you are the best 😊"

  • Rach says,

    "Joy you are such an inspirational woman. You deserve to be recognized for all that you do for others."

  • Lea says,

    "Joy is an inspiration to all, her dedication goes above and beyond, so proud to call you a friend! 😙"

  • Elizabeth says,

    "What can i say about Joy.. well she is a beautiful, caring and all round lovely person.. it is a pleasure to know Joy.. she will fight till she can no longer fight for her club and the members.. i have never seen her give up on anyone and don't think i ever will.."

  • Ash says,

    "A lady with a heart bigger than a football she puts family 1st joy is Lalor"

  • Sam says,

    "Joy? Well what can I say about this wonderful person, when I first came to the club a few years ago I didn't know who Joy was but she welcomed me with open arms and made me feel as part of the family at the club, Joy is always putting all the kids and parents first, Joy is always the first at the club to make sure that everything is organised and ready to go when the kids and the parents arrived and she was always the last to leave to make sure the club was all clean and ready for the next night, she always stayed back to make sure that everyone had a way to get home, there where times I remember when some of our less Fortunate kids couldn't come to football training due to them having single parents or their parents were busy with work Joy would go pick them up for training and made sure they got home safe with a full stomach, I remember in 2015 when we had a few teams and we're all playing at different venues Joy would spen here Sunday's going from venue to venue just to make sure everything was good so the kids and parents could enjoy a game of football, Joy is a very remarkable woman who if every club had one of Joy the would truly call their club a family and Joy makes all that happen at our club with her kindness and love for the kids and their families, her moto is " It's more then a Club Its a Family" and that's the feeling we all get when Joy is there. God bless her."

  • Deniece says,

    "Joy was so welcoming when my boys and I first came to the club. When I didn't have a car to get to games she always made sure I had a lift. Such a wonderful person, who always puts others first. She makes this club a family. I am honoured to have met her and become part of Lalor Bloods family."

  • Carmen says,

    "She s just wonderful"

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