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Through Alistaire’s dedication and passion for both the game of touch football and the love of his students and the sheer enjoyment that they receive from being involved within this sport that many students achievements have been reached. Alistaire devotes 4 afternoons of the working week to training students as well as accommodating other players within Wellington & Dubbo seeking to improve their game of touch. He is always welcoming of others into his training sessions. He also ensures his representative teams have had sufficient time to get accustomed to one another and himself by scheduling extra well organised and intense training sessions prior to carnival dates this sometimes requiring travelling to more central venues for this to occur.
The involvement of touch football within the St Mary’s Catholic School has had a huge impact upon student morale & to have a position within the St Marys Touch Football training squads is highly sort after by many of the students. Alistaire has sort the inclusion of primary students within the secondary sides to ensure that high school students are able to participate within competition style carnivals (due to student numbers St Mary’s is unable to fill secondary sporting teams) . This opportunity has not only been of benefit for the secondary students but the primary students have benefited as well. With the playing abilities of those involved becoming far improved and as a result some progressing to various representative levels due to this opportunity coupled with Alistaires time, dedication, passion and expertise.
Alistaire also encourages his players to become more educated about the game that they play by organising referee courses as well. Alistaire also enjoys to play touch football as much as he loves to coach it.
Whilst players require the ability to play the game there still requires that someone to guide and drive this ability and at St Mary’s this person is Mr T!!!! Behind every great athlete is a great coach – Alistaire is not only is a great coach but an extraordinary person who will leave a lasting impression upon the lives of the children he touches.




  • Tim Carr says,

    "He is cool"

  • Emilie Conn says,

    "Alistaire is a very community minded individual. He is heavily involved in the Wellington touch football association, training children of all ages. This dedication has resulted a number of students representing at a state and now national level."

  • Catherine whiteman says,

    "The time and commitment he gives to all his students is beyond such commitment. He is such a delicate coach and we can see this by the results that have been showed within the school at sporting competitions. He gives up all his afternoon training after school for 4 days a week. If anyone should be grant the award it should be Mr T."

  • Alison says,

    "I am amazed by the dedication of Mr T to the school students. He spends a lot of his free time training the kids after school & encourages them all to try their hardest. He is an asset to community (even though he makes me drive all over the central west transporting teams). A great role model for our children."

  • Sally says,


  • Michelle Gooch says,

    "Mr T knows talent when he sees it. He encouraged my daughter to trial for catholic primary school touch footy at summer trials last year. Not only was she selected but this opportunity has taken her all the way thru all of the primary schools sporting pathways to be selected into the NSW PSSA Touch Footy team to represent NSW at the all schools competition in Mandurah WA in late October. Mr T has also welcomed her to join in his regular weekly training sessions to help develop her game. Millie can't praise him enough and attributes him to her footy success."

  • Mackenzie says,

    "He is one of the best teachers at my school and very good touch coach"

  • Hannah Pace says,

    "Mr T puts so much hard work and dedication into all his sporting teams. He is so passionate and gives us girls and boys the opportunities and courage to be the best we can be. He is by far the best coach ever!!"

  • Pam Sheridan says,

    "A very dedicated coach/teacher with a kind personality ."

  • Lara Clarke says,

    "He is an amazing and devoted coach and uncle. Who absolutely loves playing and coaching the game while teaching others to do so to."

  • Sammy Sciffmann says,

    "He is a really amazing coach and is really nice"

  • Phoebe Lamph says,

    "He is a fabulous coach and an all round great bloke"

  • Mel says,

    "Awesome teacher and dedicates so much time to the kids from all over the state!!! We love you Mr T"

  • Kellie Rich says,

    "A wonderful coach to our students, a valuable member to our school"

  • Anne S says,

    "Mr T has shared his love of sport with all of my children. He has shown such dedication and compassion to all children. He has given a new lease of life into Wellingron Touch Football. Thank you Al for everything you do for our kids."

  • Urban says,

    "Puts in a lot of work"

  • melissa says,

    "Mr T is a great teacher at st marys and very supportive"

  • Pippa Smith says,

    "Mr T is the best PE teacher in NSW - the students love him as do the parents - 😍"

  • Chrystal Bancroft says,

    "Al has such a fantastic reputation around Wellington for his dedication to his team's and his encouraging manner towards all of his students. Great work Mr T"

  • Kristy Mason says,

    "Thomo is a dedicated and committed sports teacher. I travel 120km a week for him already, and my son is only in Year 4.........and I'm guessing it's only going to get worse when the other 3 start playing! Afternoon sessions, weekends and holiday commitments make him an asset in our community and help shape our children. His passion for the sport of touch football oozes through our kids and as a result they try their hardest for him and go on to become great players. We are lucky to have him in the central west!"

  • Tracey says,

    "Mr T is a great role model and an excellent teacher who truly cares about the children and goes above and beyond to get them the help they need or to get them involved. I can say that he has personally made a big difference in the lives of my two sons who have aspergers the confidence that he bought out in them is truly a credit to him. The extra hours that Mr T puts in outside of school is many and shows what a dedicated teacher he is."

  • Millie Mills says,

    "Mr Thompson is the best coach I have ever worked with he is fair and knows his stuff, he doesn't get much wrong and takes time out of his day to train us and take us to touch football at other schools and towns"

  • Nerrissa Carney says,

    "Mr T has an enormous influence on the children he teaches. He encourages dedication, fitness, fun and above all else team work. His commitment to the children is beyond admirable. An all round great guy."

  • Carney Family says,

    "Mr T's dedication is nothing short of admirable. The time and dedication he contributes to his team is astounding. He delivers a positive influence, teaches commitment and kindness and above all else the importance of team work. He's an all round great guy and you would not find a candidate more deserving of this award."

  • Jo Ivey says,

    "Superman ... but don't tell him I said this."

  • Jo Ivey says,

    "Superman. I fully endorse all the great stuff being said."

  • Jo Ivey says,

    "Superman. Everything already said is so very true."

  • Heid Strudwick says,

    "Such a supportive and always be there for a little bit of a cheer on"

  • Lucy Rackham says,

    "He's a great bloke with a great heart"

  • Bridget Longley says,

    "An amazing coach and teammate"

  • Colleen R says,

    "He is always giving praise to young touch football players"

  • Michaela Eagleston says,

    "Great teacher!"

  • Jayster says,

    "he is awesome and he pushes us to new limits. I wish i could do more with him everyday"

  • Lilly says,

    "I love going to touch training because it's fun and mr t has taught me heaps he's the best coach anyone could have we are very lucky . What we ready what we ready"

  • Josie says,

    "Mr T, Well to be honest there is so much to say I can't say it all, he is a wonderful teacher and coach who gives up alot of his own time for us , has a lot of patience , he believes in us all, he encourages us,cares for us and pushes us so we do our very best and one day I hope I can be just like him"

  • Jo says,

    "It's more than about teams winning and losing and selections for rep teams it's about the things that can't be measured that Mr T has given to our school and community. The pride our children have in putting on a St Marys or Wellington sporting shirt , there own improved self worth and confidence, the feeling they have when they run on and the will to be doing their best for their team, the opportunity to excel outside the classroom, just to be part of a team, for some the highlight of their day is touch training, the friendships children have fostered with others at other schools towns and regions- these are just a few that through Al's hard work passion commitment to the school, the sport & the community that so many benefits are experienced. He an inspiration a fantastic role model and we are extremely lucky to have him ."

  • Jesse Mills says,

    "He is committed coach who gives up 4 afternoons and much more time to coach our school touch team"

  • Mickie Eagleston says,

    "Alistaire is an outstanding teacher with an energetic work ethic. His love of sport is extraordinary as is his commitment to his students. St Mary's is lucky to have such a talented person on their team."

  • Al Jones says,

    "Mr T is always willing to give his time to see the profile of sport is lifted at our school. He pushes the ideals of team work, but particularly the idea that hard work pays off. This can be seen in the achievements of our students."

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