Michelle Woods is our group leader at the Aldinga Bay Scout Group. She has been group leader for over 11 years.

She doesn’t have any children that attend scouts anymore but she’s still there as our leader for the benefit of the group.

She’s a very selfless individual who gives up her time, not only during the week but also at weekends, whether it be at group camps, investing children into joeys, cooking sausages at Bunnings or having a working bee and cleaning up the shed!
There are too many things that Michelle does to list them all.

Over the time that Michelle has been group leader, she has worked extremely hard to make our group one of the best groups in South Australia.
Lots of things go unnoticed to many people but the committee know how many hours she puts into making our group run smoothly and efficiently.

We currently have around 100 children on the books at Aldinga Bay which is a fabulous amount of children to entertain and keep busy each week.
Michelle works hard with each of the leaders, knows the parents by first names and the children too.

We are very lucky to have her and i wish there were more ‘Michelle’s’ around.




  • Ali says,

    "She is a great member of Aldinga bay scouts :)"

  • Ee Ling Yeo says,

    "She is a selfless leader, always so helpful and approachable and works in the interest of the kids and their families. An exemplary and genuine leader who makes an effort to make everyone feels inclusive."

  • Peter Fitzsimons says,

    "Michelle is an amazing person who puts her heart into everything she does."

  • Veronica says,

    "Michelle is a great lady and very dedicated to scouting."

  • Fiona says,

    "Michelle is a friendly, dedicated & hardworking person who gives a lot of her time for the Aldinga Bay scout group."

  • Lisa Evans says,

    "Committed and focused group leader who always puts the needs of the group first."

  • Karen Bouwer says,

    "She really cares about the children!"

  • Carlene says,

    "Michelle is very passionate about her job as Group Leader and her scouting group and th he Scout movement. She has not had children in the club for many years however, with the support of her husband she has devoted numerous hours to the group above what her job entails so that it is the successful Club it is today."

  • Darcie says,

    "Great work michelle"

  • Geraint Gledhill says,

    "Michelle is a great People Person and very kind. She deserves the win most definitely. I agree with all the other positive comments! 👍👌🏿😀"

  • Ian outram says,

    "She is a great communicator, keeps the whole group functioning so well with enthusiasm!"

  • Jackie says,

    "She is amzing , giving up her time to the group. Very passionate about Scouting and getting kids outside off computer games."

  • Lizzie says,

    "Dedicated, committed person helping our community in scouting."

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