Matt continues to play an integral role in the running of our local volleyball competitions.
On a Tuesday evening he is always the first person in attendance to set-up the poles, nets, stands, etc ready for competition before performing referee duties on the Womens division games and playing a game himself.
Generally Matt is still there several hours later at the conclusion of proceedings to assist with the packing up.
His commitment extends to multiple competitions on more than one night of the week and Matt would be a worthy recipient as the beating heart of Latrobe Valley Volleyball !




  • Jenni says,

    "Mat is a major part of the Latrobe Valley volleyball community. Not only does he set up and help run the Moe competition, he is also a part of the Moe committee. Mat also plays in other local competitions. He is always willing to volunteer his time."

  • Taylor says,

    "Mathew has been a big part of the Latrobe Valley Volleyball Community for years. Always the first person to offer their assistance when it is needed and is always volunteering his time to the community. He is an extremely committed person which will one day hopefully be repaid to him by at least spelling his name correctly for once."

  • Dianne Smith says,

    "Mathew puts in a lot of time and personal commitment to the Latrobe Valley volleyball community ."

  • . says,

    "Matt is a dedicated and inspiring man"

  • Callie says,

    "I am thankful for all the work Matt does in helping out the local volleyball competitions."

  • Annette says,

    "Matt is a lovely man!"

  • :-) says,

    "Matt volunteers his time each week to support the Moe Volleyball community. He goes about his way setting up play before people arrive to umpiring and supporting players skill set all in a smiley friendly manner."

  • Greg Wiggins says,

    "I have known & Played with Matt for many years, his tireless commitment & support to committees the senior & the junior development of volley is without question extraordinary. He has certainly made a real difference in our community in all areas of this sport."

  • Howard says,

    "Matt has been a reliable volunteer for over 20 years!"

  • Ann says,

    "Puts his hand up to referee at tournaments he does not even get to play in. An inclusive player in a team and a friendly and supportive one outside the team. Always willing to answer any queries on technical matters and keen to see others improve."

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