Lynda Vinten is the CEO at Vinten Sports.
Our playing team is called the Vinten Sports Firebirds. We are a group of coaches, officials, technical officers and community members playing in a recreational softball competition in WA.

Lynda is the backbone of our team. Lynda is our coach, Scorer, and team umpire.. She is always the first to pitch in whether it be at training, fundraising or community events. Lynda strongly believes that we can all benefit from supporting others in our community and encourages all of our senior players to volunteer with not-for-profits, Charitable groups and at community events such at a STEP-A-THON to support STEP MCI (Mandurah Charity Inc) and behind the scenes support for a local quiz night that was fundraising to Support “The Ride to Conquer Cancer” (Harry Perkins Institute for Cancer Research) hosted by Nici Carr and Clayton La Reservee. And she is always the last to leave, often using money out of her own pocket to deliver programs and support to those in need.

Lynda started Vinten Sports in 2015 as a way to support her younger son continue in a sport he loved due to a lack of nationally accredited/qualified and experienced coaches and officials.
It is Lynda’s vision to participate in the ongoing development of and promotion of softball locally in Western Australia and to contribute to the national development program.

Vinten Sports’ Mission is to provide a range of strategic services that support and encourage the softball specific development across the whole sport model:
– Player growth with targeted training models for all skill levels and playing competency
– Coaching and technical officer pathways
– Administrative training and development
To promote and bring awareness of softball in Western Australia of softball’s Olympic profile in line with the 2020 Tokyo announcement in 2016, in schools and junior development programs.

VInten Sports Objectives:
To promote softball opportunities and alternatives to sporting programs currently available within educational institutions in Western Australia.
Create scouting opportunities to identify ‘school yards to sport star’ athletes for softball player pathways
To deliver the Softball Batter Up, Softball Australia endorsed program to develop technical skills in alignment with the National Physical Education Curriculum.
Educating and up-skilling teachers, coaches, umpires and administrators in code of conduct, accreditation, and technical experience.

Vinten Sports Strategies:
Organise and promote softball development activities within schools.
Participate in the Australian Government’s Sporting Schools Program in alignment with Softball Australia and ASC requirements.
Organise, promote and deliver; talent development and identification.
Conduct technical training and accreditation, skills focused camps, and host special tournaments/carnivals.
To collaborate with the Softball Australia, Softball WA, and School Sport WA to ensure all programs are in accordance with all requirements set.
Partner with affiliated clubs to design, develop and deliver softball sports training activities and events.
Participants for accredited activities to be given the opportunity to be eligible to try out for District, State and National/ International training, development and participation.

Transition Opportunity:
School sport to membership transition

Conduct “Pilot” Knock-Out Competition in Western Australia
Select a suitable affiliated softball organisation as a partner on this event. Ensure regional schools are identified to appropriate associations by location allocation.
Vinten Sports and the affiliated softball organisation will create a partnership and formalise an agreement to support the event.
Vinten Sports will provide all support resources for the event in accordance with the agreement made with the affiliated organisation.
All Vinten Sports and affiliated participants will provide coaches, umpires, scorers and all other support personnel.
A successful event will deliver a clear ongoing development path for participating athletes, and promotion of softball in local communities.

Community engagement and involvement with local clubs and associations.
Access to professional coaches and resources.
Participation, engagement and achievement.
Promote healthy lifestyle through active programs.
Access to government funding for schools, parents, and associations.
Junior participation development opportunities within development available into elite program options.
Safe, fun TEAM sport
Adaptable to time restraints and physical resource accessibility
Gender neutral – Personal development and growth
Easy to modify games and activities to the skill set of students with a clear development model in place.
Parent engagement and involvement




  • Beulah says,

    "Awesome person with a big heart and passion for what she does."

  • Karlie cini says,

    "We joined vinten sports not that long ago but immediately my two girls felt right at home with Lynda. They love going to softball training every monday and hate it when its home time."

  • Jerry Coldman says,

    "Linda is a lady full of energy and life"

  • Riley says,

    "Please vote for my MUM! She gives everything she can to help kids like me fall in love with softball and help us have playing opportunities we may not otherwise enjoy."

  • Deni says,

    "Lynda is a fantastic coach and an even better boss. Lynda is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about softball. Lynda has done an amazing job to develop this association in such a short time. Well done Lynda."

  • Annabelle says,

    "Such an amazing woman, gets things done and is so passionate about her work and community"

  • Helen says,

    "She's a good SPORT. And someone who is gives all to her sport ."

  • Bridget Ratima says,

    "Lynda is an amazing lady that I'm so grateful to have met. She is approachable & always has the biggest smile on her face. Love her work"

  • vaughan says,

    "shes a great coach and mentor"

  • Laana says,

    "Lynda is a wonderful person who has welcomed us to the world of softball"

  • Amy Lawson says,

    "Wonderful person ,great personality, hard worker and all ways there to help"

  • Amanda says,

    "Lynda lives and breathes softball! Her dedication to the game and to junior development is absolutely commendable."

  • Stephanie says,

    "Most amazing person in the world helped me out so much when I was going through a shot time, thanks Lynda you are the best"

  • Linda says,

    "She's a good sport"

  • Daniel says,

    "Linda is a lady full of energy and life""

  • Alison says,

    "Lynda is extremely passionate about softball, and the benefits of sport for young people . She is a dynamo!"

  • Peter says,

    "I couldn't think of a better person to represent our great team! She's such a fun old duck to watch play and an even better mentor to those who want to be more involved in the sport."

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