Leanne Elliston is the Canberra BMX Club’s Canteen Manager – nothing more, nothing less!

Leanne has been at the club since 2012, when her family started racing. Her husband raced at the club in the 1980s, and he rediscovered the club with the kids when cycling past one day. Their grandfather was also the president of the club in the late 1980’s, so it is “in the blood”.

Leanne’s contribution to the club’s atmosphere and financial success has been remarkable. Whilst she was keen to step into the role when the opportunity arose, she was concerned that the menu changes she saw as necessary might impact the club’s very limited profitability. Needless to say, over time those concerns have proven to be unfounded, and turnover and profits have doubled year on year since her commencement. What makes the achievement even more remarkable is that this profitability is built on the sale of scratch made meal offerings, and healthy options that have seen the club acquire the title of first ACT club to achieve Level 3 Goodsports Accreditation (incl. healthy eating). Leanne’s pleasant manner on both sides of the counter see customers scramble for a spot in the queue (particularly during our mid-race break), and she rarely goes without sufficient help – both regulars and occasionals. The club now finds that families arrive at racing with the intention of having a meal at the club, especially for our Friday night races, held during the warmer months. Riders are particularly keen on our fruit kebabs & fruit & yoghurt cups, and enjoy bottled water at subsidised prices, whilst parents enjoy top quality coffee from the automatic coffee machine. Leanne’s canteen has provided the club with so much profit that in 2015 we were able to undertake a full track resurface & cover the corners in bitumen within a matter of months – without the need for private loans that the club had arranged. Leanne is truly the “beating heart” – not only for what she does, but how she does it – and all for the benefit of others.




  • Rob Nicki says,

    "Leanne has given so much time to create an excellent healthy eating canteen for the Canberra BMX Club. Not only has turned the canteen around from having mars bars and soft drink to now having a massive range of fresh and healthy options she has managed to make it run at a healthy profit creating much needed funds to put into the sporting grounds and equipment. She really is the beating heart of CBMX Club."

  • Yonah Hernandez says,

    "Leanne is a lovely lady and wonderful club member. Her contribution to the Canberra BMX Club cand its canteen has been huge and our family loves the healthy food options available."

  • Julia Chadburn says,

    "Leanne has been a refreshing addition to the BMX scene, over the last few years. Thanks to her and the team at CBMXC, the canteen is now somewhere athletes can eat to complement their training and to satisfy their need for delicious, healthy, fresh food. Leanne has a beautiful, polite, calm manner and exemplifies how sport canteens should be run. No one wants to compete with a belly full of fatty, salty, sugar-laden foods."

  • Scott Smith says,

    "Great worker for the club. Thanks."

  • Mel Williams says,

    "Leanne is an inspiration her love of the club and want to feed the kids great food is a credit to her. My son actually misses having her healthy meals when we race in other states and requests some meals at home. She really is one of the beating hearts of the club."

  • David shearer says,

    "Leanne has done far more than a fantastic job in her complete redesign and reappraisal of the BMX club canteen. she has turned a meagre tuckshop that sold almost everything an athlete or growing kid should steer clear of ( or parents would steer them clear of) to a leader in the provision of very healthy and very tasty food. The change away from junk to healthy food was risky - what if kids didn't like the healthy food message?? The canteen is the only real income source for the club - so this risk was a critical judgement call. 4 years on it is clear the canteen now is more popular than ever, with its provision of heathy food meaning its the first choice for athletes for a full lunch or dinner - not just a snack. Leanne's leadership and passion to pursue this wonderful goal for a community club is exceptional."

  • Amber Moss says,

    "Leanne is always there with a friendly smile to serve the riders and their families with scrumptious food to fill a hungry belly (or a hundred). People forget that volunteers are the heart of a club and Leanne brings a whole lot of heart ❤️, each and every week."

  • Nicole says,

    "She is the face you see in the canteen early race day without fail!! What a champion!!!"

  • Michelle Coleman says,

    "Fantastic, fresh, healthy food always served with a friendly smile. Thanks Leanne!!"

  • mel says,

    "As a school canteen assistant manager I appreciate the enormous effort that goes into running a canteen and leanne runs a healthy canteen which is inspiring. Her nachos are amazing !"

  • Raelene Woods says,

    "Always there to provide great tasty and healthy meals and snacks for club members and rrheir families"

  • Bob says,

    "Leanne has and is doing a wonderful thing for the club and is so thoughtful is regards to good eating and support."

  • Bryce says,

    "She runs the healthiest canteen I've ever seen, school, sport team, whatever. She's never flustered and always friendly. At least 50% of my kids interest in BMX stems from her healthy treats at the canteen. I would normally never let my kids go to a canteen unattended, but I know they're in good hands at CBMXC. A kitchen is the heart of the home and the canteen is the great heart of the club as people gather there to eat and connect. Well done Leanne."

  • James Kelly says,

    "Leanne is a great person. She has always looked after everyone at the club. She makes great food for everyone and cares about all of us. It would be good if Leanne won the $3000 because it would help out all of our riders at the club. Good luck to everyone :)"

  • Christine says,

    "Leanne is an asset to Canberra BMX with an ability to create wholesome menu options and enjoy the intensity of canteen duties with a smile. Good on you!😃"

  • Kathy says,

    "Thanks Leanne for running the best canteen ever, we are very lucky at Canberra BMX Club :)"

  • Ashley says,

    "Awesome to have someone who cares about good nutrition."

  • Kathleen Parsons says,

    "I take inspiration from Leanne's work in working to create a similar environment for the Tuggeranong BMX Club."

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