Maddie Thomas has been a vital part of the Newcastle water polo community. Her dedication to the sport, the association and it’s members has been instrumental in growing Newcastle water polo to the club it is today. Before she was elected to the Newcastle Water Polo Inc. executive, NWPI was in the hands of a full executive. Maddie rose to the occasion to take on more than just secretary, she stepped into a limited executive of just four out of seven and was the torch bearer of the association for three years as president and secretary. She ran a smooth, disciplined and cohesive season for three years in a row of five clubs, 450 members and players making up over 30 teams. Her undying loyalty to her home club of Easts Newcastle has not effected her commitment to the betterment of the entire Newcastle Water Polo community, instead she has been fair and amicable to every club under the NWPI umbrella. Maddie gets water polo, the politics and the players making her so important to the sport and the association she holds near and dear to her heart. Without Maddie, Newcastle water polo would be worse off and not the successful club it is today. To thank her would be an understatement.




  • Slewis says,

    "Absolute treasure! Well deserved nomination Maddie. The world needs more people like you."

  • Jordie says,

    "I've been playing water polo in Newcastle (for Easts) for 12 years. Water Polo in Newcastle has had it's ups and downs, and about 4 years ago there was talk about clubs and teams from across the community folding due to poor organisation and disillusion in the sport. Maddie (whilst working and studying at University full time) stepped up in the role of President of Newcastle Water Polo and was amazing. She helped other clubs (other than her own) recruit players of all ages and basically turned the water polo community around to be stronger than ever. She managed to raise hundreds of dollars for Newcastle Water Polo during Country Club Championships held at Lambton Pool in 2015 and brought clubs and teams from all over NSW to compete. Newcastle Water Polo would be nothing without Maddie's hard work and enthusiasm toward to sport. I'm so proud to say she's part of my home club at Easts. If anyone is deserving of recognition for hard work and community service, it's definitely Maddie."

  • Matthew says,

    "Maddie had been an outstanding influence in the Newcastle water polo organisation and has worked tirelessly to improve the sport in the community."

  • Danielle says,

    "Good work Mads"

  • Olivia says,

    "Maddie's commitment to the Newcastle water polo association is outstanding. She is truely passionate about water polo and making the association the best it can be for the players. A well deserved reward for a hardworking volunteer"

  • Levina says,

    "I strongly support this nomination. Maddie has been involved in the coaching of my daughter at Easts Water Polo Club since she commenced as a new player two years ago. Maddie has encouraged my daughter and offered tips on the game and skills from the side of the pool in a calm and constructive manner. I have been very impressed with how Maddie encourages the team and is consisently fair and inclusive. Maddie is a fabulous role model for women in sport administration and coaching roles as she generously gives of her time, enthusiastically supporting the club and its members young and old. She acknowledges the achievements of others and her enthusiasm contagious."

  • Gabi says,

    "Great volunteers who have a strong moral compass to identify when the interests of the collective need to be placed above their own are vital to the longevity and progress of any community organisation. NWPI has benefited greatly from Maddie's selfless contribution."

  • Kim Routley says,

    "Hope you liked the blurb Maddie! It's just the tip of the iceberg for all your efforts. Kim Routley. President, Newcastle Water Polo."

  • Jane says,

    "Have witnessed all the time and dedication that Maddie has given to Newcastle water polo. Well doneMaddi, NWP would be lost without you.😀"

  • Jess says,

    "Thanks for all you do Maddie"

  • Mark says,

    "Maddie has devoted many hours to make the work of the organisation effective and ensure the smooth running of Newcastle WP"

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