Michael Payne best known as ‘Payney’…. started his basketball career in the Terang Basketball Association at the early age of 8 and is now 25. He then progressed on to become a referee at the age of 11, and is still umpiring both Junior and Senior levels, and started his coaching career of juniors a the age of 12. He not only now coaches domestic basketball but is the U12s coach of our Junior Terang Tornadoes, developing the juniors starting their basketball careers. Payney has held several positions on our basketball committee and always helped out everyone he possibly can, any position he takes on he is always looking at ways to improve the club and benefit all players.
He is currently the Senior CBL representative, coordinating all jobs behind the scenes to get the Terang Tornadoes side up and running successfully, as well as playing in the side also.
This alone is a tireless job and he does this and never expects anything in return, just people to enjoy and respect the sport he is so passionate about.
Being a happy and enthusiastic young fella hasn’t been always so easy for payney as of late, he has suffered and overcome cancer, he has suffered from a hole in his heart with already having one lot of surgery he is required to go back for surgery again at the start of 2017, some people don’t suffer from these conditions in a lifetime let alone in the short 25 years of age he is, and not once has he ever complained or accepted sympathy, His motto is there is always someone else worse off than me.

I would love for Payney to win this competition and be recognized for everything he does and know how much he is appreciated, as a lot of people wouldn’t actually understand or see how much he puts in week in week out.
Payney is a great role model for the club, the juniors all look up to him and the seniors all respect his as he deserves.




  • Belinda Dwyer says,

    "Well deserved nomination Payney! Keep up the great work"

  • Kym Grundy says,

    "So lucky to have you at Terang Payney... I really hope you win this award for the acknowledgment of everything. You do πŸ‘πŸ»"

  • Brett says,

    "A giving, humble person that all communities are in need of."

  • April says,

    "Michael gives tirelessly to Terang Basketball Association to all grades as a committee person coach at domestic and representative level and as a referee. Michael is also the driving force behind our CBL men's side by arranging unjforms, games, players, venues, travel, sponsorship, after game functions and food and everything else you can imagine that needs to be done as well as training and playing each week for the team!! Michael gives! That's how easy it is to explain. If it is not to basketball then it is to his friends and his family. A great example of a pivotal and hugely generous community guy."

  • Tina says,

    "For as long as I can remember Michael has always been 110% committed to anything he takes part in, spoken about highly from anyone who's had the priveledge on knowing him and humble, with a great attitude on life and encouragement of others. He has suffered his fair share of knocks, (which he would probably dislike us mentioning!) at such a young age. In fact more than most would in a lifetime which just sucks, but I believe that this has continued to shape his positive character and propelled him into an even greater role model for others. Acknowledgment for his achievements aside, I am really proud of Michael and the young adult he has become."

  • Liz says,

    "Michael is a great mentor for all the young kids. He gives so much of his own time to encourage & support the kids & their parents. He is an overall great bloke"

  • Kate says,

    "It's not known within the community the extra things this lad does. I hope you win Payney"

  • Christine says,

    "Michael is a very humble young man, he has always loved playing basketball, loves coaching and is very passionate about his sports. Michael is the first person to step up and help out and will always put others before himself, he never asks for or expects anything in return. Michael has such a positive outlook on life, he's a great role model for not only young kids but for lots of adults as well and we can all learn a lot from him, he gives 100% in anything he does. Michael would not expect anything for all the time and committment that he puts into the Terang Basketball Assoc, this award would be great for the club but also a great acknowledgment for Michael, he is very well respected by the community. A quiet achiever with a heart of gold, good luck Michael."

  • Will says,

    "Does a lot for the terang basketball association"

  • William says,

    "Top bloke"

  • Kerrie Crawley says,

    "Michael is a great asset to TERANG bball , he gives his heart and soul into it. He is very passionate and would do anything that was asked of him . Also considering Michaels age he could be doing a lot more. GO MICHAEL AND GO Terang BBALL πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€"

  • Denise Unthank says,

    "Micheal is great with the young kids! They all look up to him & admire him! Nothing is to hard for this young man his always their to help everybody out! He has a heart of gold!"

  • Anna says,

    "Well done on being nominated for this .... Couldn't think of anyone more deserving . You always put our basketball association first and make sure all runs smoothly , this doesn't happen easily but no job is to big or to small for you !! Well done all the best for your squad & CBL side hope all your hard work pays off πŸ‘"

  • Jo Crawley says,

    "Michael is dedicated to his club & is fantastic with the kids he is coaching! He clearly loves his basketball!"

  • Tom Conheady says,

    "Top Job. Keep up the good work!"

  • Marcus rees says,

    "Payney has been an extremely passionate volunteer of the Terang basketball association. There is no reward for the time he puts into the association, so I believe he would be a deserved recipient of this award. Go Payney"

  • Jimmy D says,

    "Well done knackers πŸ˜‰"

  • Chris Blackberry says,

    "Payney, Major is a great ambassador for Basketball in the Terang area. Great community fella, always out there doing his bit."

  • Sam says,

    "Michael has always given everything he has to what he is passionate about. He has never asked for anything in return and this is what makes him a great bloke. Any organisation he is involved in benefit greatly from his hard work."

  • Rob says,

    "Without the support of people like michael country sporting clubs would be struggling. It's amazing that with all his personal issues he still gives 100% for his club & he deserves all the recognition he gets. Great job payney!!"

  • Stirlo says,

    "Great kid & great taxi driver on Friday nights! He looks after us! Onya Payney!"

  • Daniel Beattie says,

    "Payney is a very good bloke who has always put others before himself. He does a lot for the terang basketball association, not only playing, organising and co-ordinating things behind the scenes, but also coaching and being a great role model for the younger generation. A great asset to the local community. Keep up the good work mate"

  • Dean Brebner says,

    "Michael is a very devoted and dedicated person who put a lot of his time into the sport and club that he loves and has grown up with. He is a great role model to all young athletes everywhere and is more than deserving for this award."

  • Nigelhicks says,

    "Good luck"

  • Estelle says,

    "Michael is always the first person to arrive and the last to leave!"

  • Janine Ginter says,

    "Miicheal is one of the most genuine people I have the had the pleasure of meeting . The amount of time he spends with the younger members of our Basketball Ass is amazing Good luck Payney you really do deserve this award"

  • Irene Moore says,

    "Great guy and always willing to help others . Good on you Michael"

  • Dyl says,

    "Michael has always put his heart into sports and helping others and will continue to put what's left of it into our basketball association. Plain and simple he deserves to be rewarded for his tireless efforts! Thanks for everything brother"

  • Jack Langley says,

    "Very humble and respected bloke and a great mate!!!!"

  • Carol says,

    "Good on you"

  • Linda Gilbert says,

    "A really good person to have around"

  • Bella says,


  • Connor osullivan says,

    "Well deserved champ"

  • Tim Keane says,

    "Payney plays hard and fair and willingly gives up his time off the court with umpiring, coaching and with the Tornadoes. This nomination is well deserved.πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ‘"

  • Jason says,

    "Payney is a top bloke that gives a lot of time to the association! My son grew as a player under the guidance of micheal! Good luck and well deserved"

  • Chris says,

    "Absolute legend . Most humble, hard working person I know"

  • Scott Carlin says,

    "Great all round leader"

  • Anthony J Malady says,

    "Payney would be a truly worthy winner of this award. This humble, posative, hard working young man deserves every accolade that should come his way. A great bloke."

  • Suzanne Egan says,

    "works hard and is well respected within the community."

  • Sue says,

    "Michael Payne is a passionate, dedicated and selfless young man. Regardless of whether he wins or not, he should be extremely proud of his achievements and the obstacles he has overcome. Terang is all the better because of the likes of him."

  • Tania says,

    "A truly worthy nomination. Provides drive and encouragement to players of all ages and abilities, not just those capable of squad / CBL standard. A true driving force behind the success of basketball in a small rural community."

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