Mark has been involved with Darwin Baseball for a period of 5 years, and it is during this time that Mark has been not only the President Of Darwin Baseball but also his local team Night cliff Tigers Baseball for the last Three years, marks dedication not only to the sport but the people involved is his strongest attribute, he was the driving force behind getting another two teams to the league meaning there was 6 C grade teams this season, took on the role as coach for the second C grade Nightcliff Tigers Team
Mark takes the lead in all social events for both his club and the league, ensures that no one is missed out and that all players and families feel included in the sport and the environment
Mark has been successful in obtain Sport Grants from NT Govt for both the league and the club, with a recent one that helps promote women in baseball and another one to support volunteers in the game being umpires and scorers

each week he arranges the canteen with food and people to ensure that there is a roster in place always, and on game days is the first to arrive and last to leave even when not required.
in between playing and coaching offers his time to umpire any game that is required
has been involved in assisting coaching the little league and T Ball training every Wednesday night on top of his Club and association roles.

he does all this not for recognition but for genuine passion for the sport and seeing people enjoy the game as much as he does




  • Erica Roberts says,

    "Mark is a dedicated, helpful and has so much drive for the Darwin Baseball League. He puts everyone before himself and has passion for baseball. He spends hours and so much effort for the sport he loves."

  • Leah says,


  • Jason Ellery says,


  • Lisa Hooley says,

    "All our volunteers are great but Mark MacDonald is in a whole other league. His dedication, fair mindedness and ppl skills are second to none. In the more than 10 years I have been involved in baseball in Darwin no other person has had the same positive impact on the sport in Darwin. Mark is the can do man, he inspires others and brings the best out in people. He is tireless, balancing work, a young family as well as his (considerable) work for the Darwin League. Need an umpire ... Marks there, coach for the kids, a hand in the canteen, organise a club night ... yes its Mark again."

  • Amit says,

    "Mark is dedicated, passionate and caring for baseball in darwin. #ilovethisclub"

  • Michael Harris says,

    "Mark Loves this club. He puts in energy everyday of the week from organising gear, to playing in every grade and even umpiring. Darwin Baseball League and the Nightcliff Tigers would be poorer without him"

  • Krys says,

    "We Tigers realize how lucky we are to have someone like Mark and could only wish that all sporting clubs could be just as lucky."

  • Alex says,

    "Couldn't ask for a better person to be in all roles that Mark fills, coach, friend, club president, father and husband. One of a kind man that deserves a reward other then smiles on faces."

  • Tegan says,

    "#helovesthisclub and we are all very lucky to have such an awesome person like him :-D"

  • Alex McInnes says,

    "Mark has been very passionate about baseball in Darwin and has done a fantastic job over the past few years for his club and the baseball community I wish him the best of luck In this completion and I hope you keep up the great work for in community in the Northern Territory Good luck with all the votes Big A"

  • Alaina Maillis says,

    "Mark has a passion for baseball and is just a lovely guy all round who is liked by all and "#lovesthisclub""

  • Sapana says,


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