Mary Day has been involved with McAuley Hockey Club since it began in 1990. For many years Mary was the President, Secretary, Treasurer all rolled in to one, but in more recent years she has managed to pass on some of those jobs and just acted as President. She has worked tirelessly to ensure all teams have great coaches and managers, and has usually taken on one of these jobs herself every year. She finds a place for all within the teams at the club, with every member of the club feeling valued, encouraged and supported. She has coordinated fundraising, umpired, worked in the canteen, represented the club at association meetings, mentored learner umpires, and if giving her time wasn’t enough, she has sponsored the club. She even, on occasion, pulls on the shin guards for a game if her team is short on players!
She has also given her time to the Grafton Hockey Association through various committees and positions: manager for representative teams, selector, fixtures, and grading.
As McAuley Hockey Club is primarily a club for high school students, there is always a constant turnover of players (and their families) but Mary has remained a constant at the club for 26 years. A recent quote from a previous club member sums it up beautifully: “”You are the most kindest, caring, lovable, hard working woman I know, you do so so much for everyone, you deserve a big holiday.”




  • Julie says,

    "I don't know Mary, but after reading her profile she seems a pretty awesome lady and McAuley Hockey Club is damn lucky to have someone like her keeping the club alive and thriving. Good luck Mary!!!!"

  • Charli says,

    "Mary had and made me feel welcomed into the McAuley hockey club when I had first joined and supported me and the McAuley hockey club teams all the way."

  • Bernadine says,

    "Mary takes an interest in each and every girl in the club as well contributing so much to the the local hockey association."

  • Matthew says,

    "Good on you, Mary! You give up so much time for the girls and their hockey. You're a legend."

  • Edwina Hodges says,

    "Mary has a passion for hockey which she shares with the people around her. With Mary's encouragement I have now played my first season of hockey with my daughter, Emily. I have never played sport before, I am now enjoying playing hockey as an adult. I thank Mary for her encouragement and support each week at training and our weekly game. I feel privileged to have played in the team with Mary this year, and to have made it into the finals. I hope you do well in this competition Mary, After 26 years of dedication to McAuley hockey club, you deserve to win."

  • Georgia says,

    "Mary is very caring. Thank you for everything you do for McAuley hockey."

  • Katie Collins-Moran says,

    "Mary Day (Mrs Day) is a superwoman. She gives up all her spare time to organise teams, players and umpires. So deserving of recognition."

  • Lissa says,

    "Mary is very encouraging to each and every player in the club. She is a quiet achiever, who is always willing too go the extra mile for the club."

  • Murphy says,

    "Ever since starting at McCauley in 2008 and finishing in 2014, Mary has been a big part of my life. Mary is such a lovely, hard working lady, who always puts herself before others. She deserve the best !"

  • Merrilyn Bruton says,

    "Mary always works well within the hockey team . She has a kind caring and loving nature about her and never lets the team down"

  • Amanda Woodhall (short) says,

    "There would be no McCauley team without Mary. Weekly training sessions, weekend matches, trips away...she was always there. Wouldn't have been the same without her."

  • Kathryn says,

    "I've known Mary since starting with McAuley hockey club back in 08'. Mary is caring, passionate and dedicated to this club. I could not imagine being with any other club .. We love you Mary and appreciate everything you have and contInue to do for us girls !!!!"

  • Sally Jane Loy says,

    "Mrs Day has been known to me since 2006 she is the back bone for Mc Auley hockey club and her fuel to keeping it running is passion and love for the girls and for the game. She helps so many young girls have the chance to be a part in local teams, rep teams, school teams and CCC NSW teams. All the work she does is in her own time not being paid for it and all from the goodness of her heart. And let me tell you she had been doing it for many years before I came along. She is a committed loyal woman who would help anyone hockey related or not hockey related. I have endless amount of time and respect for Mrs Day as so does my family and I'm glad I could vote for her today and give back in a small way. She truly does deserve the recognition. Fun Fact about Mrs Day for a small woman she can snore like a trooper!!!! Thank you Mary for everything :)"

  • Tullara Connors says,

    "For as long as I can remember (since I was 11= 12 years ago) Mary has been the heart and soul of the McAuley Hockey Club. She's supported and trained every kid, teenager, and adult that has joined the club. It amazes me to this day that Mary still seems to remember every single persons name who has come through the club. You're a Legend Mary!"

  • Susan Carlton says,

    "Mary is one of the kindest ladies you will ever meet , her passion for helping everyone feel like they are the most important person in the team is heart warming .She gives and gives without expecting anything in return , just such a special lady !"

  • Beth says,

    "Mrs Day has been the driving force behind MCC hockey for many years. Thanks for all your time and effort!"

  • Noddy Connors says,

    "School sport cannot survive without people like Mary. Grafton is lucky to have someone like Mary in the role of nurturing hockey with her kind, cheerfull, positve and caring manner. She really is a legend."

  • Zeb says,

    "Mary made coaching at McAuley easy and fun for everyone."

  • Tiffany says,

    "Mary is a gem! The heart of the club who works tirelessly and does the job of ten. We are lucky and thankful to have Mary."

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