Not only is Kenny famously known for wearing his purple and yellow socks (one of each) to every Friday competition night for as long as we can remember, his commitment to providing kids with the best opportunity to participate in Little Athletics has been terrific and his dedication should be applauded. He has actively been a member of KLLAC for over 14 years.
He has held various roles within our own centre such as team manager/coach/committee member/club secretary and club treasurer. He has also fulfilled the role of being the Zone computer co-ordinator for 5-7 years with Little Athletics NSW. Kenny has also assisted other clubs within our zone by providing his expertise to help with the set up for change over to clubs online. He has assisted in the running and co-ordination of many carnivals throughout the year over many years.
He runs a training session each year for other clubs who are using the same system as us to capture computer results ie. Wardells computer program. With this he has also been the Regional computers co-ordinator for 3 years and 5 years prior assisted with computer results at Region even when our zone was not needed. All whilst being a volunteer.
Kenny has completed the State Accreditation for photo finish system. Attended State championships whilst being the assistant with the photo finish, over the last 2 years he has implemented photo finish at Zone championships and training of Zone helpers. His work doesn’t just keep him in the local area, for the last 2 years he has travelled to regional areas such as Dubbo to assist with the running of outer west regional championship by conducting photo finish.
As far as coaching goes, he has completed level 1 coaching in 2010 and coaches Athletes in throws for any club. Completed officials Accreditation 2008 in most events and assists with judging when asked at club and zone level.
Although his roles and responsibilities have changed over the many years of his volunteering, one few consistent attributes remain such as:
1. His high level enthusiasm and positive nature when it comes to encouraging kids to participate and do their best
2. His commitment and dedication to Little Athletics.
3. Well respected amongst other athletics centres as well as ours
4. True example of what it means to be a volunteer and love what you do.
We consider Ken Poole to be the Beating Heart of our centre.




  • Dano says,

    "Kenny - thanks for everything you do for our Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre. You are a legend."

  • Annie says,

    "I have known Kenny since I started athletics in 2005. He has always volunteered his time for our centre doing various jobs and coaching. We have a good laugh with Kenny."

  • Lisa says,

    "Kenny is the beating heart of our Centre, Please vote for Ken and ask your friends to vote too."

  • Ash Siva says,

    "Ken is synonymous with Kings Langley Little Athletics Club or he fondly call it Klaac. Ken works for the club day and night with passion."

  • Louise says,

    "Kenny give 110% supporting our club and giving support and encouragement to the athletes. He is dedicated and caring and a little quirky guy. He is usually always smiling and making others smile too."

  • Jenny Pond says,

    "Fond and grateful memories of Kenny- As proposed by Paul , then WHLAC President, Kenny was very positive and accommodating to program throwing events for athletes with a disability at Zone level. Thank you Kenny; your positive attitude and inclusive mindset was greatly appreciated !"

  • Karen says,

    "Ken is always a smiling, hardworking and dedicated volunteer for KLAC. He is an exemplary example of someone willing to give their time and enthusiasm for service to the community. He is a good role model to the members and supporters of KLAC as well as to the scouting and netball communities he has participated in and continues to support along side his commitment to KLAC. Well done Ken!!"

  • Natalie says,

    "Ken (my dad) is an absolutely amazing person who has put it so much effort and time towards Kllac for the last 14 years and isn't afraid to show his club pride with his crazy purple and yellow socks!"

  • Laurel says,

    "Kenny cannot say No! If there is a job to be done, he is your man. He fully enjoys being of service to others. He is a brick!!!"

  • Peta N says,

    "Ken does a great job, thanks Ken!"

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