Karen joined Lauderdale Junior Soccer Club in 2014, since becoming President of the club she has done extensive fundraising for the club enabling the purchase of personalized soccer balls, free personalized drink bottles for all players. Karen also approached local business’ for sponsorship and the club was able to get new uniforms……something that hasn’t happened in a long time!
The club now has a real family feel to it and it’s all thanks to Karen. Not only is she President, she is also the Secretary and puts teams together, processes registrations, organizes coaches and team kits, Karen also coaches her own U8 team and does a fantastic job. So many player’s families have commented on what an outstanding asset she has been. The club had their medal presentations last week and as a surprise Karen had organized free ice creams for everyone! Karen also sought out donations for our end of season raffle which was a huge hit, the funds raised from this will go towards purchasing new pop up goals and new marker cones.
Karen has certainly turned the club around and it has grown in numbers since she became President, without her the club would still be struggling to get registrations and would bw nowhere near as successful as she has made it.




  • sarah says,

    "Sounds like she has done a fantastic job 😃"

  • Angela Ferris says,

    "Good luck Karen!"

  • Tanya says,

    "IVE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE SO DEDICATED AS KAREN .Week in week out nothing is to hard it has been the best years of sport for my children ."

  • Ange says,

    "Karen is passionate about her sport"

  • Alex Todeschini says,

    "Karen is so dedicated to her club. She always thinks about what would be best for the club and for the children and she always thinks of way to make the Lauderdale soccer club better and more enjoyable for the children."

  • Tara says,

    "Karen is awesome at what she does! !"

  • Vicki cruise says,

    "Puts her heart and soul into everything she does!"

  • Guadalupe Retana says,

    "I was doing community service in Tasmania (Lauderdale school) last year and I saw her doing all this, she is an excellent coach/president of the team."

  • Julia says,

    "Karen is the most energetic and passionate person that I've ever met!"

  • Shelly says,

    "Karen is an amazing organiser and is so reliable and you know what she is just a really nice person. Hope she wins as she deserves too"

  • Sara says,

    "Such a organised, dedicated and giving lady!"

  • Lisa Brooke says,

    "Karen has been fantastic for our Lauderdale Soccer club!! Effective communication, organised, motivating and 100% committed to helping the club be the best it can! The club and all the families and children are very lucky to have Karen as the leader of the club."

  • Belinda says,

    "Great to see Karen is setting an example to the next generation"

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