I have a list that was provided by the nominee himself who I asked for a history of what he has done for athletics for our club records. Mark has contributed to the success of not only the Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre but has also been a vital contributer to athletics at a regional level also. Mark has been very dedicated to coaching and supporting young athletes for many years. Mark has given many hours of his time to serve the Cranbourne Little Athletics Centre, the Gippsland Region and athletes over a number of years as a volunteer. I feel that Mark is a very worthy nominee for this award and his outstanding efforts for so many deserve to be acknowledged.

Mark Jouvelet
You asked me to send to you a list of items I have done for Aths:

* Involved in Little Aths and Seniors between 1978 to 1993 at Doncaster (Bullen Templestowe).
*Got back involved when my son and daughter joined. eight years ago. Since then
*Cranbourne LAC- since 2009 to present
Boys Team manger & assistant Coach 2010/11.
Assistant Coach 2011/12, 2012/13.
President – 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14.
Vice President 2014/15.
Head Coach 2014/15, Head Coach 2015/16
*Gippsland LAC- since 2013 to present
Chief starter 2012/13,
Vice President 2014-15,
Meet Manager 2015/16, 2016/17
*Casey Fields User group
Representative 2012, 2013, 2014.
*Casey Cardinia – since 2015/16 to present
Senior Sprints, Jumps & Pole Vault coach. First year 4/7 in squad won spots in Team Vic. One Victoria bronze medallist and ACT silver Multi medallist. 4 club record holders. All athletes being first year as vaulters

* ITCC Program Completed 2013
* Athletics Victoria/AIS Level 1 Completed 2014
* IAAF Official Level 1
* A – Grade starters in over 16 Region and State events
* Athletics Victoria/AIS Level 1 & 2 Completed 2014
* Currently completing Athletics Victoria / AIS level 2 adv
* Australia Day Services to the community Honors 2013 for the transition of little athletics from grass to Casey Fields
* GCR Region challenge Team Manager at GCR’s gold medal winning performance in Geelong 2014.
* Gippsland Volunteer of the year 2014 for organizing multi club youth teams throughout the country Gippsland region. I organized these teams again in 2015/2016.
* Organized numerous region and state events at Casey Fields (actively lobbied).
* Organized numerous Starter, official and coaching training with LAC and AV resources to hold these events at Casey Fields.
* As Chariman & President, the committee and I got Cranbourne in the Top 10 centres (& top GCR centre) for 3 years running.
* Re introduced Champ day
* Started the Handicap/Gift event, of which as been of great interest to LAVic and the wider community.
* Encourage Cranbourne LAC to have at members participating in all major meets (State relays, State Track & Field, State xcountry, State Multi, Stawell, and road relays). Doubt if many clubs have continuously represented their clubs as much as Cranbourne has over the last 6 years. – All about participation!
* I also ensured the Cranbourne image was modernized and continue to encourage improvements. From re-newing the logo to updating the uniforms. A tradition which the new committee has embraced and proudly continue to modernize.
* I also wrote the incorporation document which transitioned the organization from a small community club to an incorporated body.
* Lastly, I remember when I first arrived at Cranbourne. We had less than 200 members. By 2011/12, the Club became the largest center in Gippsland, pecking at over 450+. the only exception was last year when Casey’s numbers surpassed ours for the first time in 6 years.

Lost of other bits and pieces, but this will do. However it must be said, that much of this was only achieved by the help of the committee I have been involved with throughout that time, along with my wife Kim who burnt many mid night hours with me organizing competition day events, canteens fund raisers etc. Only as good as the team you have around you.!




  • Connie Meier says,

    "Wishing you every success Mark. Youwould be a very worthy recipient"

  • Toni Hanegraaf says,

    "Mark is a number one person. Giving everything he has to whatever he starts, he sees everything through to the end and even then he wants more of himself and sets new tasks to achieve. He never stops thinking of new ways to improve the Little Athletics Club. I say with pride that I would always vote for Mark as a worthy recipient . He deserves the award sooooooooooooo very much. thank you Mark for being there for the Kids and the Club."

  • Marcus Crossley says,

    "Best sports coach developing and encouraging -complete champion"

  • Sue Svulley says,

    "Mark would be a very worthy recipient of this award"

  • Kara James says,

    "Mark has so much enthusiasm and dedication in helping all the kids accomplish so much."

  • Kylie Harnett says,

    "I just want to say the Club wouldn't be the same without Mark he is a champion who has time for everyone even though he has a tight schedule he's always willing to listen and give advice....he has encouraged my boy Liam to be the best he can be and my son actually listens to Mark rather than me lol...Mark gets the kids all pumped and excited in being there and enjoying what they do my other son Rylan adores him and has since joined. Mark's enthusiasm, dedication and passion for athletes and the Club truly shines. He cares about each and everyone of us he is a rarity and the gem of Cranbourne Little Athletics"

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