Michele is an amazing and caring nurse by day and the rest of her time is spent invested in the Yarra Glen Football Club as Vice-President, Netball Co-Ordinator, Assistant Coach, Captain and Player. She is also a member of the Yarra Valley Mountain District league netball board. Michele has been been heart and soul of our netball squad for 8 years. She is always organising volunteers and ensuring the club is running efficiently and effectively. As a coach and player, Michele leads by example and at 55 years of age still features in the best and fairest votes and as a captain has led her team to a grand final and has assisted to help two others also make the grand final in 2016. The confidence and guidance that she provides cannot be put into words, only able to be felt and explained by those lucky enough to play and train with her. She is a true inspiration.




  • Amy says,

    "Michele is the life blood of the netball club. Works harder, plays harder than anyobe and always the first to look out for you if something isnt right be it injury or whatever"

  • Rosie says,

    "Michele is a wonderful member to yarra glen football netball club! You see her around the club or at games on game day running around trying to get everything done aswell as playing herself! She is the heart and soul to the netball crew and us girls wouldn't have been able to get where we are today without her!"

  • Chelsea says,

    "Michelle is extremely hard working and an inspiration to all"

  • Hillary says,

    "I just got teary trying to put Michele's impact into words. Words aren't enough, Michele ISYarra Glen. I don't know where I'd be with out her support and guidance."

  • Alex says,

    "Michelle goes above and beyond for our club, and her hard work & dedication doesn't go unnoticed. We appreciate everything you do Mich, from ensuring the club runs smoothly all the way to the support and mentoring you provide to the netballers. Not a more deserving recipient!"

  • Carol Wedge says,

    "I consider myself truly blessed to not only work with Michele but to have her as one of my best friends. She is also the heart & soul of our workplace, going above & beyond in her care for not only her patients but their families also. She is most caring & compassionate person I know & I'm so proud of her."

  • Vincent Erickson says,

    "I am the president of Yarra Glen football netball club and Michele is my vice president who works extremely hard for our club, our netball side of the club 4 teams would not function without her , to say she is my most valued member would be an understatment"

  • Prue says,

    "Michele is an inspiration on and off the court. A truly genuine, caring, selfless and supportive friend, teammate and coach."

  • Nic J says,

    "Michele is one the most hardworking, caring, supportive people I have ever met. What she has put into the Yarra glen football netball club could not be appreciated enough. A truly inspirational women."

  • Nat says,

    "Has a heart for everyone she knows! Go Michelle!!!"

  • Sharnie says,

    "Michelle definitely is the heart and sole of the club, she always puts everyone else before herself making sure everything is done and everyone is ok. She really is such an incredible and inspiring person inside and out."

  • Bev lindsay says,

    "Michele is a beautiful person with a heart of gold. Always caring for and helping people in anyway she can. She is a wonderful role model with never ending enthusiasm, encouragement and sportsmanship qualities to inspire everyone be the best they can possibly be , its a privilege to know you Michele"

  • Janine says,

    "Michelle is a beautiful, caring and compassionate person. So proud to call her my friend!"

  • Jai says,

    "Wonder Woman"

  • Brianna says,

    "Michelle has been apart of Yarra Glen netball club for many years and has always put her hand up where its needed and given that extra helping hand. Putting others first and making sure everyone is okay . She's like a mother for the netball girls, a very big inspiration and most of all a great friend to us all. Organising so much for the club on busy days, functions and finals if she wasn't around things wouldn't be what they are to this very day. Everything she does is appreciated by all and cannot thank her enough ."

  • Isis lowery says,

    "My aunt shell is the one of the most caring, hard working and loving people I know. Not once has she ever made a selfish decision! Anyone who knows Michele knows just how special she truely is."

  • Renae says,

    "Michele is one of the most amazing humans you will ever have the privilege of coming across. She is one of the most selfless individuals I know. Always putting the needs of others before her own. To say that Michele is the heart and soul of our club is an understatement. She is everything our club strives to represent. Resilient, strong, passionate, encouraging, inclusive, loyal and caring. Michele is like a second mother to myself and many of the other netballer's. She provides us all with love and encouragement on and off the court. Michele's continued encouragement and support has without a doubt helped three out of four netball sides make it through to the Grand Final. Our club members, supporters, players and committee team love this woman unconditionally. She is without a doubt, one in a million and a very deserving recipient."

  • Jacinda says,

    "Michele is the heart and soul of our club. Always thinking of others and pushing you to your limits. She is an inspiration to all the netballers at yarra glen."

  • Chelsea says,

    "Michele is one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. I have never been a part of a club that is literally like family and Michele is the reason for this, she is the glue that sticks us all together. The culture she instils and the positivity she displays makes us all better netballers on and off the court. Not to mention all of the tireless work that she does to make game days run smoothly. No one is more deserving."

  • Elly says,

    "Michele is such a hard working machine. Always on the go she never stops. She is an inspiration to all of us and keeps the netball Family together! She is highly respected from all who know her."

  • Valerie Arnott. says,


  • Liz says,

    "I was a trainer at the club and saw firsthand how dedicated and supportive Michele is to the netball girls, and the club as a whole. Very worthy nominee!"

  • Sharon says,

    "I've only met Michelle once. She made an impression though. She was my " first impression" at YGFC. She made me feel very welcome. She would not even remember. The reason is: It's how she treats everyone, i'm sure."

  • Amber says,

    "Wonderful person"

  • Herb says,

    "You are a true legend Michele. There needs to bel more people like you in the world. Xx"

  • Dianne de Munk says,

    "Working for a small club is not easy and yet Michelle recognises the enormous value that footy clubs have for the young boys and girls in country Victoria. She does a great job and makes the world of difference to Yarra Glen footy club, the members and their families ."

  • Sarah cox says,

    "J think she's just an amazing lady for dedicating all her time for the local club We can't have any of these sports if it wasn't for people like this helping out with no pay thank you Michele for helping the community 😊"

  • Tori Watt says,

    "Michele has an amazing energy on & off the court, putting everyone else's needs before her own. If it weren't for Michele's tireless efforts the club wouldn't be nearly as organised."

  • Kerry Davies says,

    "Michele has always been involved in local sport, either helping get a new basketball comp 'up and running' or as mentioned, a new netball team(s). She is very supportive, encouraging and leads by example both on and off the field. Couldn't think of a more worthy winner. Go Chele :-)"

  • Jane says,

    "MICHELE has always been an extremely giving person, nothing is ever a bother for her."

  • Judy Oshannassy says,

    "I have known Michelle for many many years and I have so much respect for her. Michelle is a compassionate giving unbelievable women who has a heart of gold and dedicates her life to family friends and her beloved football netball club never given a second thought to her own needs. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving in this award and hope from all the hard work and commitment she gives that Michelle is rewarded for her efforts."

  • Judy Oshannassy says,

    "I have had the pleasure of work with this outstanding women for over 30 yrs at Austin health and have never meet anyone who goes beyond her means for a positive outcome in what ever she does. Michelle would be the most caring compassionate person I have ever meet helping less fortunate people . I know she is an absolute angel when it comes to her football/netball club working hard to improve her club for ever one else's benefit. I can honestly say this beautiful lady deserves to be recognized. I am proud to call her my friend"

  • Glenda says,

    "Michelle is the most caring and honest person I know, so dedicated to her patients and colleagues. I was honoured to have worked with her ."

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