Mel has worked tirelessly since starting the club 3 years ago and incorporating it late last year. She has extensive knowledge of skate clubs, places and resources so can support members with all of their needs. She is always looking for new activities and resources and the club’s social media presence has led to Skate F.I.T. Cru being held up as an example to other clubs. Mel balances her many sporting and family commitments and transfers her skill in establishing relationships with teens from home to club. A teens group has been established and adult membership continues to rise since the club became incorporated under Mel’s leadership. This in turn has a positive impact on the local community, from the inclusion of individuals of different ages, backgrounds and abilities, to the support of the local recreation centre and other clubs. Mel also teaches children to skate outside of this club and inspires individuals to join through her policy of happiness being a priority; when members are enjoying themselves, new skills and improved fitness just happen.




  • Diana Sofia says,

    "My skating has improved so much since joining skate fit, all thanks to Mel and her love of skating"

  • Debbie says,

    "To the coloured haired person I accidently invited skating all those years ago. Look at you now you have created a business from something you are most passionate about SKATING. So glad I messaged the wrong person our family's share the same passion but most of all share a great friendship xxx"

  • Lisa Boord says,

    "Mel is a dedicated skate instructor and team leader . Makes exercising by skating so much fun , whilst achieving personal goals at a pace that suits the individual . Very approachable and extremely likeable ."

  • Deb says,

    "Mel is an amazing woman who has created a strong community and maintained it. She has a unique ability to help people at what ever level they're at and help them find a pathway to get stronger and improve their skills. She's the cog at the center out our skate fit club and we're so lucky to have her"

  • Shelli Ceccon says,

    "To my sister from another mister, thanks for getting back to me on facebook all those years ago when I enquired about Skatefit on facebook otherwise I wouldn't of met you again and been introduced to all the wonderful friendly people who share my love of rollerskating. You are a great teacher and your classes are fun. Love your work, very proud of what you have achieved.xxoo"

  • Brad says,

    "Awsome person with such a great heart for all people. Skating is better off because of the girl. Deserves every accolade that comes her way. Xoxo"

  • Kirsten says,

    "Our club would fold without her. She is, without doubt, the center of it all."

  • Brock says,

    "Mel teaces me great tricks on my blades!"

  • Cindy says,

    "1 word.... AMAZING!!"

  • Julia says,

    "Mel is kind hearted and very passionate about helping others. Top person to know"

  • Aleksandra says,

    "I've learned so much from Mel, she is knowledgeable, supportive and an amazing skater!"

  • Debbie Coventry says,

    "Mel is an awesome instructor and always takes time out to lend a hand."

  • Damian says,

    "Couldn't think of anyone else that loves (and has such passion for) what they do as much as Mel. Great teacher, awesome listener! Amazing lady!"

  • Susan says,

    "Having a role model and a good listener is important not only to young people but sometimes for older people too. Getting exercise and having fun is important as well. Making it enjoyable is a talent Mel has and she passes it in to all who attend the skating. I think her nomination is well deserved and supported by many. Well done Mel."

  • Ted. says,

    "Mel is a great inspiration for young and old. With her skating skills and her people skills she is a great all rounder. Pleased to see some recognition of her dedicated work."

  • daniel says,

    "Mel has kept this club running increased numbers involved, not just for adults but for kids aswell with all in her own time. Awesome effort"

  • Olivia Jones says,

    "Mel is enthusiastic, welcoming and knowledgeable about skating. Her passion is infectious but she never seeks to undermine her sisters efforts."

  • Alana says,

    "Inspiring as not only a leader who clearly has had a huge impact on both adults and kids but manages it all with raising her family. Xxx"

  • Peter Govorusic says,

    "My daughter is now 7 and Mel has been one of Isabella's mentors in the skating scene since she has been 4 and a half. And with the help of Skatefit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays my little girl will be competing at the SA state in line titles the VIC State titles and the Australian Titles in Jan 2017. Thanks Mel your an inspiration to kids, adults and all the SA skate crew in every aspect. Kindest regards love and respect. Peter Govorusic.xoxo."

  • Peter Govorusic says,

    "Thanks Mel for your tireless work with everyone in the skating scene especially my 7 year old daughter Isabella. Ever since she started skating at 4 and half years of age you have been and excellent mentor for Bella and with your help at Skatefit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays my little girl will be competing at the SA state titles for in line speed skating this year and the VIC State titles and the Australian Titles in Jan 2017. Kind regards love and respect. Peter Govorusic.xoxo"

  • Flick says,

    "Mel is amazing she works so hard within the skate community getting the word and education out there. As someone who works in the sports and recreation field myself I have so much respect for her. I honestly believe she is a major driving force in keeping life in old school roller but yet keeping up to date with the trends."

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