Matt currently holds the Club Captain position within the club. This role involves organising patrol teams, writing the patrol roster, assuring compliance to patrol service agreements and maintaining patrol equipment and resources. He also manages the after-hours call out team which can be called at any hour of the day to respond to incidents outside of normal patrol hours. Alongside his club responsibilities he has also taken up a volunteer directorship at Surf Lifesaving Illawarra as the Director of Education which not only handles education matters for Fairy Meadow SLSC but all 17 other clubs in the branch, as well as serving on the Duty Officer team to provide on and off patrol support for all clubs in the Illawarra.

Matt has been a part of Fairy Meadow SLSC since moving to Wollongong from Tathra during his studies of Civil Engineering in 2012. Since then he has also held such positions as Chief Instructor and Junior’s Development Coordinator. Over the past 4 patrolling seasons Matt has amassed over 350 hours of Patrol service to Fairy Meadow and other clubs in NSW.

During his time at Fairy Meadow SLSC he has had a huge impact on the growth of the club by initiating the Surf Lifesaving, University of Wollongong initiative as its founding President. Due to this program the clubs patrolling strength has increased by 20 Bronze Medallion members that alleviates a huge stress on the existing club membership. This initiative received a Illawarra branch commendations at the 2015/16 awards of excellence. He volunteers extra time running youth surf sports development giving the nippers of the club guidance and advice in furthering their abilities in the surf and skills to take to surf carnivals. Alongside all of the extra time he puts into the club he still manages to complete all his patrols and fill in for others when needed which is seen in his 122 hours of service in the 2015/16 season alone.

As a result of all of his efforts he was recognised as the Club person of the year in the 2015/16 season. Matt is a huge part of this club and Fairy Meadow is extremely lucky to have a person of such quality and commitment.




  • Sunny says,

    "top bloke, everyone in the club looks up to him"

  • Christine mertens says,

    "Matt is dedicated to surf live saving and has influenced others around him to join"

  • Simon says,

    "Yeah, he's alright aye."

  • Anna says,

    "Matthew is incredibly deserving of this honour, being one of the most passionate and dedicated to the club. He has really given it 100% and has so much more to give."

  • Bill kuiper says,

    "Matt is extremely deserving of this award, he fits the criteria to a "T". He has brought so much to our Club just not by his work but by introducing others to the club and shown what Surf lifesaving is about, this alone ensures that not just Fairy Meadow SLSC benefits but the entire community does for many years to come. An awesome effort. Congrats for the nomination mate, you are so deserving of this not just the award but the recognition for your work."

  • Marg says,

    "Proud 😌"

  • Denise says,

    "Very enthusiastic and competent young man, dedicated to the Surf Life Saving movement."

  • Leanne says,

    "Congratulations on the no,I nations Matthew. You deserve the accolades. Best of luck."

  • Judy says,

    "Dedicated and committed to his responsibilities'. Generous with his time, caring young man with so much enthusiasm. Very worthy of his nomination. Well done Matthew.!"

  • Nick Theris says,

    "Matthew has always been generous and dedicated to his volunteer work giving his time and resources without expecting reward or recognition. He has been a great role model for others to contribute to their community."

  • Lesley says,

    "I have known Matthew all his life, he is an exceptional young man. Keep up the good work."

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