Malcolm Jansen is the President at Frankston Softball Association. Malcolm has been President for over 12 years and he was vice president prior to that.

Malcolm together with his wife Sharon are the heart of the club. Malcolm has 4 adult son aged 27, 25, 23 and 21, who all still play softball.

Malcolm is still coaching under 12’s. He coaches at State Championship every year across the age groups under 12, under 15, under 17 and open. He has been ground managers for years and also representative Frankston at SEMR (which is the league we play under). He is always a friendly face ready to help and get the job done. He does this all whilst still running his own business.

He is loved and adored by all at the club. It would be great to acknowledge and reward his dedication, committment and hard work for Frankston Softball Association.




  • Tony Black says,

    "Malcolm has been the heart and soul of Franston Softball association for many years and is a much respected member of the softball community throughout Victoria and is well known for his dedication and hard work."

  • Vicki Middleton says,

    "Mal has been supportive of his wife and then his four boy's softball for many years. Among the many roles he took on to help his family he became and remains Frankston S.C. President as well as coaching the U12, Men's and the Ladies Masters. Mal is a great bloke, loved and respected by all. Cheers and good luck xx"

  • Rana Thiele says,

    "Malcolm has a heart of gold! He coached my son throughout the under 12's and had such a huge influence in growing my son's passion for softball! He is amazing with the kids and all the kids love him! Malcolm's kids are all grown up now and most coaches would've moved on from coaching the young ones at this stage of their life, but not Malcolm! He continues to play such an important role at Frankston and without him and his wife this club wouldn't be where it is today!! GO MALCOLM!"

  • Julie Smith says,

    "A very selfless man who works tirelessly for the good of the club & the kids who play softball."

  • Simone says,

    "Malcolm is great with our kids.... would recommend him as a president or coach :-) he is a great soul"

  • Leanne Doolan says,

    "Malcolm is a true gentleman and fantastic ambassador for both Frankston Softball Association and softball in general. He gives his time selflessly to ensure the smooth running of the club. Malcolm is a wonderful role model for the children he has coached and mentored throughout his many years of service at the association."

  • The Holt family says,

    "Mal is passionate about softball and great with the kids. It was my daughters first year of softball in 2015 and she has just resigned as she loves it so much. Mal teaches the kids skills and the rules but also how to enjoy the game, play fair, respect the opposition and to be proud of your achievements. He has done a lot for the club and there is a lot of respect for him around he club. Without people like Mal such clubs wouldn't exist and therefore our children wouldn't get the amazing sporting opportunities they do. Thank you."

  • Lynne says,

    "Mal is a tireless contributor to the running of the association, and has made it such a warm environment to be in. He wears so many hats, and succeeds at them all. Well done Mal and good luck."

  • Carol mcdonald says,

    "Mal is always there for the kids at Frankston softball always encouraging them to give them confidence in theirselves. The kids love him and respect him 100% as do all the parents who appreciate all that he does for the club"

  • Narelle says,

    "Always there to lend a hand"

  • Barbara Quinn says,

    "Malcolm has inspired and encouraged so many people in the softball club, his wife and all of his four boys have been involved over many years from committee to coaching and playing, running the club, fundraising and supporting so many along the way... A true club person, admired and loved by all."

  • Kylie says,

    "My daughter has only just started softball but Malcolm seems to be a fantastic coach, we look forward to the season with Malcolm"

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