Monika is the ‘Beating Heart’of Noarlunga United Soccer Club. In her current role as Chairman (which she has held for 3 years). she has devoted herself 7 days a week to the club. Monika opens the club every week day night from 5.30pm and stays until everyone goes home…sometimes that is late! Every Saturday and Sunday home games she opens up and is either working in the bar or the canteen. Functions are often held at the club and Monkia is the primary bar worker. A typical weekend could be arrive at club 8am Saturday and not leave until 2am Sunday when a function is being held…then back 6 hours later to open up for Juniors and Amateurs. Monika has devoted 10 years to Noarlunga. She coached for 2 years and then became the Junior Delegate…a role she still does today alongside being Chairman. She has been on the Noarlunga Committee for 6 years. During her 3 years as Chairman, our player participation has increased from 169 in 2014 to over 300 for 2016….an amazing achievement spearheaded by Monika.

To mention absolutely everything Monika has done for the club over the past few years would be an incredibly long list…but name it…shes probably done it!

Monika has an incredibly devoted family of husband Ian and 3 children and 1 grandchild who support her devotion to the club. She also manages to do all this whilst working 5 days a week for a local company.

‘Beating Heart’ of the club sums up Monika perfectly!




  • Jo says,

    "Monika's hard work and dedication has help the club grow. She has given the club a family feel. Everytime I am there she is there making sure everything is perfect for everyone. I wouldn't Veale to tell you how many hours she spends a week at the club but I'm sure she only goes home to sleep She does everything, uniforms, works hours behind the bar, canteen, cleaning if it wasn't for Monika I'm not sure we're the club would be. She deserves this award for all that she does."

  • Wayne Osborne says,

    "Monika I believe must reside at the club as she is there all of the time. If not at a meeting then she is behind the bar if not behind the bar she is organizing something else or assisting or directing She always has a cheery disposition and makes the club a friendly relaxing venue to attend . She works tirelessly behind the scenes"

  • Ian Cadman says,

    "Monika has demonstrated her passion for Noarlunga United over the years"

  • Aislinn says,

    "Monika sacrifices 7 days a week to help support the club, she never thinks of herself and always thinks about everyone else."

  • Matthew says,

    "Monika is truely a lovely lady. She is such a caring and generous lady. She spends heaps of time rubbing the soccer club and getting know everyone."

  • Abbie says,

    "Monika, she's an absolute legend!"

  • Zac Randell says,

    "Very lively person and well deserving!"

  • Emily says,


  • Jana says,

    "Monika is an amazing lady"

  • Rachel says,


  • Joe says,

    "The club wouldn' t be what it is today without her."

  • Chelsea Cadman says,

    "Very proud to have such a hard working woman as my gorgeous mum!"

  • Zac peacock says,

    "Monika is a Legend."

  • Ben says,

    "Monika has been dedicated to the club and for as long as I known is always at the club and it is pretty much her second home. Always wanting to help with all the jobs that are needed to make sure everything runs smooth"

  • Matt peacock says,

    "Would do anything for the club or anyone at the club"

  • Om says,

    "Thumbs up!"

  • Sam says,

    "Abbie Lucas"

  • stephen finch says,

    "monika is quiet amazing her work ethic is a wow factor she is very caring and has a heart of gold and works non-stop for other people well done monika"

  • Luke says,

    "Monika is awesome and so friendly, and does so much for the club"

  • Benjamin says,

    "Monika dedicates hours upon hours to running the club and would be a very worthy winner of this recognition."

  • Jo drewery says,

    "Monika is a dedicated person , who always goes out of her way for everyone, she gets the job done., even if she has to do it on her own which she has done many times, She's a legend!"

  • Angelo and Michael Santucci says,

    "Monika is a great leader...a great lady who has time for anyone anytime anywhere. She always helps those who need help or finds someone who can assist. A tireless worker for Noarlunga United Soccer club....her heart and sole is sky Blue....we tip our hats 2 you my lady...."

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