Libby has been a long time member of the club (20 plus years). She is the clubs only teacher, teaching up to 80 members a week, all on a voluntary basis
Libby goes above and beyond for her club, and without her the club would not be as successful as it is.
Libby is a positive influence and role model for the girls. She demonstrates inclusiveness, positive body imaging, what it means to be part of a team/club and is always there for the girls (and the parents).
Libby is the driving force behind centenary physie.




  • Kate says,

    "Libby is so dedicated to the club and the girls. She does an awesome job."

  • Denise says,

    "Libby helped my daughter be less self conscious about her body, and more aware the benefits of exercise on physical health. A huge win for teenage girls everywhere."

  • Jaana-Liisa Brown says,

    "In today's day and age children's sport has become less about commitment, discipline and team work and more about business, money and personal achievement. Libby is different. Aside from her obvious love of Physical Culture, Libby throws her heart and sole into what she does. She cares about the kids, she remembers their names and she goes the extra mile all without any payment. She coaches, encourages and ensures every single member of her team is happy and enjoying Physie (not just getting better at it). Out of all the sports my daughters have played, and dance classes they have been to, we have found in Centenary to be the best and while there is a crew of mothers that rally around Libby to make sure things happen, I have to say my reason for staying has been the way she leads my kids to become strong, healthy woman full of confidence and life. The image Kate chose to use above has my youngest daughter in it. The image speaks the thousands of words I would love to say about Libby, but instead I will say this. She is all about the kids, every time. Such a great job!"

  • Laura says,

    "I remember you heading of to competitions all the time in high school - how amazing that you are still involved and teaching now xxx"

  • Elise says,

    "A beautiful dedicated woman and mother. Xx"

  • Belinda says,

    "Libby's passion for her club, her students and her sport is infectious. The hours she puts into it are second to none."

  • Luisa says,

    ""Libby is so kind and makes all the girls feel important and special and is so encouraging. She does such an awesome job"."

  • Theo says,

    "Great work!!"

  • Nancy says,

    "Awesome work Libby!"

  • Laura Norton says,

    "Your doing a fantastic job Libby"

  • Katherine and Lauren says,

    "Libby is the backbone of our club and is totally dedicated and committed to Physie and helping others enjoy and get the most out of Physie. She welcomes everyone of any skill/ability level and is always encouraging. She teaches all the classes in a volunteer capacity and is always happy and eager to help the kids/ladies do some physie to learn new skills, get fit and, most of all, have fun! This is as well as having her own young family (including a very understanding husband) and a full time job. We truly appreciate all she does so we can enjoy the sport we love."

  • Faye says,

    "Always putting her club members first, encouraging everyone despite level of ability and always with a smile- that's Libby! Well done!"

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