Libero Pietropaolo is our club’s president and an amazing ambassador for soccer in Albany. He began our club in 2012 as he was travelling to Perth at this time to play soccer and felt that Albany needed a soccer club to welcome all cultures as the Albany region is very diverse in this respect.

Libero is fierce in his support of fair play in soccer and with the help of our soccer club’s committee and members he is shaping our club to uphold the values of respect and multiculturalism in soccer as it is a game played all over the world. Libero will step up if problems arise, he is smart and seeks out players
and coaches to uphold the clubs future and is always available to discuss soccer and our club, even though he is one of the busiest people I know.
He checks in on players and is interested in the people who make up our club. He is also active in all aspects of our club’s event planning including fundraising and windups.

Libero’s determination to build our club and push soccer forward in Albany never sleeps, he has many aspirations for local soccer and you can know he will follow through and make things happen. He is selfless in giving much of his time, money and passion to his club and to soccer.




  • Kelly Williamson says,

    "Libero is a great person, he has encourage our son and helped build is self confidence. I really appreciate it."

  • Madeleine Kenwood says,

    "Libero is one of the greatest players and coaches Albany has ever seen. Not because he ha a team that wins every game, but because he teaches kids and his fellow players what good sportsmanship is all about. He has a drive to be better and stronger regardless of the situation, may it be that he has injured his leg. He continues to strive to improve the soccer community in Albany and I believe that Libero Pietropaolo will initiate the much needed change within the Alabny association. He is selfless in what he does and for that, I believe he deserves this award more than anyone else."

  • Sarah Atkinson says,

    "I don't think you know me, but I've watched a few of your games and the way you talk the kids is so inspiring. They respect you and listen to you. It's great to see someone so passionate about what they do."

  • krystie van den hoogen says,

    "Libero is the best coach anyone could ask for my daughter played for spencer park this year for the first time she was not that good but libero had faith in her and she has come a long way from a girl who never played before to becoming a girl who would take on anything and its libero i have to thank for that"

  • Brydon williamson says,

    "Libro has been great with the kids he coaches and excellent with the club and local community"

  • Ali jafari says,

    "Libero is great person hes allways there if you need him"

  • Michael Mangano says,

    "Libero is a great person and very passionate about soccer. He's a very good player and coach. Well done Libero"

  • Teresa Mangano says,

    "Libero is so very passionate in everything he does he deserves to be noticed for all the good he does vote Libero Pietropaolo"

  • Maria Concetta Meli says,

    "He is the best.. !"

  • Carlo says,

    "Libero is a Top Gun Love having a chat with the Old Boy, very well spoken and an inspirational man. Hope he wins, he deserves it."

  • Vanessa Cocivera says,

    "Libero goes above and beyond, he is the most caring loving person to his friends and family. Always willing to help a brother out. Soccer is in his blood, he is an inspiration and role model to others go lil!"

  • Aazam Bulbulia says,

    "Libero is a great coach, very passionate about football and a great man to have on the sideline, helped encourage the under 18 team this year and from myself the captain of Bayswater Albany U18 , he knows how to get the job done and works towards a goal and with determination from players and his experience, he will make sure he gets there!! Great inspiration!!"

  • Jnr says,


  • Cain Pietropaolo says,

    "Extreme in his passion for the sport and his development of young players.tireless worker in all aspects,gives up many hours daily to help the club run smoothly"

  • Mohammad Ali says,

    "He did a lot for soccer in Albany thanks libero"

  • Liz says,

    "Always smiling, very encouraging, enjoys sharing the joy of football."

  • Rosa Pietropaolo says,

    "Libero loves coaching , loves to inspire kids in and out of soccer. He gives 110% . He never gives up. Credit to you Libero"

  • Lello Clissa says,

    "I've known Libero for more than 30 years and will be a great ambassador for soccer in Albany. One great bloke...."

  • Sharon says,

    "He's a great guy who is passionate about soccer, teaching children and an awesome role model."

  • Rickie Johnston says,

    "I have known Libero for about 30 years through playing soccer in Albany and in this time he has always been a great sportsman and some to inspire to play the game as good as him"

  • Nick Stone says,

    "A great bloke to have behind the club, such an inspiration in the Albany soccer community."

  • Peter says,

    "Great family man spotsman leader and pizza chef"

  • Viola Cocivera says,

    "Libero is one of a kind! He's a funny,caring and hard working guy! He shows pride in everything he does and deserves to be acknowledged for all his efforts and time he spends in his sporting community! Well done Libero!!"

  • Jayden Williams says,

    "Libero is a tireless worker for not only the development of the Albany Bayswater club and its youth, but for the game in the Albany region. Libero is fiercely determined, and is a hard worker for the goals that he sets in place for both himself and the club, also dedicating much of his personal time to football. Libero is an extremely reliable figure, who is consistently available when called upon, providing an inspiration for the youth of our club. Libero is an unmatched figure at Albany Bayswater."

  • Deb La Rosa says,

    "A bloody good soccer player"

  • Nova Brand says,

    "Libero is an amazing soccer player, a fantastic family man with a great community spirit and a passion for children being happy, included and joining in local sports. Libero is a great ambassador for anything to do w family, kids, sports and community involvement. Yours sincerely Nova"

  • Clint Jones says,

    "Libero is the man of soccer!!!"

  • Matt Northcott says,

    "Growing up in Albany having known Libero for many years playing soccer with him and against him, he has always shown to be a fair player and shown great sportsmanship and is just a great guy to be around."

  • DONALD TRUMP says,

    ""100TH time i've voted today!! keep pumping em out for the great man Libero!!!""

  • Warren says,

    ""I love this man""

  • DONALD TRUMP says,

    ""100th vote I've pumped out today!! keep voting for the great man Libero!!!""

  • Morgan says,

    "yeoooooow voted 5 times love you Libero!!"

  • Tony D'Aprile says,

    "Libero is a gentle man with a massive heart that belongs to his family, his club and soccer. Not only an amazing player and an inspiring coach but also a tireless, humble and quiet achiever behind the scenes. His passion drives him and inspires others to strive toward growing our club and working toward the greater good for local soccer. Thanks for what you do Libero."

  • william tell says,

    "libero voting finished at 9:59 your time so all votes cast after this will not count"

  • Antonio says,

    "Vote Libero"

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