Julie has been a passionate member of the Darwin Gymnastic Club since 2006. Starting as a parent watching her children flip and tumble, she almost immediately became a dedicated committee member looking after our coaches, staff and gymnasts through the many roles she has held over the years. Every second week for at least 40 weeks a year over the past 5 years, Julie has run a club BBQ with the thousands of dollars raised supporting club activities. Julie also has helped raise funds through gymnastics for outside groups such as BCNA. At every club event, Julie is there before most people and is always one of the last to leave. Julie embodies what volunteering is all about, she gets in, gets her hands dirty and always with a smile on her face and a level of energy second to none. This in turn assists the club in promoting the value and rewards of volunteer work to our parents, gymnasts and staff.




  • Shannan says,

    "Julie is forever thinking about the club and constantly organising supplies for weekly BBQs. With out her fundraising wouldn't happen."

  • Lyn Kairi says,

    "Julie is such a hard working lady, always greets you with a smile when she is behind the BBQ. My kids have only joined the club this year but you cannot not notice Julie, she definitely has a strong passion and commitment to the club and really deserves to be rewarded for all that she does."

  • Melissa says,

    "Julie is always there supporting the club, every week, year round, and always with a smile. We are lucky to have Julie at DGC."

  • Therese says,

    "I've known Julie my whole life and helping the community is in her DNA. She's always been a fun-loving & considerate person who is generous with her time for others. I have no doubt DGC would not be where they are today without her involvement!"

  • Tenneil says,

    "Very dedicated lady! would even lose sleep just to stay up baking cupcakes and organising herself for the next day at the club xx"

  • Bruce McRae says,

    "Julie is a committed parent and supporter for many community activities. Her support for the Gymnastics community has been invaluable. I wish Julie well in attracting the most votes to support this cause."

  • Madeleine says,

    "Julie is an absolute Dynamo. She is amazingly kind and very giving to all. She is tireless in her consideration of others. She once have my disabled daughter stay for a weeks holiday. Her children also reflect Julie's kindness and genuine generosity of spirit. Julie is a gift to be with and know."

  • Lisa Wiltshire says,

    "Julie is always the first to help."

  • Karen Wagland says,

    "Julie is very deserving of this nomination. She goes above and beyond!!"

  • Frances says,

    "Julie Is a hard working and dedicated volunteer for DGC, a wonderfully supportive mum and a friend who is always generous with her time."

  • Chris free says,

    "A very generous positive lady with an enormous heart"

  • Shelley major says,

    "good luck 😊😘"

  • Annette says,

    "Julie was a teacher at the school my children attended many years ago. Julie led the signing choir which both of my hearing children participated in and loved. I can believe that Julie gives her all for any organisation she is involved in. Good luck Julie."

  • Barry says,

    "Jules has worked tirelessly for the club, even when her own children were taking a break from the sport."

  • Barbara winston says,

    "Julie Lillis is a great person who is always willing to help and work in her community. Julie is one of the most honest and caring people I have known, always willing to go the extra mile. I in turn give her my support in winning the most votes."

  • justine says,

    "Julie is awesome. The club would be lost without her and her blue and white cupcakes (club colours). She won't even go and put her feet up after knee surgery, instead manning the bbq for a 2 day competition. A trooper."

  • Nerissa Calkin says,

    "Julie is a quiet volunteer and approaches tasks with a no fuss attitude, it's nice to see her efforts are being recognised!"

  • Simone says,

    "Good luck!"

  • Nandra says,

    "Always there hepling out."

  • Lisa says,

    "She works tirelessly and is always hardworking and is a great asset to the club."

  • Helen says,

    "Julie deserves this nomination...she is the familiar face at Gym every week. Well done Julie."

  • Garry Butler says,

    "Great supporter of the Darwin Gymnastics Club!"

  • Denielle Walsh says,

    "Julie is a wonderful caring person. Will always offer support and help when needed. Will always do things above and beyond. :) :) :)"

  • Lou says,

    "I have known Julie from work. She has always a smile on her face and brings a sense of happiness with her. She also takes time to greet everyone on how their day is going. I really think she deserves this award."

  • Kimberly says,

    "Julie is a great asset! She is a hard worker and is always there to help if needed!!"

  • Jackie Fry says,

    "Julie is so caring and kind !"

  • Rina Clamp says,

    "Julie is a hard work and always help also very passionate on fundraising events."

  • Yuli says,

    "Julie is very kind hearted woman, always help everyone in need."

  • Rochelle says,

    "A hard working lady!"

  • faye says,

    "I work with Julie and so I know about her fundraising efforts - she is just on to everything and has the ability to organise and run things smoothly. We recently had a school fundraiser which Julie took charge of - however, after seeing that we were all organised she ran off to gymnastics to do her 'thing' there too. Not many people put their hand up for fundraising - especially two events in one night! Well done Julie, every organisations needs one of you!"

  • Sonja says,

    "Julie always gives her all to everything she does - a great community worker!"

  • Linda Sheridan says,

    "As a parent of a former NSW gymnast, I can understand just how much time and effort Julie would put in to assist her children's club. Well done Julie & keep up the great work!"

  • Jasmin says,

    "Julie faithfully serves the club by voluteering cheerfully each Saturday when the sausage sizzle and/or cupcake stall is on...without her heart to see the club grow, DGC wouldn't be where it is today! Thank you so much Julie. We appreciate all that you do and the kids absolutely love the refreshing icy poles at the end of training!"

  • Lisa says,

    "Great work Julie!"

  • Hennie Duncan says,

    "I agree, she gets in, gets her hands dirty and always with a smile on her face and a level of energy"

  • Jacqueline says,

    "Thank you Julie!"

  • Caitlyn says,

    "Thank you for all that you do for our club!!"

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